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March 2017

Commodore Jimmy Gubelmann
Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann
Greetings 12 Metre Friends!

As our 2017 sailing season quickly approaches we are pleased to report on many positive developments taking place in our Newport fleet and in the 12mR Class worldwide. As details for the " Road to Worlds" and " Waypoints Regatta Series" take shape, interest is growing exponentially throughout ITMA's 3 fleets (Americas, North Europe & South Europe). None more so than here in Newport where we eagerly anticipate the return of more 12s to the racecourse this season!  One of them being Freedom (US-30), the 1980 America's Cup winner recently purchased by Charles Robertson.

In January, I visited Brewer Pilots Point Marina in Westbrook, CT where work was well underway bringing Freedom back to fine racing form. She was a beautiful site! On that day it was obvious that she had just been long-boarded as evidenced by the various shades of blue revealed on her topsides.

This newsletter is packed with information on the upcoming Newport MetreFest by Jamie Hilton, Road to the Worlds and Waypoints Regatta Series details by Fleet Captain, Peter Gerard, a history bit from Steve Lirakis and more on Freedom's eagerly awaited return to Newport. And in response to several inquires and as a service to our Members we have just started an online CREW LIST bulletin board at 12MYC.org-- more details on this below.

We couldn't be happier with the building momentum and resurgence of our legendary Newport fleet. It is very gratifying to see our efforts starting to take effect!

That said, we are aware that this is a marathon, not a sprint to the finish at the 2019 Worlds. We count on your continued support and assistance to build awareness and cultivate relationships with our fellow 12mR friends throughout the world as we look forward to welcoming them to Newport in 2019.

James Gubelmann 
Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport
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Message from the Fleet Captain, Peter Gerard
Peter Gerard 
It has been a busy winter planning for the Road to the Worlds, the Waypoints Regatta Series and the 2019 World Championship. In addition, two 12s have re-joined the active Modern Fleet and there is interest in two more. We anticipate 5 or 6 Moderns on the line at every major event this season.
The Road to the Worlds is taking shape and interest remains strong both in the U.S. and in Europe! At this time we have 11 "definite" entries and 4 "possible" entries from the U.S. and we are hearing of similar interest among our friends in the North and South Europe 12mR fleets. With a little luck and the help of a few sponsors we could see more than 30 Twelves compete at the 2019 Worlds here in Newport!
But we needn't wait until 2019 for International 12mR competition to begin. With all but two of twenty-nine regattas (from 2017-2019) in place and the scoring system established, the Waypoints Regatta Series begins in June and runs right up to and through the Worlds.
The ultimate success of the Worlds however depends largely on securing sponsorship to defray transportation expenses of the 12s that must be shipped from Europe to Newport. These costs are in addition to the significant financial commitment of owners who will foot the bill for crew travel, housing, boat, equipment, entry fees and overall race program expenses.

With that said... 
The Road to the Worlds and Waypoints Regatta Series offer unique opportunities for visibility and sponsor activation. Twenty-nine major International sailing events hosted at elegant yachting venues along the Mediterranean, Baltic and New England coastlines over 3 summer seasons will provide access to target a highly desirable demographic. Please contact me for more sponsorship information and/or to pass along any qualified leads. 

Peter Gerard
12mR Americas' Fleet Captain 
New Owner Preparing Historic Racing Yacht for Competition
Freedom_ US30 The 12 Metre yacht Freedom has been purchased by Charles A. Robertson (Guilford, Conn.), a well-known East Coast sailor who has been active in a number of America's Cup and 12-Metre campaigns and is well known for skippering his Frers 75 Maxi Cannonball and a series of other like-named boats to victory in various one-design and offshore racing events.

Robertson, a former trustee of the New York Yacht Club, plans to race Freedom in the boat's home waters of Newport, R.I. starting in June. He will participate in the  International 12 Metre Class's recently announced Road to the Worlds series that culminates in the 2019 12-Metre World Championship, which is scheduled to coincide with celebrations marking the 175th anniversary of the New York Yacht Club.

