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The Aging Journey can be challenging...let us be your guide.™

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Do you want to have it your way at the end of your life? 

This is the one book everyone 60+ should read.

NO Elder Should Go HUNGRY

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Dr. Leslie Kernisan
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Educator, innovator Helen Adeosun  
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Dr. Sachin Jain 
Spring 2017
Dear  ,  

One of the benefits of aging is our ability to navigate a world full of contrasts. In middle-age, we experience the joys of graduations, weddings and holidays with child-like excitement despite the disheartening loss of dear friends and family members. We relish the opportunity to support those we know well yet seek out ways to help strangers who may struggle with loneliness, addiction or paying bills. Similarly, although our mission at Circle of Life is to find services, people and programs that support and enrich the lives of elders and those who care about them, we are well aware of people who actively seek to do them harm. In 2017, we continue to navigate the health care system and elder ecosystem to uncover those jewels among us - clinicians, entrepreneurs, professionals and non-profits - who inspire, create and serve us well, But we will include resources that will help you protect yourself and your grand/parents from identity theft, financial abuse and internet scams. 
Did you make a New Year's Resolution? We make the same one each year. I hope you will consider inviting friends and colleagues to Join the Circle and support our Resolution to help all elders live as well as possible for as long as possible with as much joy as possible.

Keep well and in touch. 
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Dinner Delivered  

If you don't spend time with Millennials, you may be less aware of the explosion in food delivery options for your grand/parents and friends. In many cities, on-line services like Postmates, Gobble, and Munchery allow you to order a meal from one of your favorite local restaurants while Blue Apron, Chef'd, Sprig and Plated provide direct-to-consumer healthy meal kits that take the fuss out of meal planning. If you're concerned that your grand/parents aren't eating well, why don't you arrange for meals to be delivered to them? Personal Chef to Go or Magic Kitchen are among the services that provide a variety of special menus for Seniors. 
Before we go any further...
Have You Tried or Would You Try Any of These Food Delivery Services? 
Fighting Elder Hunger

Be mindful that Senior Centers and faith communities often host lunches or dinners that provide nourishing food and companionship. Meals-on-Wheels, a food delivery service,is available to anyone over 60. Let's be sure our family, friends and neighbors are not hungry or lonely. 
Staging Your Home for Sale

Like 6 million people, we read Marie Kondo's books about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Magic aside, Marie is among the hundreds of personal organizers and senior movers who can help declutter, donate, sell and dispose of unneeded items. If a move is planned, staging the home - a service many realtors provide FREE of charge - can help the home sell faster and for more money. Watch this video created by friend Ilyck Glick for tips on how to stage your house. 
Taxes, Shredders and Your Estate  

Where is the deed to your house? your medical power of attorney? the master list of your savings and investments? your divorce decree? Consider spending some time purging and organizing your records at tax time. Many families unnecessarily  waste time, energy and money looking for key documents when grand/parents become ill or pass away. Click HERE to request our simple document inventory. It will only take a minute to run through our checklist to help you organize key files. 
I'll Have it My Way
Do you know how to take control of end-of-life decisions? Hattie Bryant's book is a must read!
Here's why.  Who is Your Hattie? 
Circle of Life News: On the Road Again.
We continue to be inspired by and humbled to work among incredible leaders improving the health and eldercare ecosystems along with those focused on the financial health of working families. Here is just a sampling:

Kudos to NJ Pierce who organized a one-woman play, discussion and dinner to talk about end-of-life planning with hundreds of Houstonian leaders. Among the invited guests, I met Hattie Bryant whose book we feature this month. 

Even from France, geriatrician Leslie Kernisan continues to help us achieve Better Health While Aging , conveying her knowledge to followers through podcasts, blog posts and webinars. Leslie and I just created a podcast about Siblings that takes the emotion out of creating a support system. 

Helen Adeosun was the entrepreneur featured this month by SheStarts. Helen and geriatrician Madhuri Reddy co-founded CareAcademy to provide on-line educational training and certification for home health aides and companions.  

Meanwhile, Stephen Johnston, Dr. Katy Fike and the Aging 2.0 team will hold the first European Summit in Belgium as Nicole Sahin and Globalization Partners  make it effortless for entrepreneurs to expand a business globally.

Ron O'Hanley and State Street Global Advisors surprised us all first by placing the defiant girl statue  staring down the bull on Wall Street and then by insisting that the 3,500 companies in which it invests nearly $2.5 trillion explain, within a year, why they fail to have females on their boards. 

To close the wage gap that impacts family wealth, Adrienne Penta, Esq., head of the Center for Women & Wealth at BBH, Sally Krawchek at Ellevest and others continue to educate women about financial matters as the AAUW offers free seminars on how to negotiate salaries. 

Dr. Sachin Jain and CareMore Health System  added dental care to the medical services available in their clinics challenging the separation of primary care from dental care. Behavioral health is next.

Speaking of which, Arden O'Connor invited us all to celebrate her remission from leukemia by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, raising funds so others may also be cured. Let's nominate her for  Woman of the Year. 

The Arts continue to elevate the voices of family caregivers. Leslie Eckford, RN, LCSW shared another one-act play, Portrait of a Caregiver, performed at the Generations Conference in Utah, a conference for professionals working with behavioral health and addictions. By now, you should be following the work of the Kennedy Forum and NAMI .

Last week I sat with high school juniors over lunch at SECON2017 who are launching social enterprises while studying for their SATs.  None had an interest in the aging market yet, but I didn't push the topic. You know that I'll circle back.
In April, I am honored to be hosting the first Women's Leadership Accelerator at Harvard's b-school and I look forward to judging the DifferenceMaker contest at University of Massachusetts in Lowell. Then I'll be Demystifying Eldercare for 25 communities served by Emerson Hospital before heading to NYC for the d.Health Conference and time with my 90-year old mother-in-law. 

To keep up with the network, follow us on Facebook or Twitter. On we go... until next time. 
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