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                       Thank You, Kenneth A Scott Charitable Trust!

F or the sixth consecutive year, Pets In Need has received renewal funding from the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust. This year's grant of $19,000 brings the total support received from the Trust to $160,000.  The grant will be used to provide veterinary care, including spay/neuter surgery assistance, for dogs. 
In 2009, the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust provided the initial funding for the part-time Pets In Need program at the UCAN Nonprofit Spay Neuter Clinic. In 2012 when the program became a stand-alone nonprofit, the Trust again supported the mission.  We're beyond grateful for the Trust's continued generosity and support of our mission. 

Melvin & Morkey: A PIN Success Story

Meet little Morkey and his faithful human, Melvin. After several failed placements, Morkey  found with Melvin the love, attention, and forever home he wanted and deserved.
Now 8-years old, Morkey has been enrolled  at Pets In Need since September 2015. Melvin has diligently brought him in every year for an exam and vaccines. His check-ups had always been normal until last summer when our vet noticed that Morkey had advancing dental disease.  

Morkey was recommended for referral to one of our partnering private practices for a dental cleaning but in advance of that, pre-anesthesia bloodwork revealed a potential issue with his liver.  An ultrasound at another partnering practice revealed a condition which was disrupting the detoxification process in Morkey's body.  He was put on a special diet to support his liver function and later was able to have the dental procedure.   We're looking forward to seeing a healthy Morkie at his annual appointment this summer!

Visit our booth at the  7th Annual Oakley Pup Crawl !
Oakley Square Esplanade | Sunday, April 28th| 11 am - ?
Benefiting Cincinnati Chapter of the National Canine Cancer Foundation

 Dr. Jack's Healthy Pet Gazette     
April is National Heartworm Awareness Month. In his latest blog, Pets In Need veterinarian and  board member Dr. Jack Walkenhorst discusses the importance of heartworm prevention for both dogs and cats:  Why Heartworm Prevention is Crucial


Client Wisdom
Every day at Pets in Need, we meet people and pets who touch our hearts. Just this week, a wonderful new client brought us cat beds she had crocheted. She said she was so grateful to have found Pets In Need after spending more than she could afford to get care for her kitty at a private for profit practice.  To pay the bill, she sold a cherished silver family heirloom.  But, "it was worth it", she said. "You can't hug silver -and it doesn't love you back"  

                              Contribute to PIN at $0 Cost!   
In 2019, our clinic received $3,000 from these rewards programs. 
That's huge for us! Please take a minute and register to participate. THANK YOU!

(1Register your Kroger Plus Card and select Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati QU580 as your charity.  

(2) Swipe your card. Every time you shop, Pets In Need will receive a percentage of your purchase.

(3) Yes - you'll still earn fuel points!  

(1)  Link your Remke Rewards Card  to Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati as  your charity.
(2)  Swipe your card. Every time you shop, Remke
will donate up to 2% of your purchase to our clinic.
(3)Yes - you'll still earn fuel points!

(1) Visit smile.amazon.com and designate Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati as the beneficiary of your Amazon purchases.
(2) Make all of your purchases via smile.amazon.com.    *Same products, prices and service.
(3) Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to our clinic.