Our first e-newsletter brings you Paramount Chief Caulker's first US visit and our latest project news. Hope you enjoy this newsletter with more content and pictures in an easy-to-read format. Help us spread the word -- forward it to a friend.
Spring 2016 News 
Paramount Chief Charles Caulker's April US visit marked one year since Ebola restrictions were lifted and his chiefdom's normal programs in partnership with Sherbro Foundation resumed. He brought Americans his clear vision of hope and plans for the future -- one where every child will have access to secondary school education. Read about how he'll achieve that and other programs we are together advancing. Much has been done in the last year to help Bumpeh Chiefdom get back on its feet. But much remains to do. You can be part of the recovery with your donation. It will go a long way in Sierra Leone.
Chief Caulker's message to the US
Paramount Chief Charles Caulker brought a focused message on his first US visit:

Sierra Leone has no social safety net for its children -- not even ensuring they can go to school.  So, he is creating his own, using the only resources his chiefdom has. The natural ones of land, water and sun. 

Read about the living trust fund he is creating for children, and how Sherbro Foundation is helping launch this self-sustaining program.  

Chief Caulker's US visit
Ann Arbor Rotary Club Grant Equips New Computer Center
Rotifunk's new Community Computer Center will start the chiefdom's first copy and printing service, thanks to an Ann Arbor Rotary Club grant.The community gets much faster and cheaper printing access.The Center earns income to operate and offer computer training for students. That's what you call win - win.

Women's Vegetable Project -- Making Millionaires Out of Peanuts
We just funded a second group of women farmers in our highly successful Women's Vegetable Growing Project. Seventy-five more women have the chance to become millionaires by growing peanuts -- a million leones that is. 375 more women are waiting for their chance.
Cincinnati Peace Corps Volunteers Support Sherbro Foundation
Cincinnati Area Returned Volunteers, CARV, awarded Sherbro Foundation a $200 donation. This is CARV's third donation and show of support for our programs in partnership with Bumpeh Chiefdom. Sherbro Foundation Executive Director Arlene Golembiewski is a former Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Bumpeh Chiefdom.
    CARV President Gayle Linkletter, left, with               Paramount Chief Caulker in Cincinnati.
More than 800 Babies Get Education Savings Accounts
Our fall campaign, " Growing a Baby's Future ," raised funds to open education savings accounts for over 800 newborn babies. These babies are getting a good start in life with special accounts for their secondary school education.

Fall donations filled most of the 2015 backlog of babies without accounts when Ebola interrupted the program. 

But 1,200 babies will be born in 2016 and need accounts.  You can donate here.
Making Personal Connections 
The beauty of Paramount Chief Caulker's recent US trip was how many person-to-person connections he made. Sierra Leone was no longer a strange and distant land when Chief brought his personal message to Americans in five states and the District of Columbia.

Chief Caulker, center, and SFSL's Arlene Golembiewski with Cincinnati Sierra Leone community members. 
State of Michigan Welcome 
Sherbro Foundation Board Director Cheryl Farmer brought the Ann Arbor – Ypsilanti community together in her home with a reception for Chief Caulker. He was honored to receive a proclamation welcoming him to the State of Michigan presented by Ypsilanti City Councilwoman Anne Brown, (right).

Thanks to State Representative David Rutledge for having it signed by 101 State of Michigan legislators. A remembrance of his trip Chief will long treasure.

Chief Caulker Visits Cincinnati's Freedom Center 
Visiting Cincinnati's National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a special experience -- even more so  when you've been to Sierra Leone and have perspective of the slave trade from both sides of the ocean.

Chief Caulker stands inside a Kentucky slave pen.with Richard Cooper at the Freedom Center.
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