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May 2018
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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our Spring round-up of deals and accolades! We have lots of book deals, tv and film deals and bestseller updates to share with you. Samantha and Shaun have returned from the London Book Fair where they had a successful fair promoting the Adult Division and Fiona Kenshole was there pitching the Children's YA Division list. For our international friends and colleagues, watch your inboxes for book fair follow-up coming your way soon!

Because we're growing and taking on some fabulous new writers, we're going to send you a separate newsletter for our new clients next week.

In the meantime, we look forward to hearing from you. All requests welcome!
Best wishes,

New Deal Announcements 


Canadian English rights to Reema Patel's debut novel, tentatively titled JUSTICE FOR ALL, pre-empted by Anita Chong at McClelland & Stewart for Spring 2020. Pitched as Slumdog Millionaire meets The God of Small Things, set in Mumbai, in which a former street child's quest for redemption collides with her instincts to survive, after her quiet life is overturned by the arrival of a naive, overly entitled intern at the human rights NGO where she works. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

World rights to Ian Colford's short story collection, STONE TEMPLE AND OTHER STORIES to Whitney Moran at Vagrant Press for Fall 2019. Ian has created a world where readers will recognize themselves, and find themselves intimately invested in every page, relating to characters struggling with everyday realities that mirror our own. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

World rights to comics artist and writer, Georgia Webber's debut graphic novel memoir DUMB - telling the story of how an urban twentysomething copes with the everyday challenges that come with voicelessness, and the practical hurdles she faces as well as the fear and dread that accompanied her increasingly lonely journey to regain her life - sold to Gary Groth at Fantagraphics for publication in June 2018. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

World rights to Stephanie Morrill's historical WITHIN THESE LINES to HarperCollins' YA imprint Blink, in which the teenage daughter of Italian immigrants must work out her fear, loss, and personal guilt when her Japanese American sweetheart is ordered to relocate to Manzanar during the early years of WWII. Contact: Sandra Bishop at

Cary Fagan Canadian English rights to Writers' Trust and Giller Prize nominated novelist and award-winning children's book writer, Cary Fagan's insightful and powerful new novel THE STUDENT, to Freehand Books for 2019. Set in the Fall of 1957, it follows the life story of Miriam Moscowitz, a headstrong Jewish daughter, the apple of her father's eye (the worry of her mother's), a serious and passionate young student of literature who studies hard and dates a young Jewish man with a good job, until everything changes when she begins a reckless affair with an American student obsessed with the civil rights clashes in the south, and when the young man abandons her to join the movement back home, Miriam gets on a bus to follow him. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

Canadian English rights to ELEMENTAL by Catherine Bush - a provocative, compelling and urgent novel that through a propulsive narrative weaves together climate change, love, loyalty, family and Shakespeare's The Tempest, set on a fictionalized version of Fogo Island, off the coast of Newfoundland, where a storm whips up enough force to rip through houses and lives - to Bethany Gibson at Goose Lane Editions for Spring 2020. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

Canadian English to Bestselling author Marissa Stapley's new novel THE LAST RESORT to Nita Pronovost at S&S Canada. For fans of Big Little Lies - two couples arrive at The Harmony Retreat for couples therapy on the shores of Tulum Mexico where they hope to fix their marriages with the help of celebrity therapists Miles and Grace Markell. But all is not as it seems, and when Miles mysteriously disappears, the complex truth behind the façade of love, marriage and professional success begins to unravel, leaving room for romance to blossom in unexpected ways. Previous rights sold to Brittany Lavery of Graydon House U.S. and Rowholt Germany. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

Canadian English rights to Jess Taylor's second collection of short stories, JUST PERVS, to Book*hug for publication in the fall of 2019. In JUST PERVS, Jess explores the strange oppression and illumination that desire can create, the bewilderment of adolescence, the barriers to intimacy we discover within ourselves and the ones imposed on us, all while championing expressions of female sexuality in their many forms. Contact: Marilyn Biderman at  


English world rights to an illustrated lifestyle cookbook by THE SALMON SISTERS, by sisters Emma Laukitis and Claire Neaton who spent their young lives on a remote family homestead - when they weren't out fishing on The Bering sea with their dad. To include stories of their unique upbringing, Emma's original sketches and artwork, and recipes which will inspire anyone to want to live closer to the land - or sea. To Gary Luke at Sasquatch Books. Contact: Sandra Bishop at

