Back to Sierra Leone After 14 Months
                         March 2017                                     

Returning to Sierra Leone after 14 months, I knew why I work hard for Sherbro Foundation. Yes, projects with our local partner CCET are hitting important milestones and expanding. But it's the people we reach and how their lives are affected that matter. Most gratifying is reaching people in the smallest village and seeing what they do with only the most modest help. While reading the stories below, I hope you'll agree. When I return there, Sierra Leone doesn't just say hello. It embraces me. Here's some of my images and impressions from my recent trip. I hope you'll catch up on our project news below. We're always interested in your comments and feedback.

  -- Arlene Golembiewski, Executive Director
Women's Vegetable Growing

Women in the project are earning more money, and they tell us what difference it's made in their lives.

We've just funded 75 more women to plant peanuts in April.
Girls Scholarship Program 

SFSL's scholarship program funded a third of Bumpeh Chiefdom girls now in secondary school. Girls talk about what their scholarship means to them, and the challenges of going to school. 
The Center for Community Empowerment & Transformation, our community partner

CCET offers new, much needed community services and earns income to run its nonprofit programs.
Computer Center
SFSL wins P&G Alumni Grant for CCET Computer Center

P&G Alumni award nonprofits that address its mission of economic empowerment for those in need. The grant will help help expand the Computer Center and its services.
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