NEWSLETTER Spring 2018
Message From the Dean
Dear Faculty, Staff, and Friends:

I’m very pleased to share with you the Spring 2018 College of Arts & Sciences Newsletter. In this issue, you will find informative articles about faculty and students in the College.

The first article is about Professor Jim Davis
Entering the Royal Society of Chemistry Through Research on Ionic Liquids
Dr. James Davis, Professor of Chemistry, has recently been accepted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. This prestigious organization is headquartered in London and is preeminent in promoting research in chemical sciences. Davis’s acceptance into the Royal Society is testament to his international standing as an expert on ionic liquids—liquified salts which melt at low temperatures and which can function as solvents. Since 1998 Davis and 
Cinematic Vision
Dr. Richard Ward , Professor of Communication, now in his twenty-second year at USA, will be the Interim Chair of the department for the 2018-2019 academic year. He received a B.A. in Cinema Production at the University of Southern California in 1975 and an M.S. in Mass Communication from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1978. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1995.
New Student Government Association President
Political Science major Grace Newcombe was recently elected President of the Student Government Association. From Huntsville, Alabama, Newcombe chose to attend USA because of its campus-wide academic strengths. Since she was in middle school, Newcome has been interested in politics. She says her father influenced her passion for elections and governance. 
Sexual Violence and Women in Policing 
Dr. Corina Schulze is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Criminal Justice. She has been teaching at the University of South Alabama since August 2008. When she earned her Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of New Orleans, she was neither planning to pursue a Ph.D. nor did she think of a career as a professor. Rather, she had always wanted to work in federal law enforcement,
Research and Teaching
Dr. Cornelius Pillen , Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, grew up in the Black Forest of what was then West Germany. Studying abroad interested him as an undergraduate at the Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet in Freiburg, and for his junior year of college, Pillen matriculated at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, a small liberal arts college that had an exchange program with Freiburg. 
Education by Design
Ms. Rebecca Britton , Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance, is inher 30 th year in the College of Arts & Sciences. She specializes in Theatre Design and Technology, which includes costume design, costume technology (mask making, hat making, and pattern development), and stage makeup.

Her biggest accomplishment to date has been developing her department’s Costume Design and Technology program. When she
More News
In the Department of Chemistry , Dr. Larry Yet , Assistant Professor, published a book, Privileged Structures in Drug Discovery: Medicinal Chemistry and Synthesis (Wiley Press). In addition, Dr. Matthew Reichert , Associate Professor, will serve as President of USA’s Faculty Senate for 2018-2019.