Spring 2018
Trinity Education Foundation
Changing the World
Sharing the Love

Meet current Trinity Education Foundation scholar, Nathan Samayo. He is now a Junior at Seattle Pacific University working towards his Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Education. Nathan works two jobs one at a local gym and the other on campus as Student Ministry Programmer. In his role as Ministry Programmer Nathan is focused on the multicultural ministry and charged with ensuring that the good work done at SPU is inclusive of all students and staff. This year Nathan took on a new leadership role hosting a Multicultural Night of Worship. This event celebrates and honors the different ways that various cultures around the world celebrate Christianity through food, music, and performances.
Three Generations Continue Supporting Students
The letters "LBI" and "TLC"... and now "TEF" mean a lot to the Brodahl Family.

Nearly sixty-seven years ago, a young Erdie Paulson left the Territory of Alaska by steamer ship to attend the Lutheran Bible Institute. Learn More
Into the Future
President's Message
As spring comes with its renewal and reawakening, the staff and Trustees of the foundation approach every day with hope.

This school year 22 past-TLC students were awarded scholarships to continue their studies at other institutions. Learn More
To Make a Difference
To help support students you can give on our website or by mail at Trinity Education Foundation, 215 W. Mukilteo BLVD., STE. 205, Everett, WA 98203