EDItion Spring 2017

A Message from the President

Hello to all of our clients, partners, and associates -

It appears that summer is upon us and all the fun that comes with the warmer weather - unless you are experiencing some of the exciting holdover winter weather like we had in our Denver office with six inches of snow on Mother's Day! Hopefully you also have plans for a little time off to relax during the summer. I've spent the last month traveling across the country for both business as well as attending a few family graduations. Congratulations to all of you who have family that have graduated. Enjoy the time together, it passes too quickly.

I have also been settling into my new role as President of EDI, meeting lots of our partners and clients, as well as learning the ropes of all the behind the scenes tasks it takes to run the company. I've received great support from our internal team and I'm truly excited about what the future holds for EDI. I hope to meet more of our partners and clients on the East Coast as I travel to our Atlanta headquarters more frequently.

Recently I attended the Colorado Association of Healthcare Engineers and Directors (CAHED) 2017 Trade Show at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. It was a great event and well attended by many healthcare personnel, as well as industry partners. Our own Dan Fanning (Project & Engineering Manager of our Data Center Practice) presented during one of the sessions related to Disaster Response along with Children's Hospital Colorado and Comprehensive Risk Services. It was well received and everyone in attendance came away with some practical steps to prepare for the various disasters that can hit a healthcare facility or data center. Great job, Dan!

On another note, our Denver office has moved into new office space at the corner of Hampden and Yosemite, the address is listed at the bottom of this newsletter. I'd also like to welcome Conor Ryan to the EDI team as our new VP of Business Development - Western Region. Conor will be working out of our  Denver office.

In this EDItion, you will find an interesting article by Paul Remke about "middleware" and the vital role that software plays in healthcare facilities to tie disparate systems together so they can communicate properly.

Again, I hope you all have a great summer and I hope you enjoy this EDItion.

Mark McComb, EIT, CTS
President of  EDI, Ltd.
Middleware: The Missing Link
By: Paul Remke

If you have been anywhere around the world of healthcare and IT, chances are that you have heard of the term "middleware". But what exactly is it? The answer is: it is lots of things, but at its simplest form, middleware is the software that links disparate systems together and allows them to talk to each other.
The concept of middleware has been in use for quite some time, especially in the financial and retail industries where large, antiquated software applications are tied into newer, more robust solutions. Think of the systems in the 1980s where the user interface was a green-screen terminal. That backend "system" may possibility still be in use today, but the user interface is now a modern-looking web interface.
In the healthcare industry, the use of middleware can be quite different when it comes to the care provider's day-to-day workflow. In this case, while middleware is still mainly used for the collection and sharing of data; it is often used to help optimize staff workflows to make the hospital operate more efficiently and effectively. One of the main concerns that Healthcare organizations have in regards to communicating amongst themselves and with their patients is a comprehensive communication platform that enables care teams, both inside and outside the hospital, to access and exchange information securely. Middleware can help make this happen. 

Organizational Changes - Welcome Conor Ryan!
By: April Noa

EDI, Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of our newest team member, Conor Ryan. Conor has joined EDI as the Vice President of Business Development - Western Region, and will be responsible for overall sales efforts including lead generation, proposal development, presentations, closing deals, and long-term client management beyond project award. Conor will be based out of our Denver, Colorado office.  

Hailing from Akron, Ohio.... Conor has been working closely with the AEC industry for 5+ years. Conor joined the industry as a Business Developer immediately after graduating from the University of Akron, and in 2014 finally left the Midwest behind and moved to Denver. When he isn't chasing new business opportunities, you can usually find him in the sky, where Conor is a multi-rated skydiving instructor with over 2,000 jumps.

Project Updates & Client Awards

We are honored to be working with several new and repeat clients on their exciting new projects!

University of North Carolina Surgery Center:
EDI has been hired by WHR Architects to provide technology consulting and design services for the new UNC Surgery Center project. This 205,000 SF facility includes 24 operating rooms, two of which will be hybrid OR's. EDI's scope includes the planning and design of all of the low voltage systems: network infrastructure, clinical communications, and security systems.

