Applying theory and innovation to solve real world challenges and enable our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations.
After 30 years, Lynn Griesemer 
retires from the Institute
In January of 2018, Lynn Griesemer, Ed.D., M.P.A., retired from her distinguished career at UMass Donahue Institute. She joined the institute in 1987 and became its executive director in 1999. She also held the position of Associate Vice President for Economic Development in the University of Massachusetts President's Office.

Under her visionary leadership, the Institute experienced unprecedented growth in its service offerings, staff and reputation.  Dr. Griesemer will continue to work with the Institute as a senior adviser, contributing to selected special projects and initiatives.  Read her full bio.

Eric Heller is serving as interim executive director and Carol Anne McGowan is the Institute's associate director. Learn more on our Executive Team page.
Head Start STEM Exhibition

Approximately 125 Early Head Start and Head Start  educators from across New England recently gathered in Devens, Massachusetts for the 5th annual STEM Exhibition. The event was hosted by the New England Head Start Training and Technical Assistance Network Learn more.
Boston's "Creative Economy" being studied

Building on our established expertise in local economies, the Institute is teaming with the Center for Social Policy at UMass Boston to find out the feasibility of a new creative industries workforce development program for the City of Boston. 
10 Tips for Promoting Equality in the Workplace

We intrinsically know that diversity in the workplace promotes employee engagement which leads to overall improved organizational performance. But striving to have a diverse workforce in not enough. Truly having equality in the workplace is even harder to achieve. Our Organizational Development & Learning Solutions group provides help to employers to engage with this important topic. 
Projected employment growth in Healthcare and Social Assistance in MA in the coming decade will outpace all employment growth 3 to 1. Our report with UMass Dartmouth further describes how the supply of employees will struggle to meet the demand of an aging population. Read more.
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Population trends and estimates in the news

Our Population Estimates Program gets a steady stream of attention in the local press. Whether it relates to the overall growth of New England states, the  booming senior population or predicted changes in numbers of school-age children, our numbers can help tell the stories of change and stagnation.

Additionally,  preparation  for  the upcoming 2020 Census is well underway. Prior to the ubiquitous mailed Census surveys arriving in households across the country in 2020, our team is working now with town and city clerks from across the Commonwealth to track changes in local residential addresses since the last Census.  Read the News & Updates for the Populations Estimates program .
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Established in 1971, the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute is a public service, research, and economic development arm of the University of Massachusetts President's Office. Our mission is to apply theory and innovation to solve real world challenges and enable our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations. We serve clients in the public, non-profit, and private sectors in the Commonwealth and throughout the nation and the world. 
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