North American English rights to Dr. Christian Smith's THE SCIENTIST AND THE PSYCHIC sold on a pre-empt to Amanda Betts and Anne Collins at Random House Canada for publication in 2020. As a child, Dr. Smith watched his mother become a world-renowned psychic and as an adult, whose education and research challenges the existence of the paranormal, he embarks on a quest to uncover and investigate the science underlying psychic phenomena. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Canadian English rights to GIRLS NEED NOT APPLY, a debut memoir by Kelly S. Thompson, a former Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces and graduate of UBC's MFA program, highlighting truths about life as a woman in the military, to Jenny Bradshaw at McClelland & Stewart, in a preempt, for Summer 2019. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

World rights to the highly anticipated new work from  Billy-Ray Belcourt , NDN COPING MECHANISMS: Notes from the Field , using poetry, prose, and digital art to document the polyphonic emotions that flower in Indigenous social words, to House of Anansi Press, for Fall 2019. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at .

World rights to author of Beyond the Pale, a multi-award nominated memoir, comes Emily Urquhart's THIRD ACT, a work of narrative nonfiction based on her essay in The Walrus that makes the case for late in life creativity, featuring stories of creative seniors from a variety of backgrounds-such as poets, physicists, musicians, scientists, and actors-with her visual artist father's story woven throughout, and buoyed by voices of leading experts on ageing and creativity and through examples of progressive senior-led arts organizations from across North America, smashing ageist stereotypes and telling a new story about the possibilities of our third act, sold to Sarah MacLachlan at House of Anansi (Walrus Imprint) for Spring 2020. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

Audio rights to winner of the RBC Taylor Prize and beloved Canadian bestseller, THEY LEFT US EVERYTHING by Plum Johnson sold at auction to Rebecca Best of Rakuten Kobo. Rights previously sold to Putnam U.S., Brandon Culture in China and Gads Forlag in Denmark. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

World rights to Dr. Lee Airton's GENDER: YOUR GUIDE - A Gender-Friendly Primer on What to Say, What to Know, and What to Do in the New Gender Culture, an accessible and prescriptive guide on topics such as how to use gender-neutral pronouns, how to know which pronouns to use, and other 'gender-friendly' daily practices, acquired by Cate Prato of Adams Media, Simon & Schuster Inc. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

World rights to social justice and feminist activist, writer, journalist, educator, and speaker, Judy Rebick's riveting new memoir HEROES IN MY HEAD where she documents two major decades in her life: the 1980s, when she became a high-profile spokesperson for the pro-choice movement during the fight to legalize abortion; and the 1990s, when she took on her biggest challenge as a public figure by becoming president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, revealing for the first time her very private battles she waged during these important decades with multiple personality disorder, sold to Janie Yoon at House of Anansi for publication in April 2017. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

World English and French rights to chef and activist Joshna Maharaj's TAKE BACK THE TRAY: The Industrial Food Revolution, a social gastronomy manifesto and practical guide for transforming the way people eat in hospitals, schools, prisons, and community food centers, sold to ECW Press for Spring 2020. Contact: Jesse Finkelstein at

Foreign Rights

Romanian rights to multi-award winning author Joanne Bischof's THE LADY AND THE LIONHEART, a Romantic Times 5 Star Top Pick, direct to Teofil Stanciu Casa Cartii Publishing House in which the lionkeeper of a traveling circus brings big changes to a small town, and to his own heart when he finally risks revealing the dark truth about his enslavement on another's behalf. Contact: Sandra Bishop at

World English (ex: Canada) rights to award-winning journalist and editor-at-large at Chatelaine and regular contributor to CBC Radio, Rachel Giese's BOYS: What It Means to Become a Man, examining the myths and realities of boy culture and the challenges facing boys, making a strong case that the movement for gender equality has the potential to liberate us all, to Laura Mazer at Seal Press, for publication in Fall 2018. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

World French rights to Sharon Bala's THE BOAT PEOPLE to Mémoire d'encrier. Previous rights sold to Turkey (Mevsimler) and Syria (Fawasel). THE BOAT PEOPLE has spent fourteen consecutive weeks on the bestseller list here in Canada. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Czech rights to Marissa Stapley's THINGS TO DO WHEN IT'S RAINING to Euromedia Group and Slovak rights to Ikar, by Tereza Krobotova of the Kristin Olson Literary Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Turkish rights to Marissa Stapley's THINGS TO DO WHEN IT'S RAINING to Pena by Nazli Gurkas of the Kalem Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Greek rights to Iain Reid's debut novel, I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS to Patakis by John L. Moukakos of the John L. Moukakos Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Spanish rights to Iain Reid's debut novel, I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS to Alianza by Teresa Vilarrubla of The Foreign Office in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Hungarian rights to Iain Reid's debut novel, I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS to Athenaeum, in a pre-empt, by Peter Bolza of the Katai & Bolza Literary Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Macedonian rights to Iain Reid's debut novel, I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS to Ili-Ili by Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Italian rights to Iain Reid's I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS and his highly anticipated sophomore novel, FOE, in a two-book deal, to Rizzoli by Erica Berla of the Berla & Griffini Rights Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Dutch rights to THE COACHING HABIT by Michael Bungay Stanier to Nubiz by Jeanine Langenberg of the Sebes Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Italian rights to THE COACHING HABIT by Michael Bungay Stanier to LSWR by Erica Berla of the Berla & Griffini Rights Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Spanish rights to THE COACHING HABIT by Michael Bungay Stanier to Arpa by Julia Garrigos of The Foreign Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

