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Spring News   April 2022   Vol.14 No. 1
We could not have done it without our amazing staff and all our supporters who believe in the power of our products.
In this Issue
  • Stress Relief
  • Earth Day April 22nd
  • Herb Day May 7th
  • Sacred Waters Retreat
  • Staff Picks
  • David Winston's Students: Where are they Now? Eileen Cuce, HHC AADP
  • Media Update
  • Sales, Deals, Rewards and More!
  • Herbal Jeopardy Contest
  • 2022 Herbal Salon Schedule
  • Herbalist Training Program Information
Stress Relief
Modern life is inherently stressful, but the last few years have taken that to a whole new level. It’s no surprise that Adaptogens, with their demonstrated ability to help our bodies cope with stress, are in such high demand.

Adaptogenic herbs help to
  • create a state of non-specific resistance to a diversity of stressors,
  • are non-toxic in normal doses, and
  • gently enhance and elevate normal endocrine, reproductive system, nervous system, and cardiovascular and immune function.

Recent research has demonstrated that these herbs also work on a cellular level, preventing stress-induced shutdown of our mitochondria, which power the cells. This illuminates why adaptogens can be so helpful for conditions caused by HPA axis depletion and cortisol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction.

David Winston has developed several products that are geared towards addressing stress relief. "Because adaptogens are a special area of interest of mine, Herbalist & Alchemist offers a range of Adaptogenic formulas to address different aspects of the condition."

Earth Day April 22
Each year, in honor of Earth Day, we donate a portion of our sales to organizations working on behalf of our environment. 

This year for Earth Day we chose:
  • Musconetcong Watershed Association Dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of the Musconetcong River and its Watershed, including its natural and cultural resources. They're in our back yard!
  • NJ Conservation Foundation The mission of New Jersey Conservation Foundation is to preserve land and natural resources throughout New Jersey for the benefit of all.
One of our sustainability initiatives here at H&A is to reduce our use of plastics. Some helpful ways you can do that at home can be found in the following article:

Wondering how to recycle our bottles or shipping supplies?

Click here for more on Herbalist & Alchemist's Recycling...
Herb Day May 7th
An annual, grassroots event celebrated on the first Saturday in May, Herb Day is an international celebration of herbs and herbal products, with independent but related events scattered across the planet.
We donate a percentage of our sales from the weekend of Herb Day to United Plant Savers, a wonderful organization that works to protect herbs for future generations and others carrying on our herbal future.
Virtual Herb Day 2021 included many educational and entertaining presentations. Our own David Winston took us on a tour in his herb garden. The Herbday website was nice enough to leave the materials up so we can revisit them.
Sacred Waters Retreat
We are proud to sponsor the Sacred Waters Retreat, which is designed to hold safe and nurturing spaces for women of color on their healing journeys. They work to empower participants to share and explore the ancient healing traditions of their foremothers as they seek to control their health, and ultimately their lives, through holistic resources. The Retreat will be held in Tennessee on May 27th - 29th 2022.

Staff Picks
We thought it would be fun to share some of the staff favorites:

Melina Zagra, Assistant to CEO : Carminative Calmpound™! As someone who is prone to all kinds of digestive upset (what luck!), Carminative Compound™ is my go-to for making it through the day with less irritation and discomfort”

Nicole Smith, Customer Service Manager: “ Muscle/Joint Compound™ – as a long time sufferer of Fibromyalgia, I have found that this is the only thing that actually helps the discomfort that I live with every day. It also helps with what my mother calls her “old-lady” stiff joints.
Andrographis with VX Immune Support™ are our other favorites – Helps keep the school bugs away and keeps our immune systems in check. 
David Winston’s Students: Where Are They Now?
Eileen Cuce, HHC AADP is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and Bodyworker. Her practice, Five Elements Holistic Health, is in Coopersburg, PA.

Media update
David Winston RH(AHG) was interviewed for an article on Women’s Health in Natural Practitioner magazine:

Sales, Deals & More
My H&A Wellness Rewards
(Wholesale Accounts Not Eligible)
Check your Active Promotions to see if you earned a discount!
Herbal Jeopardy Contest - Spring Edition   

Answer correctly & you will be entered into a drawing to win an H&A "Coupon" worth $50.00 towards future purchases of our quality products.  
Our Winter Contest Winner was Brianne A. from California, but Congrats to all who answered Gymnema, botanical name "Gymnema sylvestre".
David Winston's Herbal Salon 2022 Schedule*   

Wholesale customers: Want to deepen your herbal knowledge but don't have much time? Spend an hour a month in our Herbal Salon. 
An exclusive educational opportunity for H&A wholesale customers, David Winston takes on a topic and provides in-depth information on the effects of various herbs, including those in his targeted formulas. You have the opportunity to ask questions as he teaches. 
  • Open to Herbalist & Alchemist wholesale accounts
  • Online once a month on Wednesdays at Noon - Eastern time
  • Practitioners or health food store employees who wish to receive an invitation, contact

Here's our 2022 schedule:
  • May 4 – Tick Borne
  • June TBD – Travel Woes (digestion, immune, stress & sleep)
  • July 6 –  Chronic Bowel Disorders
  • August 3 – Dental/Periodontal
  • September 7 – ADHD
  • October 5 – Insulin Resistance/ Metabolic Syndrome
  • November 2 – Anxiety
  • December 7 – TBD
*Dates and Topics are subject to change 
David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies   
David's current class is still fully online but all are deeply engaged in the vast wealth of herbal knowledge they are obtaining. The Herbalist Training Program meets every Tuesday evening.  
The next two-year course will start September 2022. David's past students use their training in a variety of ways: clinical work, research, hospital care, product manufacturing, retailing and educating. 
Also see where else David is teaching on his Center for Herbal Studies website

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