Week Two is Upon Us ... Bring an Umbrella!
Get ready for another soggy day on the fields. As of now we plan to play our games as scheduled this Saturday. We'll have the tents up again. We will assess field conditions and weather forecast early Saturday morning. If anything changes we will send a communication to the league captains who will then let their teams know.
Regardless of games we plan to meet at Grid Iron Ale House & Grille for another league social . Join us after your games for lunch and drinks. If games are cancelled we'll plan to meet at Grid Iron at noon.

Here is Saturday's lineup:
Safety on the Field
We had several injuries this past weekend, mostly broken fingers. While this will happen from time to time it should be the exception. We want everyone to have a fun and injury free season.

In our league we should avoid unnecessary contact as much as possible. Contact should only occur on the line as pass rushers are chasing the QB, and within 5 yards of the scrimmage line as defenders are trying to slow down receivers. Palms should be open (no fists) and you should not fully extend or cross your arms.

Shirts need to be tucked into your shorts, and flag belts must be secured over your shirt. No jewelry can be worn during games. You must tape any exposed piercings you cannot remove for the game, to avoid hurting someone else, or getting them torn out.

We'll be sharing more information and tutorials regarding permissible contact, and what contact you should avoid which will result in a penalty. Today I'd like to share a few videos from the Philly league. Please review and let your captain or board members know if you have questions.

Defensive Rushing
Offensive Blocking
What Not to Do
Smile for the Camera!
Pictures from last weekend are posted to our league Flickr page. We'll update the site each week with photos from games and league events. You are welcome to download and use photos for your personal use including your own social media accounts.

If you have your own game photos please upload them to Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag #pvdgffl so all can see.
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
We have volunteer events coming up at Drag Bingo in Cranston. Sign up to help on May 2nd, or May 16th. RSVP on our website, click the  Volunteerism  link at the top of the page.

Anyone who volunteers with the league will receive a purple t-shirt, the same as our friends from Boston who helped at orientation day, to wear to the event.
Online Schedule, Team Rosters, Season Standings and Scores
Our website has been updated with game schedules, team rosters, and season standings. Standings and final scores will be updated each week. Visit www.pvdgffl.org , click Player Info to get all the updates.
Important Dates
Stay Connected:
May 4 // Family & Friends Day
May 5  // PVDGFFL Sunday Funday
May 18  // Playoffs & Rhody Bowl Championship
May 19  // Awards & Season Closing Party
PVDGFFL League Swag
We still have t-shirts and hoodies available for sale. Place your order on our website. You can select to have your items delivered to the field or mailed to you. We'll have hats for sale in the next few weeks!
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