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Spring  2019 Newsletter
Presidents Address

Deb Kilty, RI Chapter President 

Another year has come and gone, and we prepare to say hello to springtime in Rhode Island!
I want to thank all those members that braved the weather on the morning of Sunday, March 10, 2019 and joined us for the annual AMTA RI Chapter General Member meeting!
These year's meeting was held at a new venue the Holiday Inn in South Kingstown. It was lovely to try something new! The food was awesome, and the room was just right (as Goldilocks would have said)! Unlike most hotel meeting rooms which are at the interior of their buildings, there were large windows looking out to the patio area so once the weather cleared, we could enjoy some wonderful natural light!
The annual chapter elections were held and I would like to congratulate Kim Cook on becoming the new chapter financial administrator and Kenji Omori as the new board member! We welcomed our new membership committee co-chairs, Michelle Souza and Stephanie Welsh and the chapter Sports Massage Team chair, Larry Gallagher announced the formation of the new Community Service Massage Team-Outreach Division! Alda Cordiero, RI chapters' long time Education Chair, took a sabbatical last year for personal reasons, but we are excited to welcome Alda back as chapter education chair! (see articles later on in this newsletter from all of our committees).
Prior to elections, our former financial administrator Kenji Omori delivered the chapter budget report. Our chapter was very proud to announce that in the 2018/2019 fiscal year we were able to repay the loan given to us by National to help offset the cost of the RI Massage Therapy Conventions and still put our chapter in the black financially!
Kim Cook graciously volunteered to be interim education chair, while Alda Cordiero took a sabbatical from volunteering. Kim not only stepped into this role so that a fellow volunteer, colleague and friend could attend to what she needed, but did an amazing job! Kim went above and beyond in finding a new venue for the chapter to utilize in having workshops and meetings, set up a CPR class and two very successful CE workshops last fall, working with presenters, legal department at national and the venue representative to be sure that all details were taken care of and these workshops went off without a hitch. Much because of Kim's dedication and hard work for the chapter we are in the black at the end of this fiscal year. In recognition of all that Kim has done I was honored to award her with the 2018 Chapter President's Award.
Part of the income to the chapter and what helped to improve the financial picture is derived from member contributions! I'd like to thank all those members that c ontributed over and above their AMTA member dues to help their chapter! Member donations in fiscal year 2018/2019 totaled $1162.00! These donations help to sponsor this annual meeting for our members each year, because after all, free lunch and free CE credits are not actually free! The chapter budget is used to help offer this meeting as well as the educational workshops and membership activities throughout the year! Let's meet or beat this amount in fiscal 2019/2020! Please consider donating a small amount to your local chapter. Please use this link to access the "contribute to a chapter" section on the AMTA national website: https://www.amtamassage.org/chapters/contribute.html
At the end of the chapter meeting portion all those members in attendance took part in the free continuing education workshop provided to us by The World Skin Project! Thank you to Annie Powell for educating our members on how to recognize skin cancers and how to talk to our clients about what we see.
This past Sunday, April 7, 2019 marked the annual AMTA RI chapter Advance. This meeting is devoted to allowing the board and chairpersons set goals that they would like to see the chapter president work toward in the coming year, as well as setting goals for their own committees. Team building is always a large part of this day also.
Some of the goals submitted to me were: "Providing high quality education to our members"; the education committee and I met the week prior to this meeting and set in motion an 18-month calendar of events. Alda Cordiero and Dale DeCelles will be working together to contact presenters and set dates for workshops into the 2020 calendar year. Please keep an eye on your emails for notices of upcoming workshops!
"Continue chapter representation at important events that impact our chapter: State and National"; The chapter will have representatives at the International Massage Therapy Research Conference in May, our Government Relations Chair, Cassie Rawcliffe, will be taking part in Lobby Day at the RI State House also in May, in June several volunteers from the board will be representing the AMTA at the Partnership to Reduce Cancer in Rhode Island Annual Summit; as well as representing our chapter at the annual June planning and training meeting at National headquarters in Evanston, Ill.
"Community Service Massage Team-Outreach Division - a better understanding. Let's build the community support program"; This will be an ongoing project within our chapter. At present you can see our CSMT chair's article below for the current events that this team will be participating in this year; please contact our chair with your ideas for this new committee!
You can be sure that the volunteers on the board and the chairs of the committees of the AMTA RI chapter are dedicated and work extremely hard for all our members! If you have any questions or ideas for any of our committees or would like to volunteer some of your time please visit our website to contact any one of us!
"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless." - Sherry Anderson
All of the volunteers of the AMTA RI chapter are priceless!
See photos from both of these meetings further on in this newsletter and on our website.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

All AMTA-RI Chapter Board Meetings are
open to the public.

