Together We Can Feed More and Waste Less

This spring CFR reaches a new milestone; how every home cook can save food with meal planner; CFR network members can easily get info needed at tax time. Read on for more. 
CFR reaches new milestone: 5 million lbs. rescued

4.1 million meals rescued and redistributed
The CFR network has rescued and redistributed 5 million lbs. of food.
This spring, Community Food Rescue (CFR) rescued and distributed our five millionth pound of food, the equivalent of 4.1 million meals to people who are experiencing hunger. In addition, CFR food recipient organizations that have surplus food that they cannot use have also used our ChowMatch app to redistribute the food to other CFR network members.

Food recovery not only helps those who are food insecure, but also our planet. By not wasting food on the farm, we also are eliminating the waste of water and energy used to grow that food. The net greenhouse gas emissions benefit from CFR's food recovery thus far is 5,391 metric tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to 1,154 vehicles removed from the road for a year, or 13.2 million miles not driven by one passenger vehicle. 

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Turning my meal prep failures into food savings
Reusable containers save food at home.
By: Andrea Spacht, reprinted with permission by NRDC.

 Meal prepping was the only way I could get through night classes while working full time. By cooking one big recipe that covered several meals over the course of the week, I was able to save time, still eat healthy, and not break the bank.
But sometimes I wasted a lot of food and money, too. I filled my containers to the brim. Or I would have too much of an ingredient left over that I didn't know what to do with. Often, by Thursday I was so tired of what I had prepared that I wouldn't finish the rest of the meals.
Save The Food's latest tool,  Meal Prep Mate, helps users overcome these common food wasting barriers. And in the process, they not only eat healthy, and save time but save food, save money and help the environment in the process.

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 Tax reporting is a snap with CFR's ChowMatch tool


CFR network members, liike Marriott International Headquarters, can easily use ChowMatch reporting to aggregate and document food donations for their tax returns.
April 15th is right around the corner, and most Americans are busy calculating our taxes for 2018. Community Food Rescue (CFR) members - whether you are a food donor business, non-profit recipient organization, or volunteer food runner - may benefit from your food recovery participation. Our matching software, ChowMatch , makes calculating your tax benefits a snap.

Tax incentives sweeten the opportunity to donate surplus food and redistribute it to our neighbors who are food insecure. It's easy to get the information you need to help out at tax time.

To get aggregated data about food you've donated, received, or transported, log into your ChowMatch account. The report lists each food donation, date, number of lbs., number of meal equivalents and recipient organization. Reports can be filtered by year. Volunteer reports list each food run, locations, and number of miles driven roundtrip starting from your home address.

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