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Montana Gold Case
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Spray Paint
Montana GOLD spray paint is famous for its superior quality. High-covering and quick-drying NC-Acrylic lacquer. Highly reliable, it provides artists with the perfect tool for creative work. The specially developed Low-pressure system guarantees maximum accuracy to meet the highest requirements while giving professional results! 

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Acrylic Paints
The Amsterdam Standard Series gives you the broadest range of brilliant, pure colors – all skillfully made based on a 100% acrylic emulsion and high grade pigments. Enjoy great lightfastness and a choice of opacities. Need something special? Discover the possibilities of our 17 Specialty Colors – metallic, pearl and reflex colors – that complement the balanced palette of this medium viscosity paint. Comes in a wonderful small 20ml size!

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Acrylic Pads
Versatile Montval Acrylic Paper is a quality, affordable paper that is ideal for use with acrylic or watercolor. This French-made paper features a textured surface and gelatin sizing. When acrylic colors are used as a thick paste on Montval Acrylic Paper, artists can achieve characteristics similar to oil painting. Acrylics diluted to a wash may be used on Montval to achieve the same lightness characteristics as watercolors. The 185 lb. paper is acid-free and cold-pressed.
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These twin-tipped markers are so versatile to use - not only can you create beautiful lettering styles for both calligraphy projects and journaling, but also intricate images and other motifs that finishes off projects nicely. 

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* * * Check Out These Books for Spring * * *
Some of our Favorites!
In Pursuit of Inspiration
by Rae Dunn
Rae Dunn shares her favorite techniques for approaching a blank page and creating art. Discover how to draw with your non-dominant hand and sketch with objects found in nature. Colorfully illustrated with watercolors, sketches, original patterns, dreamy photography, and hand-lettered insights.

Collage and Mixed Media Techniques
by Victor Escandell
A step-by-step exploratory, activity guide based around the infinite possibilities and techniques of collage and mixed media. Through ten different works produced using a wide variety of procedures, the book shows the process of creation in an easily understandable way and offers a list of necessary tools, tips, ideas, and solutions for materials, supports, and finishes. 

Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer
By Julie Prichard
Acrylic Solutions provides the "hows" behind a multitude of effects you've admired in other artists' works--and then some! 
 This book illustrates a wealth of layering methods and techniques. Mix and match to achieve countless variations, building layer upon layer to create unique and wonderfully complex abstract art.
Five local artists:
Zoe Cohen, Jenny Gray, Ann Bumb Hamilton, Rebecca Mannheimer, and Beth Robinson - answered the challenge of taking a grid of nine 8”x 8” panels. The goal in these unprecedented times was to create a work of art that can both stand as one whole piece and nine individual pieces at the same time. 
Every winter this group of artists exhibits work created as a response to a specific prompt. The artists meet the summer prior to the show to select a set of parameters, in essence they give themselves a design challenge. Part of the idea of working with strict limitations is paradoxical. Setting limitations actually allows the artists great creativity in problem solving and they grow as artists by challenging themselves in this way. It also brings a sense of continuity as the works naturally relate to each other through the designated challenge while creating community. 
Oregon Art Supply January / April 2021

"What Feels Like Great Distances”
Watercolor/ mixed media on paper
"Relational Closeness"
Watercolor/ mixed media on paper
"When I paint, my goal is to stay in the moment reacting to the materials and the colors in front of me. I might start with a general idea of where I'm going with a painting, but the minute the first marks or shapes are on the paper, it becomes about reacting to what's there. If the paintings feel right to me on an intuitive level, then maybe they will communicate to others as well."
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