German rights to THE COACHING HABIT by Michael Bungay Stanier to Vahlen Verlag by Hannah Fosh of the Liepman Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

French rights to THE COACHING HABIT by Michael Bungay Stanier to Diateino by Deborah Druba of Anna Jarota Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Thai rights to THE COACHING HABIT by Michael Bungay Stanier to Nokhook Publishing by Pumi Boonyatud of Tuttle-Mori in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Taiwanese rights to EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY by Phil Jones to Domain publishing by Nurnberg Taiwan in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Romanian rights to EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY by Phil Jones to California Fitness Romania by Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Korean rights to REST, PLAY, GROW by Dr. Deborah MacNamara to HANMUNHWA MULTIMEDIA by Koleen Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Korean rights to YOUR AD IGNORED HERE by Tom Fishburne to Minumsa by Koleen Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at
Film/TV Deals

Feature film rights to Iain Reid's upcoming mind-mending novel, FOE, sold to Anonymous Content following a bidding war. Kerry Kohansky-Roberts and Steve Golin will produce, with Reid set to executive produce the film. Anonymous Content's projects include  Spotlight, The Revenant, Mr. Robot and  True Detective. Deal arranged by Dana Spector of Paradigm on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Samantha Haywood at

Film/TV rights to Harriet Alida Lye's thrilling debut novel, THE HONEY FARM, sold to Sonya Di Rienzo and Aeschylus Poulos of Hawkeye Pictures. Hawkeye Pictures' projects include Sleeping Giant (Cannes Film Festival, Semaine de la Critique); Mary Goes Round (Toronto International Film Festival 2017); and 22 Chaser (2018). The latest project, Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies, is currently in production.  Deal arranged by Kim Yau of Paradigm on behalf of Stephanie Sinclair. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair at

Joanne Proulx's sophomore novel, WE ALL LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, optioned by Toronto-based ARTEMIS PICTURES. A Globe "Best Book of 2017", published in 2017 by Penguin Canada and soon to be published by Grand Central in the U.S. (Fall 2018), WE ALL LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS calls to mind the movie The Ice Stormand television series The Slap and Big Little Lies. Contact Samantha Haywood at

The Bishop's Man Linden MacIntyre's 2009 Giller Prize-winning novel, THE BISHOP'S MAN, optioned by Payam Films Inc. Deal arranged through Glenn Cockburn of Meridian Artists by Shaun Bradley. Contact: Shaun Bradley at

Drawn & Quarterly Deals

It's a Good Life if you Don't Weaken Brazilian rights to Seth's IT'S A GOOD LIFE IF YOU DON'T WEAKEN to Editora Mino by Marta de Bru de Sala of The Foreign Office in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Brazilian rights to Jillian Tamaki's BOUNDLESS to Darkside by Marta de Bru de Sala of The Foreign Office in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Italian rights to Jillian Tamaki's BOUNDLESS to Coconino by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Italian rights to Nick Drnaso's SABRINA to Coconino by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

U.K. rights to Nick Drnaso's SABRINA to Granta by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Russian rights to Julie Doucet's MY NEW YORK DIARY to Boom by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Italian rights to Seth's CLYDE FANS 2 to Coconino by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly. 

Spanish rights to Seth's CLYDE FANS 2 to Salamandra by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

French rights to Seth's CLYDE FANS 2 to Editions Delcourt by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Awards and Citations 

Congratulations to Billy-Ray Belcourt for THIS WOUND IS A WORLD (Frontenac House) has made the Canadian Shortlist for the 2018 Griffin Poetry Prize!

From the jury: "Blending the resources of love song and elegy, prayer and manifesto, Billy-Ray Belcourt's This Wound is a World shows us poetry at its most intimate and politically necessary. Mindful of tangled lineages and the lingering erasures of settler colonialism, Belcourt crafts poems in which 'history lays itself bare'...Belcourt pursues original forms with which to chart the constellations of queerness and indigeneity, rebellion and survival, desire and embodiedness these poems so fearlessly explore. Between its bold treatment of sexuality and wary anatomy of despair, This Wound is a World peels back the layers of feeling and experience to offer, finally, the glimmerings of hope..."

