Tuesday, April 4th, 2017
Poser YOGA Newsletter
Spring 2017 

Dear Yogi Friends!! Here's your HELLO from Poser!! 

The quote above is my most recent mantra. Goodness gracious, there are only so many hours in the day. Do you know how much I've beaten myself up about this silly newsletter? For some reason, I've had it in my head that I must write one every month. I'm 2 months behind, and I doubt that many of you have even noticed!? So, in line with this mantra, I'm going to give myself the gift of doing what is necessary, and rather than make myself feel like a failure for not having 12 newsletter posts to match the 12 months of a year, I'm going to send them out when I can. Isn't this such a nice way to approach anything in life? I'm willing to bet that we ALL have areas in our life where we feel like we aren't enough, or we aren't doing enough. I urge you to take my lead, and give yourself a break!! Do what's necessary, then what's possible, and then soon, the impossible!! For those of you who like to be 'in the know' on a regular basis, I keep the website as up to date as possible, as well as the Poser YOGA Facebook page. (For our ' non-Facebookers'... I don't believe you need to have a personal Facebook page to read our business one.) We also have a Poser YOGA Community page... request to join and we'll add you! 

I want to share with you a comment I received this morning... "What's great about this place is that you have so many good teachers, who are all so different. And yet there's a common thread among the whole group of you." Bang on. This is exactly what I strive for. And I'm so pleased that people are noticing!! We really DO have amazing teachers, and an amazing community too!! Make your way through to the bottom of this letter and read some inspiring words in Musings: Thoughts On and Off the Mat. These are some of the people who help us be as fantastic as we are. 

Our new rack cards should be arriving soon! We've made some changes -- a few new classes, some have been removed, some have new start times -- check to see if any pertain to you and your favourite class(es). We'll have a whole bunch, so please feel free to take a stack of them home with you. It's always nice to have one on hand when you're talking with someone about the wonderful,   magical powers of Yoga!! 

We're nearing our 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY... which means another Customer Love Day is soon approaching us! Stay tuned for details on a celebration! A few other things in the works... Pop-Up Yoga, Mommy and Me classes, a Yoga 101 workshop, and 2-Hour Yin classes once a month! Mmmmmmm!!!!! 

So, until next time... keep breathing, keep smiling and keep loving life!!
And make time for a little Yoga, too?!

Take Care, Yogis.... Jenny XO

Regarding multi-class passes:
I've recently created a  page on the website re: pass extensions explaining why we will longer be able to offer them. Long story short, if you purchase a multi-class pass, you enter into a student/studio agreement; a cheaper rate per class, with the expectation that you'll use the pass within a certain duration. Please  take into consideration the length of time you have to use each specific pass and whether that suits your lifestyle. We all know that a regular Yoga practice is  ideal, and if you can make the commitment to  yourself, then by all means, commit to a multi-class pass.  Whichever pass you choose, please take note of your expiration dates, and enjoy getting your Yoga ON!! 

Regarding class etiquette:
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for class. Allow for time to check in and make payments, if necessary. Class starts promptly, and ends promptly too! Let's all respect each other's time and things will move smoothly!  when you arrive, make sure  you and confirms you're checked in!
One other thing to mention: We urge you to be aware of the scents you are bringing into the studio with you. Strong body odours and fragrances can be very overpowering, especially since mindful breathing is such an important aspect of our Yoga practices. Err on the side of plain, simple hygiene and save your shpritzing for after class.

From Jenny and the Whole Poser Crew

Have you SEEN the sunshine lately? It's enough to make you want to bust out your favourite Yoga pose, right?
Share a photo (or photos!!) of you, striking a pose outside in the beautiful PNW and you'll be entered to win FREE YOGA!
Facebook, Instagram, Email, Polaroid, Snail Mail...
(However you want to get it to us!)

When we've had at least 10 entries (but we're hoping for more!) we'll start
handing out the prizes!
Download the MINDBODY app and have a direct link to our class schedule, online payments, gift certificates and special access to discounts and studio news!
Kids Yoga + Hip Hop
Starts this Friday!

