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Kids’ minds are pretty awesome and the things they think of, create, say and do never cease to amaze. So let's encourage it. Micador has two levels of creative products for kids.
Early stART is made especially for one to four year olds.
and to enhance the next stage of a child’s creative journey, there's Micador jR., designed specifically for 3 to 8 year olds. 

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Plein Air boards

Plein Air boards are the perfect companion to any artist. 
These pads contain 10 rigid art boards laminated to Canson®-quality illustration paper that is ultra-smooth and extra white with no optical brighteners.
This board is brilliant for ink, marker, felt tip pens, and pencils.These pads are glued on one side and have a convenient fold over cover.
20% OFF
marked price
Limited to stock on hand
sale ends 6/4/22

CARAN d'ACHE makes two kinds of artist-grade wax pastels shaped like crayons:
Both offer real pigmentation and professional quality.
Caran dAche also makes the rich creamy NEOPASTEL which is a professional grade oil pastel They are formulated to produce vibrant and lightfast color, and are smooth and highly blendable. 

20% OFF
marked price
Limited to stock on hand
sale ends 6/4/22

We carry Jacquard tie dye kits which have everything you need but the shirts. They include the Procion MX dyes for use on cotton and other natural fabrics. Or go with the Indigo Kit, which brings the ancient art of indigo dyeing to the home dyer in a user-friendly formulation.
Harness the power of the sun to make detailed prints from virtually any object that casts a shadow with the Jacquard Cyanotype kit.
Visit the Jacquard website for great information on all these products.

* * * Check Out These Books for Spring * * *
Some of our Favorites!
Modern Calligraphy
by Lucy Edmonds

Beautifully illustrated guide by the founder of Quill London abounds in tips, tricks, and techniques for beginners. Step-by-step approach covers materials, modern calligraphy letterforms, brush calligraphy, developing an individual style, and practical uses.

Creative Journaling
by Renee Day
Begin journaling away with this guide of over 100 different techniques. Explore an abundance of different materials
and ways to rethink the journaling process, for amazing Dot Grid, Junk, Mixed Media and Travel pages.
 Draw Here
by Hervé Tullet

Hervé Tullet is celebrated for his prodigious versatility, from directing ad campaigns to designing fabric for Hermès. But his real love is working with children, for whom he has published dozens of books, including the New York Times bestsellers Press HereMix It Up!, and Let's Play! He lives in New York City.

"The Value of Gray", Oil on panel

Abstract as Essence
Abstract art speaks to the essence of life and the human psyche. Like an aerial view of the land or an extreme close up of a flower, universal patterns and rhythms of the cosmos are apparent. There is a pattern here, it’s a little familiar, but how do we make sense of it? What does it mean? Maybe it will remain a mystery, like our essence.

Abstraction relies on repetition, rhythm, inter-related parts, often expressed through mood and emotion. It takes intuition to both create abstract art and to appreciate it.

When I paint in abstract, I start with my unconscious and then respond to what I discover in the first marks or brushstrokes. It becomes a conversation between parts of myself. I often listen to jazz while painting this way: like jazz, abstract work involves improvisation and flow, mistakes and surprises.

Inarticulate, intangible, what do these pieces relay to you? Playful, moody, an abstract is a Rorschach for projection, a haiku to contemplate.

-Suma Z Elan


Patti McNutt
“Trilogy of Joy” 12”x18” oil on linen
"I don't paint because I'm happy. I'm happy because I paint." This quote by coastal artist Katia Kyte really spoke to me when getting my recent floral and still life paintings ready for the May/June OAS Gallery show. Being in the studio or painting en plein air (painting outside from life) has been one of my brightest moments during the last few years. I've taken the opportunity of experimenting with both natural and still-life setup lighting ideas to explore elements of composition, lost and found edges, brushwork and found myself thriving in the process. There is such freedom in allowing the learned techniques to be at the back of my mind and letting creativity be the dominant characteristic of this almost-daily practice. Looking at this work, I see memories of the experience of these experiments blended in with positive energy.

- Patti McNutt

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