Dear Sisters,

We understand that you all paid or are continuing to pay your outstanding dues as a part of being in this organization. Once an assessment of your chapter’s 2019-2020 expenditures is complete, we will be working with chapter bursars to address how chapter funds will be used to benefit the chapter immediately and in the future (including seniors). 
An audit and assessment of your chapter’s accounts and outstanding financial obligations may result in opportunities to provide pro-rated credits, refunds or directed capital investments. It may take several weeks before the full financial impact is clear, please be patient during this time. 

Thank you for your understanding,
Michelle Ardern
Executive Director
Sandy Grossman
Programs & Services Consultant
Samantha DiGeorge
Senior Chapter Services Manager
Lauren Tannenbaum
Senior Chapter Services Manager
Ivona Gedlek
Chapter Services Manager
Rachel Hoffman
Chapter Services Manager
Christina Robitaille
Chapter Services Manager
Caitlin Joseph
Chapter Services Manager - Recruitment
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