This prize is awarded annually, recognizing excellence in English-language poetry internationally and in Canada. The shortlisted poets will take part in the annual Griffin shortlist readings on June 6th and the winners will be announced on June 7th.

Congratulations to Sharon Bala on THE BOAT PEOPLE being named a CBC Books and a Globe and Mail bestseller for 14 consecutive weeks.

Congratulations to Naben Ruthnum on FIND YOU IN THE DARK being named a CBC Books and Globe and Mail bestseller. 

FIND YOU IN THE DARK by Naben Ruthnum writing as Nathan Ripley was named a best book for March by BriefTake. 

Congratulations to Katherine Ashenburg on SOFIE & CECILIA being named a Globe and Mail bestseller. 

SOFIE & CECILIA by Katherine Ashenburg was named by CBC Books as one of 18 books by women to read in 2018, in honour of International Women's Day.  

Congratulations to David Huebert (PENINSULA SINKING) and Sarah Faber (ALL IS BEAUTY NOW) for their nominations for the 2018 Atlantic Book Awards!

Congratulations to CAROL OFF. Her bestselling ALL WE LEAVE BEHIND: A Reporter's Journey into the Lives of Others was the winner of the 2018 BC National Award for Canadian Non Fiction, an annual prize worth $40,000. Off's book has also been nominated for the 2018 Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, to be awarded on May 9th, and for the Ontario Library Association's Forest of Reading Evergreen Award to be handed out next fall.

Congratulations to PAULINE DAKIN. Her debut work RUN HIDE REPEAT: A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood is a finalist for both the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Award and the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award. Both awards will be handed out as part of the 2018 Atlantic Book Awards ceremony on May 10th in Halifax, NS. Dakin's bestselling memoir was previously a finalist for the BC National Award for Canadian Non Fiction.

Congratulations to William Kowalski, whose JUMPED IN (Orca Books, Rapid Reads) made In The Margins's Top Ten List, recognizing books that appeal to and reflect the lives of marginalized youth. JUMPED IN is Kowalski's seventh notable book in the Rapid Reads series of short, high-interest novels for adults.

The ReLit Long Shortlists are out and we're proud to congratulate six Transatlantic authors on the lists! Under the "Novel" category we're congratulating Zoe Whittall for THE BEST KIND OF PEOPLE (House of Anansi Press) and Jared Young for INTO THE CURRENT (Goose Lane Editions). Our congratulations continue for the "Short Fiction" category, under which Russell Wangersky's THE PATH OF MOST RESISTANCE (Astoria Press), Kris Bertin's BAD THINGS HAPPEN (Biblioasis), Leesa Dean's WAITING FOR THE CYCLONE (Brindle & Glass), and Chad Pelley's FOUR-LETTER WORDS (Breakwater Books Ltd.) have been long-shortlisted. And congratulations to Jordan Abel whose INJUN has been long-shortlisted under the "Poetry" category. 

These annual awards have been deemed by The Globe and Mail as "The country's pre-eminent literary prize recognizing independent presses" and have been said to bring a "welcome, back-to-the-books focus to the craft" ( for celebrating the best Canadian literature published by independent presses.

Rave Reviews

Praise for Katherine Ashenburg's SOFIE & CECILIA (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Knopf, New Face of Fiction, Spring 2018). Contact

"Closely and beautifully observed...As readers, we experience both the affirmation of women's friendships, and the challenge of devoting oneself to a life of artistic creation." 
-Jane Urquhart

" Sofie & Cecilia  paints a marvelously detailed, slyly witty portrait of two women of talent married to successful painters in early twentieth-century Sweden-when girls might dabble in drawing lessons, but must put aside any artistic ambitions after marriage. Their growing independence is fueled by their friendship, sustained over the length of their lives. Fans of Elena Ferrante (not to mention Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf, whose books are a bonding point) will revel in this wise and intensely moving story of two women navigating a world that expected women to weave, knit and embroider in the shadow of the real artists, their husbands. Nevertheless, they persisted." -Marni Jackson
"Elegantly constructed...the close third-person narration is rich in meticulous and often fascinating detail about Swedish life and art." -Quill & Quire

"... Sofie and Cecilia will be on all the book club lists this year. It is a book that will be read by women, passed between friends, and lead to conversations about our own lives and who we have become. "  -Parry Sound North Star

