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Empowering Employees through Gamification

Time for spring cleaning at home and in the workplace. What does that look like? At home, we start getting rid of boxes that have accumulated over time. In the workplace, it’s an ideal time to clean out files, close projects, and look for ways to improve work culture and productivity.

Spring is a great time to use gamification to enhance management skills.  We can help you create and implement games and other effective training tools. These tools will give you practice responding to comments like the following:

  • My report is late because Chris has been withholding information.  I think he doesn’t like working with women.  
  • Jeremiah always gets the best sales leads; I get the leftovers.
  • Asher scares me; he gets so angry when I try to discuss our meetings that I’ve stopped including him in the conversation
With our experiential training and gamification, you will be less likely to unconsciously dismiss, deny, or avoid handling important management issues.  
Upcoming Public Training Programs

Eisen Alliance is leading three-day programs to provide you with a thorough grounding in internal investigations.  The program is packed with practical tools, tips, and techniques to improve your investigative skills and boost your confidence in handling sensitive and complex employee issues such as:  
  • Why employers must conduct internal investigations
  • Who should investigate
  • The investigation plan, approach, and implementation
  • How to write unbiased, concise, and well-reasoned reports
Dates             Location
04/18-04/20   Milwaukee (click here for venue information and to enroll)
05/09-05/11   Chicago       (click here for venue information and to enroll)

Click here for the agenda.   Questions? Contact us at Eisen Alliance, 847-444-0350, info@eisenalliance.com.

Eisen Alliance conducts independent internal investigations of workplace complaints and creates and delivers customized experiential workshops on topics such as anti-harassment, diversity and inclusion, communication, accountability, culture change, bullying, conflict resolution, and change management.

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