The following is a list of dates and times of upcoming board meetings:
April 30, 2019 7:30-9:30
June 12, 2019 7:30-9:30
July 23, 2019 7:30-9:30

Times and dates are subject to change.
Please contact our Secretary
Kimberly Medeiros  
at (860) 617-1546 or via email
at AMTA.RIsecretary@gmail.com
prior to any meeting for
confirmation on date, time and location.

Check in the next newsletter or on our website for future meeting dates.


Notice :  
The RI Chapter of the AMTA is seeking one or two volunteers for the Newsletter Editor & Website Chair positions. These volunteers should be detailed oriented, organized and have good computer skills. The chapter newsletter is published three times per year, the editor needs to communicate clearly with board members, volunteers, members and advertisers. The chapter newsletter is done completely online, there is no printing or mailing necessary. 

The website chair will be responsible for keeping the chapter website updated with events, photos and general information. 
If you have interest in volunteering some of your time for your chapter please contact:
Deb Kilty, chapter president at
AMTA.RIpresident@gmail.com regarding the newsletter editor position 
AMTA.RIfinancialad@gmail.com regarding the website chair position

"Volunteers are love in motion!" - Author Unknown

"I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands.  You need to be able to throw something back." - Maya Angelou

"Whatever community organization, whether it's a women's organization, or fighting for racial justice ... you will get satisfaction out of doing something to give back to the community that you never get in any other way." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Stephanie Welsh                Michelle Souza                Jennifer Wilkicki
  "New Year - a new chapter, new verse, or, just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours" ~ Alex Morrit. 

This quote is quite fitting for our RI Chapter, for all of our members the choice is ours. Let us start a new year and a new verse for our RI Chapter. 
For those of you who were unable to attend the last General Election Meeting let's have a little update first. Stephanie Welsh and I, Michelle Souza, are your new Membership Committee Co- Chairs. 
I also reach out to our new members welcoming them to our chapter. 
Jennifer Wilkicki is Membership Committee and Volunteer Coordinator. 
We work closely together to help visit schools, plan events and other networking opportunities. If you have any ideas or something you wish we did as a chapter, please feel free to contact one of us directly. 
We love new ideas and are here to help our field and our community grow stronger. 
There will be some great upcoming events. 
Be sure to watch your emails with all the details provided.  
Looking forward to the year ahead with this amazing RI Chapter. 

Michelle Souza                              Stephanie  Welsh
401-418-1735                                401-287-5545
michellelmt1177@gmail.com        smriccio@hotmail.com  Mem bership Co-Chair                  Membership Co-Chair

Jennifer Wilkicki
Volunteer Coordinator

Alda Cordeiro, Education Committee Chair

Many thanks go to Kim Cook for taking on the role of Interim Education Chair for the past year!   She did an amazing job and her efforts are truly appreciated!
Our first workshop for 2019 is being held on Sunday, May 19th at the Village at Waterman Lake, Greenville RI.  Jeanne Coleman from Thai Transformations returns to present Thai Foot Spa from 9am-4pm.  Please register soon as we are sure that this workshop will fill up quickly!
Bill Simas from ABC Medical Certification returns to present his very successful and informative CPR and First Aid Certification/Recertification class on Tuesday, June 4th, 6pm-10pm, also at the Village at Waterman Lake, Greenville RI.  Over 60 participants attended our last class held in 2018, so we are sure that this class will also fill up quickly!
We are also finalizing a possible one day workshop in August for Reiki I certification as well as a two-day workshop later in the Fall.
If you have any recommendations for possible future topics, feel free to send an email to Alda at justbreathemassage2@yahoo.com
Alda Cordeiro
Dale DeCelles
AMTA-RI Chapter Education Committee