Praise for Rachel Giese's BOYS: What it Means to Become a Man (World Rights Available Ex: Canada English, HarperCollins Canada; World English ex. Canada; Hachette Book Group, Seal Press). Contact

"Deeply researched, but also deeply considered, Boys is something quite rare in the pages of non-fiction, a page-turner. This is a must read for everyone who loves boys."
-Tabatha Southey, writer and columnist

"These are not good times to be or raise a boy. The toxic expectations of traditional masculinity block and distort healthy, humane development and communications, while many social institutions seem to go out of their way to help girls get ahead, not boys. But in this compassionately written, carefully researched book, covering school, sports, sex, gaming and the complexities of gender, Rachel Giese presents a critical but ultimately encouraging view of the possibilities for affirming change. It's both hopeful and helpful."
-Bruce Kidd, Professor, Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto

" Boys is a multifaceted exploration of masculinity by one of Canada's most talented journalists. Rachel Giese's vision of boyhood - and therefore manhood - is an enlarging, humane one. This is a beautifully reasoned work that should be required reading for anyone interested in detoxifying masculinity."
-Michael Redhill, author of Giller-winning novel Bellevue Square

"A broad, readable take on the limits of modern-day masculinity, and how to push its boundaries to better serve our children and ourselves. It's full of love but unsentimental, with new tidbits for scholars of gender, race and identify, and valuable insight for parents of little boys, like me."
-Denise Balkissoon, columnist, The Globe and Mail

"If 'the future is female' where does that leave our boys? Rachel Geise brings her talents as a journalist, a refreshing lack of jargon and her insights as a mother of a charming, ADHD, hockey-loving son to this urgently important matter- of how to raise stronger, kinder boys. As we say 'enough' to the very worst of male behavior - gun violence and sexual assault - we need to imagine and invest in the best of it as well. This book about re-inventing the culture of masculinity could not be more timely or wise."
-Marni Jackson, author of The Mother Zone and Home Free: The Myth of the Empty Nest

"With Boys, Rachel Giese shows that there is indeed a 'boy crisis,' but it's not the one we keep hearing about, and it's a crisis whose solutions lie in expanding the limits of boyhood and manhood to enable boys and men to be true to themselves and reach their full potential. I loved this book, such an absorbing and inspiring read, and it left me with hope and admiration for today's boys-and the men they're on their way to becoming."
-Kerry Clare, author of Mitzi Bytes

Praise for Elisabeth de Mariaffi's HYSTERIA (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, HarperCollins, 2018; U.K., Titan Publishing Group). Contact

"...a fast-paced thrill ride with an intriguing premise and twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end. "  -Canadian Living

" Hysteria is a powerful piece of fictional misdirection, of establishing readerly expectations and upending them, repeatedly, to tremendous effect. It is at once thought-provoking, tautly suspenseful and genuinely surprising." -Toronto Star

"De Mariaffi's writing is cinematic, calibrated, hallucinogenic. Her prose is thoughtful and precise." -The Telegram

" Hysteria was excellent, even before I found my feet, and now I want to go back and find my way through it again." -Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This blog

" Hysteria, at heart, is a novel about the ordinary corruptibility of plot. De Mariaffi purges this corruption, turning one genre against another, fighting plot with plot. An act of magical safekeeping, Hysteria imagines a woman's world as a safer, more just, place. That world is a fairy tale, at least for now." 
-The Walrus

" Hysteria is a powerful piece of fictional misdirection, of establishing readerly expectations and upending them, repeatedly, to tremendous effect. It is at once thought-provoking, tautly suspenseful and genuinely surprising."
-Toronto Star

Praise for Naben Ruthnum's FIND YOU IN THE DARK (World Rights Available Ex: U.S., Atria; Canada, Simon & Schuster Canada; U.K./A.N.Z., Text Publishing; Germany, Lubbe; and Spain, Ediciones Siruela. Contact and

"Filled with past, dark secrets, and hideous insight into the mind(s) of killers, Ridley's thrilling novel left me breathless as I devoured chapter after chapter anxious to see what would happen next. As things get more and more complicated, more and more hopeless for Martin, I found all I could do was read faster and faster while doing my best to savor every detail! " 
-Phillip Tomasso, author of Absolute Zero and Damn the Dead

"This unusual debut thriller has a lot going for it... "  -Kirkus Reviews

"intriguing premise, competent character development, and numerous plot twists... Dexter fans will enjoy the creepy vibe. -Publisher's Weekly
"a fast-paced book that one can blow through in a weekend " and "a cracking good crime thriller. "  -The Globe and Mail

