Spring E-Newsletter
Volume 14 Number 8
June 19-20
Registration Now Open
The Summer Institute is a two-day event designed to provide participants with practical, research-based information centered on revealing the potential of under-resourced (and ALL!) learners.

Do not miss three keynote addresses by internationally-recognized educators William Parrett and Kathleen Budge , John Hodge , and Todd Nesloney .  Select from multiple specialized breakout sessions that will provide classroom strategies and best practices around this year’s theme:
Teaching Children of Poverty:
Accepting the Challenge; Leveraging the Opportunity.
William Parrett and
Kathleen Budge
John Hodge
Todd Nesloney
Pre-Conference Poverty Simulation is planned for Tuesday, June 18. This half-day event is designed to promote greater awareness, increase understanding, and inspire local change. Attendees role-play four 15-minute 'weeks' in poverty and experience the stressors faced by many under-resourced families. Registration is limited to 88 participants.  Attendees must register separately for this pre-conference activity.
Learn how to reach every student, every day. Seating is limited .

Summer Institute and Simulation Ticket Choices:
Preconference Poverty Simulation (June 18) - $10.00
Partner District Summer Institute (June 19 & 20) - $20.00
Non Partner District Summer Institute (June 19 & 20) - $30.00
University Student Summer Institute (June 19 & 20) - $10.00
Book Sale: Disrupting Poverty: Five Powerful Classroom Practices - $15.00
June 12-21
Registration Now Open
Summer 2019
Graduate Course
EDPD 525
June 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
Attendance is Required on All Dates, Including:
Poverty Simulation - June 18
Summer Institute - June 19 & 20

This course is designed to provide graduate students with an initial study of issues related to life in poverty and the impact they have on teaching and learning. It includes an introductory study of six standards for teachers of children of poverty, including:  life in poverty; the classroom community; family and community partnerships; curriculum design, instructional strategies and assessment; relationship-driven classroom management; and teachers as learners, leaders and advocates to improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment in schools serving large numbers of children of poverty.

Important notes about credit:  This course...  
·   WILL typically be acceptable for SC recertification credit
·   WILL NOT typically count for degree programs at most institutions
·   WILL NOT meet requirements for Add-On Certification for Teachers of Children of Poverty

NOTE: It is the always the responsibility of the student to determine how
this course will meet individual needs for recertification or degree requirements.

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Spring 2019
Student Teachers of the Semester
Allison Floyd and Kristen Darmafall
Ms. Floyd is an Elementary Education major with additional certification in Middle Level math. Ms. Floyd completed the student teaching semester in Clarendon 3 School District. Cooperating Teacher Krystina Timmons stated "She (Allison) realizes that the students are often missing background knowledge and experiences that other students may bring to the table. She realizes that students of poverty have certain skill sets that other more financially advanced students may not." Dr. Lisa Midcalf-Carpenter, Francis Marion University supervising professor added, "I believe that Allison represents what this award is all about, and it has been a joy seeing her grow over this semester of student teaching." Ms. Floyd will begin teaching 6th grade in the fall at East Clarendon Middle High School.
Ms. Darmafall is an Early Childhood Education major. She completed the student teaching experience in Florence School District One. Ms. Darmafall showed strong evidence of ability to apply current research focused on supporting the needs of under-resourced students. She skillfully made data-based decisions to design and implement instruction, and to authentically assess her students. Dr. Rebecca Crawford, Francis Marion University supervising professor stated, " Ms. Darmafall knows her students and what their family life and background is like - she uses this information to design her activities and lessons. She brings joy to her teaching and whatever school and classroom she ends up in will be blown away by her skills!" Ms. Darmafall has accepted a 1st grade position at Timrod Elementary.
T eaching C hildren O f P overty S CHOLARS
Spring 2019
Teaching Children of Poverty Scholars

Nine scholars graduated on May 4, 2019 with TCOP Scholars recognition stoles and those who successfully completed required content modules were awarded a medallion in recognition of their study.
All education majors are invited to join this organization. Interested in beginning an organization on your college or university campus or in joining our organization by distance? Contact the Center for guidance and support.
The Center has established Teaching Children of Poverty Scholars as a professional organization for Francis Marion University education majors who wish to learn more deeply about the science of learning and ways that limited resources can matter for the students they will teach. Each month, the group convenes to explore new topics and to network with others.

Seeks Partner Schools to Help Engage ALL Parents in their Children’s Education
Your Center around the State and Nation
The Center regularly partners with schools, districts, and organizations to facilitate professional study events focused on serving the needs of children of poverty, and ALL learners.
This month's featured events are...

Southeastern School Behavior Health Conference
Myrtle Beach, SC

National Network
of Partnership Schools
End-of--the-Year Celebration
Florence, SC

Saluda County Schools Sustained Study Project
Saluda, SC

Sugar Creek
Elementary School
Fort Mill, SC

Data Study Breakfast
School of Education
Francis Marion University
Florence, SC

Lexington Richland 5
Sustained Study Project
Chapin, SC

Dr. Dylan Wiliam
Featured Researcher

Center of Excellence Research Consortium (COERC)
Columbia, SC

Parents as Teachers Regional Conference
Florence, SC
A Peek at the Practice
#16 Cultivate Healthy Emotional Brains
Teach Soft Skills and Hidden Rules of School
5 Keys to Social and Emotional Learning Success
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