Spring 2018 
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Trends in Healthcare IT
Reimbursement for Medical Devices
Charity Activities in 2018
Our Growing Global Team
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In this issue of Information to Insight, we talk about trends in Healthcare IT, reimbursement for medical devices, our support for the Hope International Development Agency, and also introduce new members of our global team. For more information, please contact us at  info@junicon.net .

The Junicon Team
Trends in Healthcare IT

Information Technology is increasingly changing the way healthcare is provided and opens up new opportunities for clinicians to treat and manage their patients worldwide. Two significant developments that will completely change today's treatment paradigm are the emergence of artificial intelligence and the proliferation of wearable health trackers. Artificial intelligence in the form of m odern supercomputers has the capability to mine tens of thousands of health records and in the process recognize disease patterns and enable early diagnoses with  the potential to design treatment plans and create drugs much faster  than any medical professional today.  

As health systems digitize across the world, more and more data will become available that can be mined by AI, boosting the opportunities for early diagnostics and shifting the focus from treatment to prevention. A lot of large multinationals from Apple to Amazon and Google are working on systems that are targeting to convert healthcare data into actionable tools that will revolutionize the way people will manage their health in the future. 

A part of this trend is the growing number of wearable devices that can monitor, track and transmit health data. Patients can actively monitor their health via smart watches, get reminders of when to take medication or take exercise, and physicians can track compliance via data transmitted to them through patient-worn devices. As the global trend of shifting patient care from the hospital to home environment continues, information technology is a key enabler to make this happen, increasing peoples quality of life and easing the burden on overloaded primary care systems. 

Junicon has conducted a large number of studies in the healthcare IT space over the years for its clients. If you are interested in doing research in this area, contact us under  HIT@junicon.net

Reimbursement for Medical Devices

Junicon frequently encounters client requests that look for help in navigating the constantly changing reimbursement environment. Over the years, Junicon has developed a significant amount of expertise in this field, and has expert knowledge on how to approach a new device launch, how the approvals and reimbursement schemes differ by country and region, and how to most effective get your new product to market and reimbursed. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Junicon can help you deal with your reimbursement challenges, contact us at   reimbursement@junicon.net

Junicon Japan created a  83-page report on medical device reimbursement in Japan. Please contact mlopresti@junicon.net to receive your free copy.

Charity Activities in 2018

Junicon every year dedicates a share of its revenue to support projects that further health care and education in various parts of the world. This year, we  are  again  sponsoring  5 students to continue their studies at the Pamulaan Indigenous Peoples Education Centre in the Southern Philippines through our partner Hope International. 

We also participate in a project that provides clean water access to communities in Cambodia. If you are interested to learn more about these activities, you can visit the Pamulaan ( http://pamulaan.org/programs#.WpqYG2aB0b0) and Hope International ( http://www.hope-international.com/index.php) sites.

Junicon's Growing Global Team

Our growing business enables new roles for existing team members and opportunities to expand our team.
Alex Nagle           
Joins Junicon's US Office 

Alex holds a Master of Engineering degree in Data Analytics from the school of Operations Research at Cornell University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Michigan. He is Junicons Chief Data Scientist.

Since joining Junicon, Alex has focused primarily on global-scale quantitative research projects, including market segmentation analysis, pricing studies, and the application of advanced statistical methodologies. Additionally, he specializes in creating interactive end-user reports and developing best practices in communicating complex data, allowing clients a great deal of flexibility in developing actionable insights from the output of his research.
Based near Lake Erie in Northwest Pennsylvania, Alex enjoys maximizing his time outdoors in all seasons from racing classic wooden sailboats in the summer to volunteering with the National Ski Patrol in the winter, and simply enjoying fresh air with his wife and baby daughter in between.  
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