Spring 2021
The Innovation Collaborative is a national transdisciplinary forum to foster creativity, innovation, and equity in teaching and learning.
Research Thought Leader
In our previous newsletters, we brought you interviews with each of our Thought Leaders. This new series will consider how you might apply some of their most important ideas in your STEAM work. To do so, we’ll use examples of the Collaborative’s successful application of these ideas in K-12 classroom implementation and teacher professional development. This second article examines STEAM and interdisciplinary learning.
Innovation Collaborative News
In this article written for Collaborative member organization, the Arts Education Partnership, authors Lucinda Presley and Tricia Shelton detail how the Collaborative and the National Science Teaching Foundation can support STEAM-based learning for remote learners in these challenging times and into the future. Read more...
Launched in spring, 2020, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, this professional development program trains teachers in STEAM effective classroom practices using the Collaborative’s K-12 research outcomes. Read more...
Notes From the Field
I have a confession to make: I love organic chemistry. It's true. My original education was in the arts. Music and a BFA in painting and drawing. Then I was ruthlessly seduced by chemistry, physics, and math. That combination fueled a deeply rewarding career in business and media. A career that never would have happened had I not studied music, art, AND science. By David Pyle, Collaborative Advisory Council member More...
Is there a divide between science and imagination? Common conceptions of science as non-imaginative persist, but research suggests the critical role of imagination, both in the practice of STEM and in shaping learners' perceptions of themselves. Leaders at the Museum of Science, Boston, are exploring the intersections of imagination, STEM, and education practice in ways that are actionable for museum professionals. By Juliana Texley More...
  • Using Drama to Understand the Nature of Science
  • Ya Gotta Have Art!
  • REALM Project
  • Evaluating Computer Workshops at the Science Museum
  • Larry Ferlazzo Offers "Ten Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies for the Science Classroom" In Education Week
  • Building an Anti-Racist Science Classroom More...
Photo Credit: NSTA.org
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Amanda Upton, Secretary | Kathi Levin, Treasurer

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