Freedom_ freshly painted_ Winter 2017 Designed by Olin Stephens and constructed at Minneford Yacht Yard in City Island, NY, Freedom was the last yacht to successfully defend the America's Cup for the New York Yacht Club by defeating Australia in 1980 in four out of five races. After the 1983 America's Cup, she was sold to France where she stayed for many years before returning to the U.S. in 1999. Currently, Freedom is at Pilot's Point Marina in Westbrook, Conn. where she is undergoing substantial work. Along with getting new sails, instruments and electronics, she will be newly painted to look similar to how she did in 1980."Olin was a dear friend of mine, and Freedom was the last 12 Metre he designed," said Robertson. "He had a special... read more.
"Boys With Toys" by Cahill Taft
While following Freedom's restoration story, this beautiful painting entitled "Boys With Toys" by Cahill Taft, coincidentally appeared on our Facebook feed!

On the left, US-62 is one of Charles Roberston's aforementioned "Cannonballs". This 12 originally carried sail number KZ-5. She was the second of New Zealand's three "plastic fantastics" -- revolutionary fiberglass boats commissioned by Sir Michael Fay for the 1987 America's Cup. She is now named Laura, owned and raced by Kip Curren  with her ori ginal sail number (KZ-5).

On the right US-46 then named Fiddler, was owned and raced by Alfred Van Liew. She is now known as America II and owned by the NY Harbor Sailing Foundation .

Boys with Toys by Cahill Taft

See more 12s by Cahill Taft here.

Newport MetreFest 2017 Update by Jamie Hilton
Jamie Hilton


We have made tremendous progress with plans for Newport MetreFest 2017, now just 3 months away! The racing schedule is set with 3 days of sailing (June 9-11) for all classes with the New York Yacht Club running races for the 12s, 8s and 6s and Ida Lewis Yacht Club officiating for the large 2.4 Metre fleet.
Docking arrangements are in place for all competitors at Sail Newport's Fort Adams facilities. The primary objective of MetreFest is to promote all International Rule boats. By having our historic Metre yachts docked en masse we hope to create a powerful impression and garner exposure benefiting all of our Classes. We also envision a fun festival atmosphere among the competitors and an opportunity to engage the public with an up-close look at our metre fleet before and after racing.
The fun begins on Thursday night with a Welcome party at Ida Lewis Yacht Club, on Friday evening Sail Newport will be our host at a cocktail party adjacent to our docked racing fleet. All MetreFest participants are invited to New York Yacht Club's Harbour Court for their 163rd Annual Regatta party on Saturday night and again on Sunday post-racing for the prize-giving. All in all, a robust but convenient social schedule for participants and their guests.  
We continue to field inquires through our MetreFest website and Facebook page. Please help us continue to spread the word by sharing our links with your sailing friends and social outlets. And if you are able to volunteer prior to or during the event, please contact me. With your help, we'll kick off the 2017 sailing season with a spectacular showing at Newport MetreFest!
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Crew Finder After several inquires from eager sailors AND

In view of 12s returning to the racing fleet that will need crew...

We have started an online CREW LIST "bulletin board" for the convenience of our Members!
If you are a SAILOR looking for opportunities to crew on 12mRs, visit our CREW SIGN-UP page, create a Screen ID and complete a quick racing experience profile. 

If you are a 12mR OWNER or CREW MANAGER, book mark our CREW LIST page for reference as your crew needs warrant.
A Gnarly Tow to New London by Stephen Lirakis  

In the Cup Summer of 1964 I worked as crew for John Nicholas Brown aboard Volta. When one American Eagle crew member developed appendicitis, Mr. Brown volunteered my services as replacement crew. I was a fraction of the size of the crew I was replacing! This happened just shortly before the NYYC Annual Cruise, in which all of the 12 metres were expected to participate. The Cruise was to start in New London and on the day we were to be towed the weather turned foul. Our tender Active, however skillfully operated by owner Bill Stetson, was just not designed for this job. As we approached Race Rock, the wind, rain and foul tide worked at the flawed transom tow bit as a tail wagging a dog. The tender could not tow American Eagle away from Race Rock. We saw no choice but to cast off the tow line and set a staysail. Happily, we were able to sail away from danger. Once clear we transferred the tow line back on and completed the journey safely.-- SL

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2017 Americas' Fleet Racing Schedule
June 3-4
June 9-11
July 1-2
Tiedemann Classic Regatta
July 20-23
August 10-13
 *** Edgartown Yacht Club 12 Metre Regatta
August 21
NCS 45th Annual Opera House Cup
September 2-3
September 21-24
*** 12 Metre North American Championship
September 30

*** indicates Waypoints Regatta Series Event

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