At Clarehouse, our staff and volunteers are trained and committed to focus on the many measures that promote a comfortable and peaceful death. We work proactively with our medical hospice partners to ensure the symptoms of our guests are controlled to alleviate any physical suffering. We are available to allow the family and friends of our guests to be just and friends. In addition to medications, we use non-medicinal measures to provide comfort which include soothing light, comfortable temperatures, limited stimulation, soft music and repositioning with pillows and help to conserve energy by providing a space with anything the guest or family would immediately need. We are fortunate to have the gift of volunteers whose sole purpose is to provide a calm, loving presence at the bedside during final hours.

When we think of comfort we usually think of the physical aspect. But comfort also includes a psychological and social aspect. Our staff and volunteers provide a presence that is soothing to guests and their family members. The gift of peace of mind comes from knowing that the care that they receive goes above and beyond any industry standard and is given freely by our volunteers and staff.
- Jackie Anderson, Care Manager