" Find You in the Dark lingers long after the last page has been devoured. And Ripley proves a stellar addition to the Canadian crime novel scene. An addictive debut."
-Toronto Star

"Is Martin-loving husband and father, albeit a bit weird-really such an ordinary guy? The reader begins to discern that his intentions aren't as honourable as he'd have us suppose. And we aren't the only ones who are suspicious, because someone else has found out what he's up to and there's a fresh body buried in a decades-old grave, and Martin Reese's carefully constructed reality is seriously under threat. There's also a kick-ass police detective who is smarter than he is, so Martin has to figure out something fast. But do we want him to? Is he a good guy or bad? That moral ambiguity is one of the most compelling parts of the novel, whose creepiest aspect turns out not to be the unearthed bodies, but instead the experience of being made to feel so sympathetic to such a messed up mind." 
-Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This blog

"Because this is told from so many different perspectives, it adds an incredible amount of suspense to the plot. I'd often find myself looking at my clock at work in hopes of returning home to finish this book...Get ready for a series of twists and turns as you put the puzzle pieces together in this well-written novel." -The Girly Book Club

Praise for Sharon Bala's THE BOAT PEOPLE (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, McClelland & Stewart; Doubleday U.S.; Turkey, Mevsimler; Syria, Fawasel Publishing; World French, Mémoire d'encrier):

"Timely and engrossing...This is a powerful debut. -Publishers Weekly
"This earnest debut novel forcefully explores the issues surrounding immigration...deeply moving and nuanced, The Boat People asks what price a country is willing to pay when public safety comes at the cost of human lives." -Booklist

"A real ship of refugees inspires a novel about the messy consequences of war...Memorable...Chilling..." -Kirkus Reviews

"Bala displays her talent as a compassionate, reflective author...This is a work of fiction, but it's so very real...Ultimately, this is a novel comprised of both beautiful and uncomfortable truths, written by an author who understands there are multiple sides to every issue - and to every human being...Bala has vividly conjured worlds, both on Canadian soil and back in Sri Lanka, that show the dualities of living in any country...What we also get from a novel like this is a new way of seeing." -The Globe and Mail

"Cinematic details transport us to a tension-rich drama. Bala moves fluidly from past to present, mixing memories with current crises...juxtapositions build and maintain suspense all the way to the last line, where readers are left hanging, as if justice is in our hands... The Boat People reminds us of the fragile nature of truth." -BookPage

"A perfect book for our times" -Toronto Star

"Debut author Bala capably establishes the interlocking narratives of three characters, each revealing a different, albeit compelling, empathetically exploring each character's backstory, Bala presents the complex task of balancing a nation's desire to be compassionate with the need to identify threats to national security, providing a timely examination of the refugee crisis worldwide. Recommended for all fiction collections. "  
-Library Journal

"In her emotional debut, Sharon Bala composes empathetic characters and encourages her audience to endure their struggles. She grips her readers and dives into the humanity of the world she's created; when they resurface, they'll be gasping for air. Breathlessly beautiful, The Boat People reminds everyone of the value of compassion in a world claiming no shortage of hatred and violence." -Shelf Awareness, starred review

"The most striking aspect of the novel lies in its quietly confident understanding that everyone is complicit in systems of racial and ethnic violence...and Bala's assertion that no one is completely innocent intensifies her emotionally vivid prose. "   -Quill & Quire
"Investigating the invisible suffering carried by the displaced, and by those tasked with shaping their futures, the timely novel delivers volts of emotion and establishes Bala's narrative poise. "  -The Georgia Straight

"Rooted in actual events, Bala uses the tools of fiction to excavate the human truths hidden under the headlines... The Boat People succeeds not because it has answers, but because of how it foregrounds the questions: who are we as individuals? Who are we as a culture, as a society? How do our beliefs, our empathy, survive in the face of confusion and the threat of deception and violence?... The Boat People is a book perfect for our times, essential reading to bring context to questions which we are, perhaps, more inclined to ignore.  
-Toronto Star

" The Boat People will-and should...-linger long in the mind as an almost Graham-Greene-esque thriller about Canada's Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora. Homeric in her narrative arc, Bala's novel is rhetorically purposive-but poetically, softly rhetorical...Bala is ahead by a century in the cricket score of politically powerful contemporary fiction." -Atlantic Books Today

"In this moving novel, hundreds of Sri Lankan refugees make a dangerous voyage to seek asylum in Canada. The threat of deportation soon follows their arrival, sparking questions about compassion and humanity and identity-identity, in all its transformative complexities." -Southern Living

