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Hello, fellow homecare professionals!

Homecare providers and caregivers continue to be at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19. They have proven to be critical in the effort to keep seniors and others safe at home. Your work deserves heaps of praise because, without this service, many would not have access to safe care in their homes.The pandemic has spotlighted the critical role that in-home care plays in the health of our communities.

Around the world, home and community-based services have proven to be an essential aspect of aging in place and as a vital economic driver in terms of the millions of jobs the industry supports. It's critical, moving forward, that we consider how to best help those who need the service and those on the front line providing the care.

To that end, the technology platforms used by homecare providers will continue to play a significant role in the success of both service delivery and, on the caregiver side, their employment. Secure communication and documentation from the onset of service or date of hire are two crucial areas we focus on when working with care providers.

Homecare providers who use Generations will be ready for the influx of service requests and job opportunities for millions of people in the years to come. We're excited to see what the future holds for the industry; the best is undoubtedly yet to come.

Lisa and Lance Ferden Co-Founders of Generations Homecare System

What Our Clients are Saying
We love to hear from our clients! Over the past few months, our Community Engagement Manager Hilary Elmore has had the joy of interviewing care team leaders about their experiences using Generations Homecare System. In this new Five Questions series, we cover everything from goals for 2021 and navigating care delivery through the pandemic to experiences with Generations support and training.

You can catch all of the Five Questions interview recordings and transcripts on our blog.
“I am impressed how Generations makes the office side of things much more seamless.”

-Tim Higgins of Neeny Holdings, Inc.

"Generations has been invaluable during this pandemic."

-Mary Marchese of Absolute Homecare and Medical Staffing

Electronic Visit Verification Updates
Across the United States, states are finalizing Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements for Medicaid billing. Generations is committed to giving providers the power to deliver quality care while meeting their state's EVV requirements established by the 21st Century Cures Act.
Maine and New York are the latest to give Generations the green light to interface with their state aggregator.

We are regularly adding to the list of state-approved EVV interfaces. Contact us today for details on the Generations interface to your state's chosen EVV aggregator.
Electronic Visit Verification Webinars
You're invited to a series of state-specific webinars hosted by the Homecare Solutions Advisors team. We'll cover the power of using Generations in conjunction with your state's designated EVV aggregator(s).

Ohio providers, the next webinar is for you! Join us on Thursday, May 13th, at 1 pm EST. We'll share the details of the Generations Homecare System interface with Sandata.

Not in Ohio? Keep an eye on your inbox for additional state-specific webinars!
Which state required EVV interface would you like to see demonstrated?
Generations + AuthentiCare
Generations + HHAeXchange
Generations + Sandata
Generations + Tellus
Something else
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COVID-19 Vaccination Status Tracking
In January of this year, the ability to track the vaccination status of caregivers and clients was added to Generations. Read about the new vaccination status tracking feature in this press release. As the vaccination efforts increase, it is critical homecare providers have an process to track the vaccination status of their teams and their recipients of care.
Learn more about the vaccination status tracking tool and the advantages it gives providers, caregivers, and care recipients in our latest blog posts:

Improve Care Outcomes and Protect Data
Generations Homecare System is committed to developing the leading technology solution that results in individuals receiving excellent care and, equally important, fulfilling employment experiences. Care teams that use Generations have the power to deliver quality care, boost referrals, and protect personal data. Download the overview booklet for a closer look at the functionality built into Generations Homecare System.
As always, we're standing by to answer your questions.
Did you know? The Generations app is consistently rated 1.5 stars higher than apps from other leading homecare software companies. We're so proud!
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