Beyond Soccer partners & friends, Caroline Foscato ( South End Soccer ) & JT Dorsey ( JT Doresy Foundation ) speaking to Symposium attendees about teaching social and emotional skills through sports. JT, also a former pro player, will be part of this August's Lawrence Sports Leadership Academy !
Why Good Coaches Matter? I don’t care if my son can make baskets (goals) or win games,” the dad said. “I want the coach to help my son become a good person. Just do that...” - Read more at Aspen Institute which found that onl y "36% of youth coaches are trained in effective motivational techniques (Sports & Fitness Industry Association - 2017). Those numbers are even lower among coaches in basketball (31%) & soccer (28%). At Beyond Soccer we are trying to do a better job equipping our coaches with the tools to " Do Just That" and have been using Aspen Institute as a great resource to get there.
See resources from the Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program that helps youth sports coaches develop personal growth in their players. Its Calls for Coaches checklist (right) is now part of Beyond Soccer's coaching packets and curriculum.
Fast paced, small-sided play, like Futsal, is perfect for inner cities, like Lawrence. Can't you see a U.S. Soccer Foundation mini-pitch, like the one above, in a neighborhood near you?
The Mia Hamm Foundation has supported our mission since 2015 and that partnership has completely changed the trajectory of our Girls in Sports programs. Mia Hamm was a true champion, on the field. Her determination and work ethic were unmatched. We wish our Beyond Soccer girls got to see her play, however, her efforts off the field, continue to inspire us, daily, and ensure girls get just as many opportunities as boys.
We had a great day sharing at Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association's Breaking Barriers workshop in Burlington. The room was filled with folks with incredible passion for soccer, reaching kids of all ages, backgrounds & income levels. We had the honor of presenting. Our share included stories and setbacks relating to our “P”illars of growth . The resounding takeaway is that we cannot do this alone, and thanks to emcee, Maren, of Edgework Consulting , we were challenged to think more outside the box related to the barriers (i.e. fields, funding) that slow down our important work. Thank you to all the participants who shared candidly, and inspired us with their #passion for their programs & kids.