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2022 Spring at Woodlawn

Spring at Woodlawn
Spring at Woodlawn is filled with Tree blooms and Bird Songs. In May thousands of blooms are on display throughout the Arboretum, our extensive collection of Spring Flowering Trees has been part of Woodlawn since our beginning in 1876. Large mature species of Redbud, Dogwood, Crab Apple and Cherry Trees, mixed with recently added varieties, in 160 acres, provides a backdrop of spectacular beauty.  In the canopy are also the blooms of large deciduous trees, and scattered throughout your path the bright colors of flowering shrubs.

Our Arboretum provides the habitat that welcome our areas massive spring bird migration, filling your visit with song. This year Woodlawn is one of the sites for the Biggest Week in American Birding, also part of Lake Erie Birding Trail, annual Audubon Christmas count and the weekly birds of Woodlawn program every Friday at 9:00am. For the best in bird songs, plan on a morning or evening visit, and just listen to the orchestra.

A walk along the stream watching for splashes of bright colors moving quickly along the branches you just might see one of the many warblers that come for a visit.

Plan your May visit or attend one of our programs to see the sights and sounds of Woodlawn in Spring.

Lakes Project Presentation
Thursday, June 16th at 6:00pm
During Nature of Woodlawn Event
Lakes Project designs will be presented during Nature at Woodlawn Evening on June 16th, by our Engineering Firm. Six areas throughout the stream have been established, each addressing features needed to meet our goals for water quality, sustainability and aesthetics.

This project will restore Bowen Ditch within Woodlawn Cemetery, returning the waterbody to a stream with surrounding wetland areas and allowing it to functions a stream with a well-connected floodplain.

An integral part of Woodlawn’s Stream restoration is providing access, educational outreach and interpretive signage to established wetland, birding habitats and general stream engagements.  
Nature at Woodlawn Evening
Thursday, June 16th
6:00 – 7:30pm
An evening filled with the Nature at Woodlawn, from stream restoration to all the monitoring happening at Woodlawn.  The engineering phase of the stream is near completion, see the fascinating features designed to clean the stream, wetland area for community engagement, and meet the experts.

Learn about the frogs, bats and birds that are all being monitored, how Woodlawn’s urban habitat is an important link to broader studies in the area.

Come mingle, see presentations from the experts, hands on demonstration, and a refreshment or two.

Wednesday Walkers Season 11
Woodlawn Wednesday Walkers program launched season eleven on Wednesday, May 4th and runs until October 26th. A two mile walk around the interior perimeter of the cemetery is held each Wednesdays starting at 9 am. This popular program which is now in its eleventh season, will soon reach 7,000 miles logged from 210 participants throughout the past ten years, begins again.

The intrepid “Woodlawn Walkers” will once again log hundreds of miles on our beautiful grounds, enjoying wildlife, flora and plenty of Toledo history along the way. A “Tree of the Week” is highlighted engaging walkers with facts and folklore about the arboretums collection they pass by along the way.

Whether you’re interested in a stroll or a power walk join us each Wednesday on a two mile path around Woodlawn. Drop in for a week or come all five months. Get healthy and rejuvenated as you walk among the beautiful arboretum and the historical architectural  features.
Spring Tree and Tombstone Tour begins History Tour Season
on May 15th
Come join docent Larry Michaels on Sunday, May 15th, from 1:00 to 2:30 for the spring Tree and Tombstone Walking Tour. The theme Toledo’s Industrial Pioneers, stories behind visionaries. The spring colors of Woodlawn’s Certified Arboretum will provide seasonal display and highlights along the tour.
By the turn of the century, Woodlawn had become the cemetery of choice for Toledo's civic, professional, and industrial leaders. The elaborate monuments and private family mausoleums erected by these leaders are truly stunning and, as the original designers planned, augment the natural beauty of the space. A historical backdrop for our guide, Larry Michaels to tell the story about Toledo’s Industrial Pioneers, the historical significance as well as their continued legacy to our community. Larry has been bringing stories about Toledo for many years through tours and books. His dedication and enthusiasm to our local history will make this spring tour very engaging, as well as informative. Along the tour guides will highlight the spectacular spring colors on display in the certified arboretum representing more than 135 varieties.

For complete listing of History Tours planned this year
see link below.
North Section Tree Planting

Five spring flowering tree were planted this April in the North Section of the Cemetery. This planting is the first in a series of Tree installations planned toward completing the Arboretum vision of restoration.
Your Spring Flowering Tree Donation can be part of the restoration, greeting present and future visitors to the beauty found at Woodlawn. For details just click on the button below.

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