From Darlene's Desk
Dear Friends,

We are really excited about our 9th Annual SF Peacemaker Awards and hope you’re getting excited about it too. For those of you who haven’t heard, our big annual fundraiser and celebration of peacemaking is coming up on Friday, June 14th at the City Club of San Francisco. It’s not too early to buy your benefit tickets.

The event will begin with morning workshop led by the amazing Eric Butler . Eric is a renowned restorative justice practitioner and trainer. Eric’s pioneering approach to conflict work has been featured in the New York Times and in the award-winning documentary CIRCLES .

The morning workshop, Looking Beneath the Surface: How Cultural Differences can be the Fuel for Transformative Work , will guide us through a process for engaging in our commonalities and differences. The workshop is approved by the State Bar of California for 2 MCLE credits for the Elimination of Bias (provider #9323). So, for those of you who are looking for these MCLE, this is another good reason to join us! Eric will also be our keynote speaker.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sending you highlights about the event and will introduce our Peacemaker Award winners. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to get a ticket and would like some financial assistance OR if you’d like to volunteer at the event. This is going to be a great event and we’d like everyone who is interested to be able to join us.

In peace and solidarity,
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Volunteer of the Quarter: Jessica Cole
Jessica Cole wears many hats. She works as an attorney, mediator, and professional writing coach. She’s been associated with Community Boards since 2011, and also volunteers as one of our Community Mediators.

Currently Jessica is assisting Community Boards with law enforcement outreach to an important public partner: the SF Police Department. Jessica's ongoing outreach work includes training members of SFPD, as well as continued personal contact within the law enforcement community as a whole. She’s spoken at various monthly Captain’s Meetings, as well as officers’ daily roll calls.

We value Jessica’s volunteer work, sharing her time and expertise. As she says, “Community Boards is there for SFPD to refer calls for service that are civil in nature to Community Boards, with the goal of putting officers back into service.”

Our ongoing collaboration with SF School District & Teachers Union
We enjoyed tabling at the United Educators of San Francisco's Spring Conference and getting the word out about our school-based mediation and coaching services.  
We created this poster for SF Unified School District and United Educators of SF to inform and encourage teachers and employees. It's part of our 10+ years work with them to resolve school-site disputes.

SUMMER: Conflict Coaching 101 Training - June 29-30
Conflict Coaching 101 is an intensive, two-day introduction to the principles of conflict coaching. Participants will learn how to apply their current conflict resolution and mediation skills.

In addition, they will gain new insights to this unique approach and have opportunities to practice and apply them.

Conflict coaching may be used in both personal and workplace contexts. It will add a valuable conflict resolution skill set to each participant's repertoire.

Meet Sarah Moss, our new Community Outreach Coordinator
Sarah Moss is a 5th generation San Franciscan who loves her city. She has a BA in Communications and a certificate in Conflict Resolution from San Francisco State University, as well as an AA from City College of SF.

Sarah started at Community Boards as an intern doing case intake and has since moved forward to community outreach; organizing enriching events, and discussions with citizens and those in City Hall.

Sarah is also a volunteer Community Mediator for Community Boards, and has been a longtime supporter and volunteer for Larkin Street Youth Services, and is an advocate and member of the Bay Area Arts scene.

We're "changing" our name...
Over the years people have asked “What exactly does Community Boards do?” Our name doesn’t indicate that we provide multiple conflict resolution services. Well, we finally decided to be more proactive.
While retooling our LinkedIn account, we added “San Francisco Conflict Resolution Center.” This captures both our direct services and that we offer them citywide.
Moving forward, we’re going to begin integrating this element to our website, printed materials, and social media. Here’s our new LinkedIn cover image:

...and since we're talking about LinkedIn
Please connect with Community Boards on LinkedIn.
As you know, we provide a range of professional ADR services along with our neighborhood mediation. These fee services include homeowner/condo association conflicts, commercial and contract disputes, employment and workplace problems, contentious insurance settlements, and various real estate issues.
By connecting with Community Boards via LinkedIn, you'll help us expand our audiences. In turn, you’ll us assist in expanding our earned revenue, which is a critical component of our overall operations. Thanks in advance!

>>> Here's our LinkedIn page: LinkedIn.com/company/community-boards/

SUMMER: The Basics of Mediation training starts June 1
Community Boards’ nationally recognized The Basics of Mediation introduces core conflict resolution skills in a training designed for managers, human resource professionals, attorneys, ombuds, social workers, community organizers, and others interested in learning conflict resolution and mediation skills.

Basics has set the “gold standard” for Northern California’s mediation trainings: comprehensive, practical, topical, and affordable.

Basics is a 40-hour training held over two consecutive weekends, plus additional learning modules that will be assigned. It is also a prerequisite for those interested in joining the volunteer Community Mediator pool for our Neighborhood Mediation Program.

Two New Outreach Pieces: Virtual & Old School
We created this new, one-page graphic file for SF Police Department newsletters. It’s taken from our trilingual neighborhood brochure. Let us know if you’d like a copy to use, share, or post elsewhere.
For some "old school" outreach, we created a tear-sheet flyer for bulletin boards in cafes, nonprofits, shops & stores. Folks tear off CB's contact info from the bottom. How easy is that!?!

A SHOUT OUT to the SF Office of Small Business!
In 2016 the Office of Small Business launched its Legacy Business program. Community Boards, we're proud to say, was one of the first to be awarded Legacy Business Registry status.

The primary goal of the registry is to support longstanding, community-serving businesses and nonprofits that are valuable cultural assets to San Francisco.

The Office of Small Business does this in two critical ways. Through business assistance grants, they underwrite staff salaries. And with their rent stabilization grants, they provide funds to landlords that partially subsidize Legacy Business' rents.

Community Boards continues to benefit from both, but it is the rent grant that has allowed us to remain at our centrally-located offices in Opera Plaza.

For these reasons, we want to thank Richard Kurylo , Rhea Aguinaldo , and Regina Dick-Endrizzi . Their dedicated work has really helped Community Boards continue our 43-year mission of providing all San Franciscans with effective, accessible, and affordable conflict resolution.

Board of Directors, President's Update
Excitement has been building on our Board as we’ve been having discussions and working together to prepare for the upcoming 9th SF Peacemaker Awards on June 14th. I encourage everyone to join us and participate in celebrating our awardees and hear from our speakers.

We are continuing to recruit new Board members so if you’re at all interested, or want to find other ways to get more involved with Community Boards, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also stop by our booth at Board Match San Francisco on May 8th. Many of our Board members will be present and eager for dialogue.

Speaking of Board members, I’m very excited that Sierra DeSalvia has recently joined our Board and is bringing her passion for empowering individuals to alleviate conflict to our Board. I am fortunate to have a team of passionate Board members who are working together to support a more inclusive and peaceful San Francisco.