Photo of a smiling light skinned woman with shoulder length light brown hair.
Dr. Tanni Anthony is the Director of the Access, Learning, and Literacy (ALL) Team with the Exceptional Student Services Unit within the Colorado Department of Education. She serves as the State Consultant on Blindness/Low Vision and the Project Co- Director of the Colorado Services for Children and Youth with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss Project. Dr. Anthony received her Ph.D. from the University of Denver in the area of Child and Family Studies. She is a teacher of students with visual impairments and an orientation and mobility specialist. Tanni presents frequently on the topics of sensory disabilities in the early years and working with children and youth with sensory and additional disabilities. She has authored over 20 book chapters and has contributed to peer review journals. She is currently an adjunct instructor with East Carolina University, the University of Denver, and the University of Northern Colorado.