Cyber Range Facility:
Gensler Architects has hired EDI to provide technology consulting and design services for the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center. This will be a state-owned facility designed to promote modernization in cybersecurity technology for private and public industries through unique education, training, research, and practical applications.

This $35 million facility, which is scheduled to be completed in July of 2018, will be housed in a 120,000 SF building.The center will provide on-site and virtual training, include classroom space, and a 320-seat auditorium.

University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB): 
EDI is working with UAB on two data center consulting engagements. The first effort is with UAB Health. We are assisting the IT group within UAB Health to develop a Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan. Our scope of work includes: assessment of their existing data center; review of operational procedures; review of current state IT architecture; review of desired disaster recovery capabilities; GAP analysis; Disaster Recovery Plan development, implementation and testing.
UAB on the academic side, has hired EDI for Owner's Rep Services to assist with their new data center. Our scope of work has included to date: evaluating and making recommendations to the UAB Data Center Program and providing A/E RFP review services.

Valley Health:
Valley Health hired EDI to help develop a Data Center Strategy and Roadmap. Our scope of work includes: assessment of current data center facilities; IT inventory and dependency mapping; disaster recovery and business continuity mapping; migration strategy; information security analysis; defining physical data center requirements; development of a data center growth model; development of a baseline data center footprint model (primary & secondary); technical and financial analysis of options - remediation, colocation, new construction, modular deployments and cloud-based services; development of overall strategy recommendation, and business case justification.

UCHealth has engaged EDI in a renovation project in Anschutz Inpatient Tower 2 (located in Aurua, CO); a project EDI designed the technology for and finished in 2014. The renovation is relocating their blood bank to shell space, adding four operating rooms in its place and updating the various OR support spaces to provide better flow to the surgery suite overall throughout AIP2 and the CCW. The project is fast paced in order to get the new ORs up and running as fast as possible. 


What does EDI do? Well...let us tell you. We would love to host a lunch-n-learn for your organization. EDI offers lunch-n-learns on the following topics: Audio-Visual Systems Future Trends; Healthcare Technology - Today & Tomorrow; Nursing and Patient-Friendly Technology Design; Technology in Education; Top 10 Technology Coordination Issues, and Design/Build vs Design/Bid/Build - What's Best for You? 

Here is a wrap-up of three lunch-n-learn sessions that we offered this spring:

EDI presented to 40 architects at  HOK's office in New York. Our presentation included how Healthcare providers can leverage technology to improve clinical work-flows and enhance the patient experience. We also reviewed how current technologies such as RTLS, Wayfinding, Nurse Call Systems, Patient Education Systems, etc. are being applied in the healthcare environment today, as well as discussed the future technologies that will impact the healthcare delivery model.

EDI also presented to the real estate and construction group at Children's Healthcare of Philadelphia (CHOP). This presentation focused on the Future of Technology in Healthcare. We discussed the "internet of things" and how everything is becoming connected to the internet; Medical records on the go - Cloud computing; Advancements in TeleHealth; How specialty systems such has RTLS, DAS, Patient Education/Entertainment systems, and patient tablet integration solutions are really providing a positive effect on the Patient Experience. Other topics included Wayfinding, and Smart Building Technologies.

EDI was asked by Gensler's Atlanta office to present on how to coordinate the audio-visual systems with furniture and how to solve recurring, typical issues. We discussed critical elements of AV/Furniture Integration (table top interface options, wired/multiple inputs, wireless, all-in-one furniture, etc.) and AC/Architectural Integration (flexible spaces, plug and play units, low cost video, simple web conference solutions, annotation, digital signage, etc.).

Learn more about these topics  here. Please contact  Carl Emery to schedule your lunch-n-learn today!

