Spring 2019 Newsletter
Patient Success Story: Meet Nolan!
"Our amazing son Nolan was born August 2016 and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Nolan has been working with the therapists at Medical Support Services for about the last six months to help him overcome some of the obstacles he faces with day to day activities. His therapists are fantastic at adjusting their therapy methods to a style that suits him. Whether they block off their gym area to make it feel more like an enclosed space or incorporate balls into most activities he does, they find creative ways to keep him engaged. We have noticed such great improvement in his ability to use utensils when eating, climb stairs with assistance, more safely and efficiently eat table foods, as well as regularly use sign language to communicate with us his needs and wants. Nolan now knows over 20 signs, and that number is continuously increasing! Every time he completes a task successfully, he smiles ear to ear and enthusiastically claps his hands. His therapists admire his charisma and are always there clapping right along with him cheering him on. We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication Nolan puts into not only his therapy, but everything he does at home as well. We truly enjoy the time we get to spend with his therapists and are happy they have become part of Nolan’s team to lead him to great success." - Ashley, Nolan's Mom
"Nolan is happy and motivated in therapy. His biting and chewing have improved which has allowed Nolan the opportunity to expand his diet and eat more of a variety of foods. Nolan has a greater independence using utensils to feed himself, and is now able to express his needs and wants through vocalizations combined with signs. " -Kathy, SLP

"Nolan is an active, sweet, little boy who always likes to make physical therapy sessions interesting and fun. He has improved his core strength by sitting on a swing by himself which he struggled with when beginning therapy. He has shown improvements in his balance and leg strength by requiring less help and has decreased falls when standing up from the floor as well as negotiating stairs. He is a fast mover so always likes to give his therapist a good workout as well!" - Alyssa, PT

"Nolan has made many gains since starting therapy.  Initially, he struggled with maintaining an upright posture while seated in a typical chair, scooping with a spoon, and stabbing food with a fork.   He now demonstrates significantly improved postural control and can complete a task using both of his hands while seated in a typical chair.  He can also independently eat with a spoon and is able to consistently stab food with a fork.  Nolan has also demonstrated improved eye hand coordination and overall fine motor skills.  His happy demeanor and smile brings so much joy to MSS!" - Kylie, OT
Employee of the Quarter: Jess D.!
Congratulations to our Marketing and PR Assistant, Jess (pictured on left), for being chosen as the Employee of the Quarter! Jess has put forth awesome effort to bring our clinic up to speed in the advertising/marketing world in her first year working with us. Jess is our first marketing employee and has embraced the position fully. Always willing to help with a smile on her face, Jess is a great asset to our team and represents our clinic well.
Important Summertime Scheduling Update
This summer, unlike in summers past, your appointment schedule will remain the same from the school year unless you specifically request otherwise. If you anticipate that you will be changing your appointment times in the summer, please communicate this to the front desk and/or your therapist. Thank you!
Upcoming Community Events
Saturday, April 6th 8:30am-12:00pm: Kenosha County Transition Resource Fair at Reuther Central High School

Friday, April 12th 4:00pm-6:30pm: Racine County Special Needs Resource Fair at Waterford Union High School
Tri My Best 2019
We are so excited to take part in the 5th Annual Tri My Best Triathlon Kenosha! This year, it will be taking place on Sunday, August 4th.
Registration deadline dates:
June 14 - early bird- $15 (YMCA member), $20 (Non member)
June 28 - regular deadline - $25, $30
July 11 - Late registration - $45, $50 
Training camp dates:
Friday - June 28th - 4:30-6pm
Thursday - July 11th - 5:30-7pm
Thursday - July 18th - BIKE DAY/ TRAINING CAMP AT MSS - 12-3pm
Friday - July 26th - 10:30-12
Volunteer Registration for the Tri My Best Triathlon-Kenosha 2019 is now open!! Please check out our volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. If you have any questions, please email trimybestkenosha@gmail.com.

Click here to sign up as a volunteer today!
Shannon- March 27th
Amy- April 13th
Linda- May 2nd
Nicole- May 4th
Emily- May 23rd
Ashley- May 26th
Kaitlyn- May 29th

Mareeka- March 2016
Ami- April 2016
Sarah M., OT
Perfect Attendance Rock Stars!
Congratulations to our November, December, and January Perfect Attendance Rock Stars!
November: James L.
December: Naomi
January: James N.
Sick Day Guidelines
If your child is not feeling well and you are unsure of whether you should bring them to therapy, please refer to our Sick Day Guidelines .
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