Riverview Elementary Spark Award
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March 2019
A note from the Director...                  
The Wausau School Foundation is having an active year. Thanks to continued donor support, the foundation has continued to flourish this year.  Tara Wojnowiak, the Administrative Assistant at the foundation, has worked hard to continue to run a variety of programs and grants. Meanwhile, the Wausau School Foundation Board, led by board president Andy Napgezek, has started to implement a new visionary strategic plan.  The plan seeks to expand funding for the district for teachers and students and to assist in projects beginning with the Wausau School Forest Renovation.   
As I start my new position at the foundation, you can help! We are looking at identifying gaps in funding, or innovative projects to support WSD teachers and students.  We would like to hear from you!  Please share your ideas with our board members, or contact me at the foundation office - 715-261-0510 or 
                       Paula Webb Clark
Paula Webb Clark has been named the Executive Director of the Wausau School Foundation.  Mrs. Clark, who started Feb 25, graduated from Wausau East in 1979, and has 35 years of experience in school and arts administration in Wausau.  Most recently, she was the Executive Director of the Wausau Conservatory of Music.  Paula is looking forward to expanding the foundation mission of "excellence and innovation" through additional support to meet current gaps in funding. In her free time she enjoys performing flute/piccolo in many local groups, and kayaking.  Paula pictured with sons Matthew '10 and Ben '07 (right) Wausau East Graduates.
This winter parents and staff were encouraged to nominate Wausau School District staff who have added a 'Spark' to their school during the First Semester.  
After review of many nominations, a committee voted,
our winners were picked and each received a check for $50.
Thank you for Sparking Innovation!  
Here are your 2019 Spark award winners:
Pictured at the top of the page:   Riverview Elementary Kindergarten teacher  Christine Kleczewski  with WSF board members Theresa Miles, Lisa Maahs, Amy Reif and Denise Snoeyenbos. not pictured  Shelly Urmanski, Cindy Richardt, Dana Dallman, Tracy Cortright, Mary Ann Buttner and Kathy Lee.  This Kindergarten team of teachers and paras implemented literacy rotations to help better meet the needs of all learners. Students do 3 - 30 minute rotations. One with their teacher, one with a paraprofessional doing a read-aloud and one rotation with three paraprofessional facilitation activities that support previous learning.
Wausau East High School History teacher, Hope Cameron  had her students utilize the school's high tech Discovery Education Studio to create boards via Chromebooks to explain the roles of the City Council and School Board in Wausau.  Students were divided into two groups, each group had to collaborate on the use of the digital boards to teach the other about the responsibility and function of the School Board and The City Council.
Hope is pictured with students 
and WSF members.
Jordan Sisson,  7th grade math teacher at Horace Mann Middle School uses a World Math lesson using the Scholastic magazines that she received through DonorsChoose.  Students are engaged in discussion about real-world math. 
pictured with Jordan, WSF board members Denise Snoeyenboes, Amy Reif and Theresa Miles.

Kris Edwards, 4th grade teacher at Maine Elementary started an after school club called Cardboard Club.   The club provides time for students to  interact with their peers while  exploring different board games that require higher levels of problem solving and strategizing.
Kris is pictured with WSF board members Melissa Matteson (left) and Amy Reif.
Tammy Monk from Jefferson Elementary  is always high energy, excited, enthusiastic and has a positive outlook towards everything!  Tammy works with special needs students at the kindergarten level providing support to all students and teachers.  She contributes to the management of the classroom, self-help skills and re-teaching academic lessons at an individual level to all students needing support. Tammy pic with WSF board members.

Kia Thao, Hawthorn Hills 3rd grade teacher
engages her students in Number Talks during math class using technology and peer collaboration.  Students scores have increased and they have learned to persevere through difficult academic problems.  pictured L-R: Theresa Miles (WSF), Kia Thao, Amy Reif and Denise Snoeyenboes (WSF).
not pictured:
Kary Riggs, Jefferson Elementary 4th grade teacher  nominated for engaging children in work tailored to their individual levels integrating technology to bring the material alive for the students.  There has been a dramatic increase in the number of students testing proficient or advanced.
Lyn Weis, 6th grade math teacher at John Muir Middle School  started the year following the "Get Ready, Do, Done" classroom management strategy.  Students enter class and start their work without reminders, transitioning seamlessly between activities allowing optimal learning throughout the entire math block.  "She is an inspiration".
Caught in the Act Award
Wausau School District STAFF RECOGNITION ...
If you know a staff member who goes "above and beyond" for children, school and community - WSF offers an opportunity to recognize and honor his/her impact on making the world a better place - the  CAUGHT IN THE ACT AWARD.

Nomination deadline: Friday, April 19, 2019



a True Story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland



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