ASHE - Several of our leaders attended the ASHE PDC Conference in Orlando March 12-15, 2017. This conference provides a great environment to learn about the current challenges facing the healthcare providers in today's market, see new healthcare related products on the exhibit floor, and network with industry professionals. This year's show was a huge success with over 3,000 people attending the conference.
The theme of the conference, "Flexibility for the Future," was a recurring subject of educational sessions and presentations, reflecting the fact that while hospitals and health systems offer the best care possible, they also are grappling with a host of issues. The breakout educational sessions covered a lot of critical topics including: saving energy by optimizing building systems; best practices in energy procurement; successful case studies impacting patient satisfaction scores, rising cost of healthcare, how to replace aging infrastructure, how to deal with the aging workforce and the need to encourage the younger generation to join the industry; advancement in telehealth; medical  equipment & technology integration.
In addition to attending the show, EDI hosted a reception with Barton Malow at The Orlando Eye. This was a great venue for everyone to relax, network, and enjoy a ride on the giant wheel that gives you great views of Orlando and surrounding area. You can view more pictures from the event here.
We look forward to seeing everyone at next year's ASHE PDC Conference in Nashville, TN March 25-28, 2018.
Upcoming Events
Be sure to check out the details for one of the following industry conferences. Maybe we'll see you there!

  • Greater NY Construction User Council (GNYCUC) - Dinner honoring Memorial Sloan Kettering's Josie Robertson Surgery Center - this years Healthcare project winner. 
  • InfoComm International Tradeshow and Conference
  • ACEC Georgia - Summer Conference
  • 7x24 Exchange Conference
  • SMPS Build Business Conference
EDI Office Happenings

One of the greatest things about working at EDI is the culture. Once hired, our employees are happy to work hard for a company that aids in their professional development, challenges them to do their best and recognizes them for their hard work. 

The following employees are celebrating an anniversary with EDI this spring/sumer (notice how long some have been with the company which will attest to the corporate culture that was mentioned above):
  • Jim Harrison (26 years)
  • Cindy Cates (9 years)
  • Carl Emery (5 years)
  • Kyle McGee (2 years)
  • Stephanie Anderson (2 years)
  • Mike Santoro (3 years)
  • Tom Maier (4 years)
  • Michael Cherfane (4 years)

Denver Office Relocates
Our Denver office has moved into a new space. The new address is:
8821 East Hampden Avenue, Suite 212
Denver, CO  80231

EDI Celebrates 30 Years with an Open House
After several months of a major interior office renovation we decided to take the opportunity to show off our new space by throwing an open house. On April 11th we celebrated the launch of our new space and raise a toast to our 30th anniversary with family and friends. We had a great turn-out and appreciate everyone who came to celebrate with us. Thank you to Barney Burroughs and Paul Remke for regaling the crowd with memories from the last few decades. Additionally, Mark McComb, our fairly-new leader, offered up words of encouragement and excitement as we move forward into the future. The group also presented Don Kinser with a anniversary gift and gratitude for his leadership throughout the past 30 years. Please feel free to visit our photo album which contains pictures from the party. 

2017 Production and Leadership Summit
On April 10 and 11, the entire EDI staff got together for our Annual Production Summit. During these meetings, we discussed our internal processes, evaluated better ways to meet the needs of our clients, and provided updates on various technology systems. The following day, our management group also spent time during our Annual Leadership Summit to evaluate the past year and where we are heading as a company. We also discussed upcoming market trends, ensuring EDI is well positioned for the future. We had a productive three days and it was good to have everyone together for the meetings.

1600 Riveredge Parkway 
Suite 900
Atlanta, GA  30328

Contact: Carl Emery 
Vice President of  Sales & Marketing

8821 East Hampden Avenue
Suite 212       
Denver, CO  80231

Contact: Conor Ryan
VP of Business Development - Western Region

845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor
Manhattan, NY  10022

Contact: Mike Maselli
Vice President - Northeast Region

25 West Cedar Street
Suite 213
Pensacola, FL 32501

Contact: Paul Remke