This series give kids a chance to choose, one or the other… or BOTH! Elements of art, music, dance, and FUN are incorporated into various games, and activities. While children gain strength, flexibility and co-ordination, their interpersonal skills will be developed by working together and sharing space. In Yoga, they’ll explore an important benefit – the art of stillness & mindfulness. In Hip Hop, they’ll burn off energy and explore the art of choreography!

Yoga - April 7-May 12
Hip Hop - May 19-June 23
Now Offering Child Care 
with Chelsea Dwyer

Your kids will be in extremely qualified hands! Chelsea is a recent stay-at-home mom and a piano teacher, with a background in early childhood education. She is also our Kids’ Yoga Instructor, so she couldn’t be more perfect for this position! By offering the highest of quality care, we urge you to feel confident and comfortable in your class while she watches your kiddos.

Mondays at 4PM & Wednesdays at 12PM

Beerga at Barhop
Next One: June 4th!!

Enjoy a fun yoga flow and a refreshing adult beverage afterwards!

Doors open @ 1030AM
Class starts @ 11AM

18+ to participate; 21+ to drink
Reserve your spot online!

New to the Schedule - ZUMBA
Mondays & Wednesdays; 4-5PM

Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. The choreography incorporates hip hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, cumbia and mambo. It's pretty much the most awesome workout ever! You'll dance to great music, with great people and you'll burn a ton of calories without even realizing it! 

Sunday Meditation with
New Sangha

Meditation is very healing, and slowing down is the first important step. When our body has stopped moving, it gives our mind a chance to calm down too. Then we can be free to be still and calm despite the storms that might arise within us.

Join us and help build our New Sangha. We'll begin with seated meditation, followed by a short break, and end with some related reading and group discussion. 
Thoughts, On and Off the Mat
A Downward Dog Lesson
by Tracy Fitzwater

The yoga practice I usually attend is the Tuesday/Thursday Basic class. I occasionally enjoy a Yin class, which I like, and I’ve even showed up at Power classes a few times. My comfort zone is in the Basics class, and a recent practice highlights why I stick with this class.

We were moving through our practice, which included a few downward dogs. I’ve written about my relationship with this pose before, but I’ve gotten to the point where I feel fairly confident about it, and don’t feel too anxious when we are moving into it. My arms have quit quivering in downward dog, and while my heels aren’t as close to the mat as I would like them to be, I generally feel good about hanging out for a few rounds of breath. 

Andy Brastad

As Shakespeare‘s HAMLET said:

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

This can be interpreted like this: 'You have to believe what's right in front of your eyes, even if you didn't previously believe it.' Or more loosely interpreted... keep an open mind regarding things that you may not yet understand.

The body is composed of minerals, cellular liquids, and other compounds that make up the physical body. These constituents make up cells, tissues, organs which in their very basic form are chemical compounds made up of atoms... 

An Excerpt from Jenny's Blog
It's been weeks since I've been able to write anything here. Though, it's not surprising, since my main complaint these days is that there is so much to do and I can't manage to get anything done. I've mentioned this before. The hardest part about parenting, for me, has been my resistance to accept the fact that I am not nearly as efficient as a used to be. 

​I'm not even close to accepting this fact.


Okay... you guys. I began this post in 'Whine and Whinge' mode. I was going to tell you how hard my life is right now. I was going to tell you that I'm frustrated and angry and annoyed...

by Diane Urbani de la Paz

This was a slap in the face. I did nothing whatsoever to deserve the injury: a right deltoid muscle that started out talking to me one day and then, by nighttime, yowled like an angry cat. All I had to do is raise my right arm and there it was, a hot gnawing.

Warrior 2, chaturanga, anything with cactus arms: lopsided I was, due to the bad deltoid. I don’t know when or why the injury happened. I just knew it wouldn’t stop hurting. So I took a step toward the cliff of poor-poor-pitiful-me, and figured I would stay home from the yoga studio for several days.

Several days hence, I felt like a slug. My deltoid didn’t seem any better. 

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