Government Relations
Cassie Rawcliffe, Government Relations Chair
Here is the latest from the G/R coalition group regarding our Massage Therapy Licensing Act:
23-20.8 was handed off to our lobbyist, Bill Fischer from True North Communications, in January, where he then submitted our amended draft to the state's legal department. After a long wait, it has been released and introduced through the Senate as bill S 0576 on Tuesday 3/19/19. It has not been introduced by the House as of yet, but will follow shortly. We received a copy of the legislature from the state legal department, and there were some omissions/deletions from our amendments. Some of the omissions were very minor (spelling, consistency in wording etc...) but the entire section 11 was deleted. We went through the document page by page alongside our original amended version and noted the inconsistencies. The Licensing act was then resubmitted to Bill and to the legal department, inclusive of explanations for amendments. National AMTA has been contacted to submit a letter of support for this bill, as well as a letter from our RI chapter and ABMP, all to be completed before week's end. We are currently getting ready for written and verbal testimony when the hearings come up on the docket. These hearings could take place as close as next week, to a month from now; the point is to be ready. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to watch this process or partake in another way; it is open to the public. This is just the first of many hurdles!
If you haven't done so already, consider registering in bill tracker and insert the bill you want to watch (S0576). They will notify you via email when the bill comes up on the docket. Healthcare and education hearings usually occur on Wednesday afternoons/evenings; something to keep in mind. Once the bill number for the House becomes available, we will notify our members accordingly. 
As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns that arise.
Be Well,
Cassie Rawcliffe, LMT/CMLDT
Government Relations Chair /Delegate AMTA RI Chapter
Greetings from the AMTA-RI Chapter Library!

Rent free educational DVDs, books, videos from the AMTA RI Chapter library! 

You will find a list of titles on the RI Chapter website  ri.amtamassage.org or simply call for information:    

Claudia Botthof, LMT
Unique Fitness & Massage Therapy
Phone: 615-2355
Text : 749-0176

As the largest non-profit association for massage therapists, students and schools, AMTA is celebrating our rich history while looking to the future for exciting advancements.

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joanne lozy Awards 
Joanne Lozy, Awards Committee Chair

2019 Significant Anniversaries
Joanne Lozy, Awards Chair
Congratulations to all who are celebrating significant anniversaries with the American Massage Therapy Association this year. We want you to know that you are appreciated. As a valued member we welcome you and hope you will attend and take advantage of the great programs we offer all massage therapist through the AMTA - Rhode Island Chapter. We are here to serve you and promote our profession. If we can help you in any way please feel free to contact any of the helpful volunteer members Our information is listed on the AMTA - RI Chapter website.   http://ri.amtamassage.org . Come join us! Aside from having fun we are here to serve AMTA members while advancing the art, science and practice of the massage therapy profession.


Linda Jaros

Eileen Nowak  &  Randi Sherman

Margaret Blackmore          Paula Cardillo
Laurie Connors                Diane Myers
Nicole Toth

             Jacqueline Binette Davis             Rita Casinelli                           Michaela Foulkes                        Deana Hodell                           Meredith MacDonald                   Dorothy Radnor                      Anthony Salemme                       Jessica Siesinger                John Stacy                                Joshua Sylvia
Susan Vartian

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Total RI Members: 557!!

Cassie Rawcliffe
Roy Kenji Omori
Board Member

Jennifer Wilkicki
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Claudia Botthof

Alda Cordeiro
Education Chairperson

Larry Gallagher

Angela Perry-Place
Twitter Administrator/Social Media Chair

Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros
Membership Committee: Senior members contact

Deb Kilty
Interim Newsletter Editor

Kimberley Cook
Financial Administrator
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Michelle Souza
Membership Co-Chair
Stephanie Welsh
Membership Co-Chair

