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Staff putting together care packages for KYC members and their families.
News from the Staff

Dear Friends of the Kingswood Youth Center,

We sincerely hope that you and our many friends and supporters are remaining healthy and balanced in these uncertain times.  Clearly nothing is ordinary right now; despite current challenges, we are pleased that we have some good news to report from the Kingswood Youth Center.  

Prior to statewide school closures, attendance in the KYC's programs was steadily rising.  After-school and BTAS! (Beyond The After-School!) programs were buzzing with new and familiar faces alike! We were blessed to offer a number of special winter and early spring opportunities, such as ice skating at Pop Whalen, a live animal show from Wildlife Encounters, and a brush with local fame when singer/songwriter Emma Jedow visited the Center to share her music and message!  

As we adapt to a temporary new way of life, we are doing everything we can to safely and appropriately serve the KYC's members and their families.  We are so proud of our teens for their courage and flexibility as they adapt to remote learning, social distancing, and challenging life circumstances both related and unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are proudly here as a network of support for our teens and their families as they adapt and overcome.   

With health, safety, and a commitment to the KYC's mission our top priorities, we have developed and delivered upon a number of new opportunities for our local youth.  
  • Each week, we provide care packages containing groceries, restaurant-prepared meals, household essentials, toiletries, and treats to our teens' families.  Packages weighing about 50 lbs are picked up by families under our covered porch.  Up to 30 or more KYC participants have picked up on a given afternoon.
  • We are making ourselves available for 'call-in hours,' during which we encourage our members to call to check in with us.  We are also in contact with our teens through text messaging, email, and video conferencing.  
  • We are releasing regular video messages to the community.  
  • Each week we host a contest in which members text or email us entries and have a chance to win a prize (sent in the mail)!
  • We are offering regular virtual group activities such as trivia night and 'at home scavenger hunt!'

As we serve our teens through present challenges, we are looking ahead and anticipating a bright future for the KYC.  We acknowledge that emotional and financial challenges will persist for families well beyond the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.  These challenges will inevitably increase the need for the KYC's free out-of-school programs, which provide new opportunities, teach life skills, and always include a hot meal.  We look forward to working with our many friends and community partners to meet these demands and make a difference.  


Next month marks a milestone for the KYC: 20 years of serving local youth!  The KYC first opened its doors in May 2000 as a proactive initiative of the Rotary Club of Wolfeboro, in response to our community's lack of positive ways for teens to spend out-of-school time.  The Rotary's proactive solution has grown and flourished for 20 years during which time, we purchased land and erected a brand new facility, acquired a bus, implemented an integrated outdoor fitness area and a thrift store, and expanded our menu of programs to include BTAS! (Beyond The After-School!) programs, summer programs, and 'Club 121' individual mentoring services at Kingswood Regional Middle School.  While the current state of things is not what we expected for this long anticipated anniversary, our history of growth and adaptation and our community's high regard for local youth prove that together we can weather any challenge and come through in service to our community's future leaders.  Thank you for being a part of our history and for your role in our future.  

In health,
The KYC Staff
There are many ways a donation can help the KYC continue meeting the growing needs of our community's youth population. Our mission depends on your support. The KYC is a 501(c) 3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.
Donations may be sent to PO Box 697, Wolfeboro Falls, NH, 03896.
Or online here
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Vice President 
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At Large 
Barbara Lobdell
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Mara Michno  
Care Packages!  

Families are encouraged to pick up free care packages from the Center's covered porch each Thursday between 3:00 and 6:00 PM.  Care packages weight about 50 lbs. and consist of fresh produce, meat, frozen meals, pantry staples, toiletries, household necessities, take-home activities, restaurant prepared meals, and more! 
Week One Care Packages! 
Week Two Care Packages!
Week Three Care Packages! Dinner from Wolfe Trap was provided for each family!
Week Four Care Packages! Wolfe Trap provided dinner for each family!
Week Five Care Packages! El Centenario provided dinner for each family!
 Weekly Videos!
Each week we are releasing video messages to our community! These videos provide a greeting and encouragement to KYC members, their families, and our many community friends.  Check out our Facebook page to view the videos (sorry for the tease, but the below are just screen shots!).    
First Update from Zachary 
Mara updating the community on our 'care packages program!'
Zachary with the winning joke from our April Fool's contest and an update on weekly contests!
Weekly Contests!
A Joke for you from one of our teens!
Q. Why do we tell performers in a play to 'break a leg' before a show?
A. Because every play has a cast!

This pun was submitted by a student in one of our weekly challenges!  For April Fool's Day, we challenged everyone to share a joke.  A drawing earned one lucky jokester a prize!  

Weekly contests are simple and fun, but most importantly, they keep us connected with our youth members!  This connection allows us to provide support and encouragement and to share resources.  

Call in Hours!

Each Monday between 3:00 and 6:00 PM, we encourage our teens to call the KYC's cell phone to check in with a staff member.  This is another way we are staying connected, encouraging our students, promoting the other opportunities we are offering, and making sure students have the resources they need.  
Virtual Meetings!
A Trivia Question:
Q. What planet is closest to the sun?
A. Mercury
This is one of the many questions that was posed in our virtual trivia night conducted through video conferencing!  

A penny, an egg, something round...these are a few items virtual program participants were challenged to find in our 'at home scavenger hunt!' 
Before school closures...  

Here's a few highlights from the programs we offered before schools closed.  We eagerly, but patiently await the day when we will begin offering these opportunities again!  

Twenty-one KYC members went ice-skating at Pop Whalen Ice Arena! We had a blast!
Seventeen year old singer/songwriter Emma Jedow from New Boston, NH. visited the KYC! She talked about her experience of being bullied and how she rose above it. We were so lucky to have a star in our midst!
Look at that snake! Wildlife Encounters is such a fun program to bring to the KYC!
Thank You!
We want to say a special thank you to The Wolfetrap Grill and Raw Bar, El Centenario, Granite United Way, and the New Hampshire Food Bank for their contributions to our weekly care packages!  

We also want to thank our many local individual donors including a number of our program volunteers for their contributions to weekly care packages!

We want to thank everyone for their role in helping our community safely get through the COVID-19 pandemic.  While these contributions are far too numerous to name, we can say that this crisis is reminding us how proud we are to be a part of this community.  Thank you!

The KYC fridge full to the brim with meals from Wolfetrap. We handed these dinners out with our weekly care packages.
This isn't even half of the meals El Centenario donated for KYC Care Packages!
Asking for your continued support... 
As we enter our third decade of serving our community's youth, we ask for your continued help and support.  We realize that this is a hard time to think about making monetary contributions to charitable causes.  However, there are many incentives to give right now including increased need in our community and the new 'above-the-line' deduction available through the CARES Act.  We forecast an increase in the demand for our vital services following the COVID-19 pandemic.  Roughly seventy-eighty percent of our participants qualify for free or reduced school meals, indicating that they reside at or near the federal poverty line.    We offer free access to out-of-school programs, which teach life skills and promote physical fitness and positive peer engagement.  All programs include a free hot meal.  Students have access to free clothing from our thrift shop, affectionately  named, "the KYC Kloset," and the KYC works hard to connect students with important resources  and opportunities .  We are seeking support to fund the continuation of these vital services.  If you are interested in contributing to the KYC's care packages, please contact  To make a monetary donation, please send checks to PO Box 697, Wolfeboro Falls, NH, 03896 or to donate through our website click here!  Thank you! 

The KYC is a 501(c) non-profit organization. Therefore, your donation is tax deductible.
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