"A sharp examination of the global refugee crisis from both human and bureaucratic perspectives. "  -Toronto Life

" The Boat People tackles a subject that we all should be thinking about and working on, together, today." -SignatureReads

"Bala's strength is in showing the human side of everyone involved... The Boat People is a comprehensive and enlightening novel on a topic that should concern all thinking Canadians. "  -Winnipeg Free Press

"The horror comes in relatively early, and it doesn't stem from the Sri Lankan civil war; it comes from our own dawning awareness that the Canadian system for dealing with refugees is a ghastly machine...If it tells us more than we want to know about our failings, that's a first step toward correcting them. And far from being a preachy polemic, it is a very well-crafted story likely to be read for a long time. -The Tyee

Praise for Harriet Alida Lye's THE HONEY FARM (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Nimbus Press; U.S., Liveright; Australia, Penguin Random House):

" An aura of mystery, faintly tinged with menace, permeates Canadian author Lye's sensuous debut...Lye offers an achingly lyrical excursion into a lost Eden. -Publishers Weekly

"Lush, poetic...Each lyrical line feels like a gift left at the reader's altar. A honey-mouthed debut ruminating on creation, possession, and faith."
-Kirkus Reviews

"Lye evokes gothic tropes and an aura of foreboding that recall Shirley Jackson and Daphne du Maurier by way of the tortured Catholicism of Flannery O'Connor." 
- Quill & Quire, editors pick

Advance praise for Jan Redford's END OF THE ROPE (World Rights Available Ex: U.S., Catapult/Counterpoint; English Canada, Knopf Canada; U.S. Audio, Audible, Spring, 2018). Contact

"With a wonderful combination of adventure and introspection, outdoor writer Redford tells of a life lived on the fringes of society and in the heights of the Banff mountains in British Columbia...Redford's is a truly inspiring and honest account of what it means to be a strong woman who can reach new heights because she isn't afraid to fall." 
-Publishers Weekly

"Her refreshing honesty, especially about her mistakes, is a welcome respite from more self-aggrandizing memoirs, and her refusal to shy away from the more turbulent parts of her past, including a tragic loss, balances well her lighthearted reminiscences...Redford has made her mark through sheer willpower and muscle.-Booklist

"With its vivid storytelling, fascinating glimpse into the world of mountaineering, and insights into the healing power of wilderness, End of the Rope proves a promising debut. Not to mention an invaluable addition to the canon of chronicles by women climbers."
-The Vancouver Sun

"This 400-page book is like reading through your best friend's diary. It's a captivating, compelling and heart-warming story about a remarkable woman sharing her innermost feelings. Many life lessons to be learned." -Nelson Star News

"In this scrappy memoir of love, loss, and mountaineering, Jan Redford gracefully explores a familiar midlife quandary: how to balance safety with adventure."
-Ada Calhoun, author of Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give 

" End of the Rope  is a riveting journey of surviving loss, finding love, and summoning the courage to keep climbing. Jan Redford takes us inside the male-dominated world of climbing, where missteps can mean death, and mental grit is as important as physical strength. A beautifully written and breathtakingly honest book." -Carol Shaben, author of Into the Abyss

"Rowdy, raw, even raucous at times, End of the Rope is a heartbreakingly vulnerable memoir. Through her story, Jan Redford exposes contradictions within the climbing community that test the hearts and souls of the tribe she calls her own." 
-Bernadette McDonald, author of Freedom Climbers

"Jan Redford's debut is beautifully crafted, fierce and uncompromising. Her cathartic book pivots around the moment she learned that her boyfriend Dan Guthrie had perished in an avalanche. With a 'take no prisoners' style she recounts the freewheeling years leading up to her relationship with Dan, how his loss sent her life into a tail spin and how she finally found balance. Jan writes with blistering honesty; she is fearless in relating the conflicts of family life and mountaineering, a disastrously co-dependent marriage, and her struggles with her father, her ex husband and herself. End of the Rope is a compelling and often unsettling read." -Maria Coffey, author of Where the Mountain Casts its Shadow

Praise for Sarah Selecky's RADIANT SHIMMERING LIGHT (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, HarperCollins; U.S., Bloomsbury; Australia, Text). Contact

"Our online world provides endless humorous possibility and here is a book that's witty, timely, and smart with regard to social media. But then, quite wonderfully,
Selecky's story turns more complicated than it first appeared. Bursting with energy and color, every page delights and provokes. This book is a dazzler."
-Karen Joy Fowler, author of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

"Radiant Shimmering Light is inventive and modern. Sarah Selecky delivers a cast of characters who are both recognizable and utterly unique in  this novel that is as luminous as its title."  -Marissa Stapley, author of Things To Do When It's Raining