Pat Bachus

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Government Relations
Cassie Rawcliffe, Government Relations Chair
We have had a very busy year in Government Relations to say the least, and there are many exciting times ahead. Grants were awarded, coalitions were formed, legislature was amended, and bills were proposed and reintroduced into this year's legislative session. Let's review:
As GR chair, it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening or directly impacting our profession on a state level. As many of you know, last year, the Attorney General's office had written and proposed bills 7499 & 2537, which enabled therapies such as massage, acupuncture, PT, OT, and chiropractic care to be used as effective pain management alternatives to pharmacological treatments; coverage of such treatments would be made possible by mandating reimbursement from insurance. Hearings for the bills were conducted in both the House and the Senate; in the end both requested for additional research.
Our team has been present and supportive through this legislative process by advocating/providing testimony at the state hearings, enacting the ENGAGE system through National for the electronic petition calling for support of the bill from our membership, participation on lobby day last April, composing  letter writing campaigns to representatives and senators, being present at the health insurance commissioner meetings, and directly contacting the AG's office stating support for these bills from National AMTA. Our GR team, National GR, and members from our chapter were also present at the opioid symposium in October. We were able to provide information to the public about our most recent research study conducted by AMTA. (On a side note, the study provided invaluable information about the integration of massage therapy for pain management, it's effectiveness, and opioid use reduction when alternative treatment is used. The research also demonstrated an overall cost savings for insurance by integrating our work, instead of utilizing pharmacological treatments alone. If you have an opportunity to read this research in full, it is available on the national AMTA website and was presented at last August's national convention in Washington DC. We also have a copy on the back table if you would like to look it over today.)
More recently, these bills, renamed 5120 & 68, were reintroduced for this year's legislative session. A hearing was scheduled for the House in late January, resulting in being pulled by the sponsor prior to being heard; notification of its return to the docket could be at any time. The Senate hearing took place this past Thursday. Again, requests for additional research was determined at the conclusion of the hearing. We plan to continue our support and bring awareness of the positive impact and effectiveness that massage therapy has on pain management.
Representatives from GR were also present at all quarterly public meetings throughout 2018 with the massage board at the department of health. Last May, discussions about amending our current practice act & statute were presented again. These talks have been happening for many years and the urgency to follow through with these legislative changes became more apparent than ever. After consulting with both our president and the National GR team, we were encouraged to amend the legislation by applying for a $20,000.00 LLEAD grant, which was approved in late July. The grant enabled us to hire our current lobbyist, Bill Fischer from True North Communications, with whom we have worked with in the past. A call for the formation of a coalition team was made to our members, ABMP, and other LMT's throughout the state. We had a great response; the coalition was born and our work began. The coalition team met every other week from October through December, working diligently on the massage therapy practice act, all while maintaining the following goals:
1. Protection of the public through the establishment of high standards for entry into the profession
2. Protection of the public through the regulation of practice and recourse to effective disciplinary action
3. Fair and consistent regulation applying to the whole state
4. The right of massage therapists to define their practice, through proposed legislation and through regulation under an authoritative or advisory board of massage therapy
5. The right of massage therapists to practice within the scope of massage therapy practice and free from any requirement (state or local) to obtain any other occupational license
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the coalition for their hard work and dedication to this project. Thank you to Deb Kilty, Suzanne Wilcox, Chris Adamo, Angela Perry-Place, Joanne Lozy, John Balletto, Dale DeCelles, Laura Embelton, and Dana ONeil. It was inspiring to see the collaborative effort made as a team to make positive changes to such an important piece of legislature.
The work for this first phase is now complete, and we await our existing legislature to be called up on the docket for the House and Senate. Our practice act has been sponsored by both Representative Bennett and Senator Miller and has been sent to the legal department through the state for review. When notified, we will provide testimony, advocating for our proposed amendments to be passed into law. As things develop and progress forward, we will keep our membership informed and as always, please feel free to notify me should questions arise. Thank you!
Community Service Massage Team-Outreach Division
Larry Gallagher, CSMT Chair
For those of you who were unable to attend the general election meeting I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Larry Gallagher and I was honored to be recommended to assume the duties of Sports Massage Team Chair last summer.

Since being appointed the chapter has decided that the Sports Massage Team would fall under the umbrella of the Community Service Massage Team-Outreach Division. The basic mission of the CSMT is to serve the community, while expanding awareness of massage and it's benefits.
        In addition to the standard menu of volunteer opportunities, which are listed below, we are open to any new events or causes, that would fit within the mission statement. 
Should anyone have suggestions of volunteer opportunities for the new Community Service Massage Team-Outreach Division please email me at lgallagher22@verizon.net.  I would recommend having a couple of other therapists on board already, to provide a good foundation for any new event that the team considers adding to our list of yearly events.
        Here is the list of events that we will be participating in this year:

Rhode Island Special Olympics June 1, 2019; University of RI
Save the Bay Swim July 27, 2019; Newport Navy Base
Operation Stand Down  September 13 & 14, 2019; Diamond Hill State Park, Cumberland

On behalf of the AMTA RI Chapter I would like to thank those who have already volunteered. Your talent and generosity is greatly appreciated. If you'd like to learn more or contact me for any reason, you may email me     at lgallagher22@verizon.net . Include the word "volunteer" in the subject line and I will respond as soon as possible.
CSMT chair-Larry Gallagher


