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May 28, 2017

Spring is here! What a perfect time to reconnect with you and fill you in on all of the happenings here at Maps of Antiquity. In this email we will also offer a fun lesson on ward maps and some cartographic terms to add to your repertoire. Let's get right into it with the latest MOA news.

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We are also in the process of re-inventorying our entire store. Those of you who have been here in person know that this will be no small feat. After 10 years in business and with over 10,000 items on our website, we have found it is necessary to handle each item and ensure all of the information in our database is up-to-date. Our goal is always to provide the best possible customer service and having an acccurate inventory that we can search more easily is another way that we are trying to improve our customer's experience. We estimate that we have over 18,000 antique maps and prints in the store, with a good portion of that available online, and new items are being added to our database weekly. Perri, Marisa, and Marik have been very busy cataloguing maps, and expect to continue to be busy with this for many more months!

Remember to check our Newly Listed Maps- we just uploaded around 150 new items!

The Spring flowers are fully in bloom, including the wisteria, lilacs, and a few lingering daffodils! Stop by to see the maps and take a moment to enjoy the beautiful sights and smells of Spring!

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Learn about: WARD MAPS
A ward is a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. It is common in the United States for wards to simply be numbered. Ward maps are maps of individual wards, published in an atlas showing all of the wards of a particular city. These atlases were often used for insurance purposes and included information on the property owners and the types of buildings in the area. Insurance companies would be able to use a ward map to determine the type of building materials used in an area, such as brick or wood, and also what other buildings and land features are nearby.

At the beginning of a ward atlas, there was always an index of the town showing the numbered wards and the page numbers. You would use this index to find any ward quickly and easily. Here is an example of an index map from a Bromley atlas:

Index Map of Roxbury/Boston- 1915

The ward numbers are printed in black and the page numbers are printed in red with red delineations showing precisely what is on that page. There is a key on the index map that gives the color meanings for all of the maps in the atlas. In this case, pink represents brick buildings, tan stands for stone buildings, yellow means frame or wooden buildings, and blue indicates iron buildings.

Here is a ward map from a slightly later year and a different map maker (Sanborn). This map includes the Coolidge Corner Theatre, which is still in operation today.

Coolidge Corner Ward Map
Brookline Ward Map featuring the Coolidge Corner Theatre- 1925

This next map is from an earlier Bromley atlas of Cambridge. In this map you can see Radcliffe College and the Common. This map has the owners' names prominently written over each property. 

City of Cambridge Ward Map featuring Radcliffe College and the Common - 1903

This map shows how the mapmaker coordinated two adjacent areas. The above map has Mass Ave on the right side in green and the map below shows Mass Ave on the left side in green. You could put the two maps next to each other for a larger view of the area.  The map below features Harvard University as it was in 1903.

City of Cambridge Ward Map featuring Harvard University - 1903

Ward maps are fascinating views into a city's past. The map below features the Museum of Fine Arts just 6 years after it had moved from its Copley Square location. It also shows the buildings that are now the Wentworth Institute of Technology and Mass College of Art and Design.  Also of interest is the relatively new Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which opened in 1903. When this ward map was published, Mrs. Gardner was still alive and lived on the fourth floor of the building when she was in Boston.

City of Boston Plate 14 Museum of Fine Arts - 1915

Finally, in celebration of the 100th birthday of JFK, here is a ward map showing the house where he was born in Brookline, MA, at 83 Beals St:

Brookline Ward Map with birthplace of 
John F Kennedy - 1925

His family sold the property in 1920, so they had already moved on by the time this map was published.  After his assassination, JFK's mother repurchased the house and restored it to her memory of how it was in 1917 when he was born. It is now a National Historic Site that the public can visit.

Each of our newsletters will now include several definitions to increase your cartographic vocabulary. You can find the cumulative list on our website- keep checking back for more! If there are map terms you'd like to see defined next, let us know. We take requests!
Ward Map:
A ward is a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. It is common in the United States for wards to simply be numbered.  Ward maps are maps of individual wards, published in an atlas showing all of the wards of a particular city.  

Index Map:
The index map appears at the beginning of an atlas or of a series of maps, and is used to indicate where in the atlas you can find a map of a certain area.  It can be used much like a table of contents in a reference book. But don't be fooled by their usefulness- index maps are also decorative and enjoyable to have on your walls!

Platemark (also Plate Impression):
The platemark is a rectangular impression with rounded edges made in intaglio printing when a metal printing plate is pressed firmly into paper.  In this type of printing (sometimes called etching) the paper is slightly damp and a significant amount of force is applied using a printing press.  A plate mark can help you identify an antique versus a reproduction, but beware- it is possible to fake a platemark!  Trained eyes can usually spot a fake, which is why it is wise to have a valuable map appraised by a professional.

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