"Fresh and original, Sarah Selecky's novel cleverly satirizes our insta-world but also takes its characters seriously enough to give  them an ending that's moving and transcendent." 
-Kerry Clare, author of Mitzi Bytes

"The human desire to belong is at the heart of Sarah Selecky's radiant, shimmering novel. In the person of Lilian Quick, Selecky has created an irresistible heroine.   And in her reflections and observations, she has once again proven that she is a writer perfectly attuned to the music of the present moment."  -Barbara Gowdy, author of Little Sister
"Warm, sharp and deceptively light, with smart things to say about the commodification of spirituality; I ate it up." 
- Lisa Gabriele, author of Tempting Faith DiNapoli and The Almost Archer Sisters

Praise for Claire Holden Rothman's LEAR'S SHADOW (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Penguin). Contact

"Lear's Shadow exudes warmth-for Montreal and its theatre scene brought to vibrant life on the page, and for its heroine Bea, finding the courage to take on life's uneven gifts. Claire Holden Rothman's fiction makes a moving case for the possibility of change." 
-Joan Thomas, author of The Opening Sky

"'Love like a shadow flies...,' wrote Shakespeare, and this is a story of love in its shifting shades. Desire, duty, and the fellowship of theatre, rendered in Holden Rothman's tender, clear-eyed prose." -Sean Michaels, Scotiabank Giller Prize-winning author of Us Conductors

"A delicately wrought, heartfelt novel about the injuries we carry in mind and body, and the power of art to heal us all." -Katrina Onstad, author of Everybody Has Everything

Praise for Iain Reid's FOE (World Rights Available Ex: U.S., Scout Press; Canada, Simon & Schuster Canada; U.K., Scribner; Brazil, Editora Rocca; Italy, Rizzoli; Droemer, Germany). Contact

"I couldn't put it down. It infected my dreams. A creepy and brilliant book." 
-Zoe Whittall, Giller shortlisted authors of The Best Kind of People

"Spare, consuming, unforgettable. Foe is a dark arrow from a truly original mind. Page by eerie page, Iain Reid pulls the known world out from under you, and leaves you trapped inside a marriage's most haunting question: can I be replaced? This is a book that seeps into your bloodstream - and crowns Iain Reid the king of deadpan, philosophical horror." 
-Claudia Dey, author of Heartbreaker and Stunt
"From the opening page, you'll have an uneasy feeling as you settle in to Iain's Reid's brilliant new novel, Foe. The couple it portrays, Junior and Hen, are simple people living a simple life until a stranger arrives on their doorstep with a proposition that is not exactly what it seems. From there, the entire story brims with eerie questions and the ending is so staggeringly brilliant it will force you to turn back to page one and start again. Foe is a masterful and breathtakingly unique read. I can't stop thinking about it."
-Amy Stuart, bestselling author of Still Mine and Still Water 

Praise for Cinders McLeod's EARN IT (World Rights, Nancy Paulsen Books, Penguin). Contact

"What I liked most about Earn It! is the fact that it also cleverly points out to young readers that the most rewarding part of accomplishing your goals is earning it. And for parents looking for a fun, yet easy, way to explain the benefits of earning and saving money to children, this book has got you covered.-Jennifer Traynor of the Mama@Heart blog

Praise for Kathy Kortes-Miller's TALKING ABOUT DEATH WON'T KILL YOU (World Rights Available Ex: World English and French, ECW Press; Korean, Kukmin Publishing Company). Contact

"This challenging book asks readers to face their fears of dying, and it will help those who do be more prepared for their own deaths and to ease the grief of loved ones." 
-Publishers Weekly

Praise for Marissa Stapley's THINGS TO DO WHEN IT'S RAINING (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Simon & Schuster; U.S., Graydon House, February 2018; Germany, Rowohlt, spring 2018; Norway, Cappelen Damm; Italy, Sperling & Kupfer Editori; Turkey, Pena Yayinlari; Slovakia, Ikar; Czech Republic, Euromedia Group). Contact

"Things to Do When It's Raining is commercial fiction at its best. Compelling, heartfelt and well-crafted. A gem of a page-turner." -Toronto Star

"With just the right mixture of guilt, forgiveness and rainy-day ideas, it's a story worth savouring." -Hello Canada

Praise for Will Ferguson's THE SHOE ON THE ROOF (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Simon & Schuster). Contact

"it's full of wry humour and wise, essayistic asides that keep the prose moving at a quick clip. It's also oddly devastating, a mature work written by a writer in full control of his game." 
-Alberta Views

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