2019 Chapter Leaders taking the Oath of Office
Kim Cook receiving the 2018 Chapter President's Award

Cassie Rawcliffe, GR Chair being recognized for outstanding volunteerism in 2018
Stephanie Welsh & Michelle Souza, new co-chairs for the Membership Committee
Larry Gallagher, CSMT Chair
Joanne Lozy, Awards Chair
Cassie Rawcliffe, GR Chair

Membership Committee

Joanne Lozy, Advance Coordinator
Pat Bachus, Deb Kilty, Joanne Lozy & Michaele Colizza; Current chapter president & 3 past presidents
Mystery box locks!
Presentation to Past Chapter President Pat Bachus
Qui Gong guided by Kenji Omori, chapter board member.
How to
  Obtain A New Massage Therapy RI License Through Examiniation or Endorsement

Obtaining a license for massage therapy in the state of RI doesn't have to be a difficult process. There are many components to the application, but the Department of Health has made the clear checklist for new applicants. Whether you have recently graduated from an accredited school and passed the National MBLEx exam, or completed a comparable exam in a prior year but are looking to move your practice to Rhode Island, here are the simple steps to navigate yourself through the process:
  • Go to http://www.health.ri.gov/
  • Click on LICENSING
  • Under "What We License", click on Massage Therapists
  • Click on APPLICATION
  • Print and fill out a hard copy of the application and follow checklist on first page of the application
  • If you have just completed and passed the MBLEx, check "Massage Therapist by EXAMINATION"
  • If you have passed the MBLEx exam or comparable exam, and are looking to practicing massage in the state of RI and are coming from another state, check "Massage Therapist by ENDORSEMENT"

Amendments to the Rules and Regulations governing the statute for Massage Therapists

March 17, 2019 a letter was sent out to all Rhode Island licensed massage therapists. (see copy below).  
On social media I have noticed that there has been some confusion regarding this letter.  

In the AMTA Rhode Island Chapter Fall 2018 newsletter an article was written by John Balletto, Chair of the Rhode Island State Massage Therapists Board regarding updates to the Department of Health Rules and Regulations This is a link to the complete article:

Introduction of article is as follows:
"By executive order in 2016, the Department of Health (DOH) was mandated to update the rules and regulations supporting all statutes for licensed health care practices".
The following is the Section of article pertaining to what generated the March, 17, 2019 notice from the RI DOH
"4. Section 10.8 outlines the process for complying with the continuing education requirement for license renewal in conformance with RI General Law 23-20.8-3(d)(1). The Rules and Regulations require 6 hours of continuing education per year. Please review the Rules and Regulations to determine eligibility for courses that may be submitted to meet this requirement. Also, please note that individual practitioners are required to keep their own record of courses completed. You will not need to  submit them at the time of license renewal but will only need to submit proof of attendance in the event of an audit of your license or if/when a complaint is filed or disciplinary action is warranted."
Please use the link above to read the complete article if you missed it the first time. 
Simply stated, the requirement of 6 CE credits to renew your RI state massage therapy license originally added to the massage therapist licensing act in 2012 needed to be updated and added to the Rules and Regulations by the State Massage Therapy Board. The board was formed in 2016 and therefore, these updates were begun then. The Rules and Regulation updates were accepted and signed by the Governor, as stated in the letter, on August 5, 2018.

As always, your RI chapter offers 3 free CE credits each year at the Annual General Member Meeting to help with the requirements of this statute. If you missed this years' meeting I hope that you will be able to attend next year! 
Notices of CE workshops will be sent out periodically via email to all members, keep watch or check out the chapter website calendar for educational opportunities. 
The next workshop will be Sunday, May 19, 2019 click here for more information: http://ri.wp.amtamassage.org/
Don't hesitate to contact your chapter board members with any questions or concerns you may have. http://ri.wp.amtamassage.org/board-of-directors/


Deb Kilty,
AMTA RI Chapter President


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Office to share in busy fitness & wellness center in Cranston (Sockanosset) $250/mo. Environment is relatively noisy due to the gym but ideal for sports/deep tissue massage therapists, wellness/life coaches and nutritionists. My Google business, the gym and the PT create a lot of foot traffic and bring in many clients, more than I can handle! I charge $80/$50 so it is very easy to make rent. Awesome, positive and supportive environment that is clean, has community desk space, waiting room and restroom facilities including a shower. I am very flexible with creating a schedule. Contact Michelle at 401 578-7667 or  mgauvinlmt@gmail.com
 Check out Power of Touch Sports Massage on Google or my website www.poweroftouchri.com

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