This season we will be offering more than a dozen different courses, ranging from Tai Chi/Qigong 101 and A Taste of Tai Chi to 12 Jings, Wood Iron Silk Stone, Yang and Wu Style Forms. Most classes are on Zoom but we also offer TC/QG 101 Fundamentals in person, in Weston. All classes start the week of April 3, so Sign Up Today!



This course enables students to “enter the gate” of authentic Tai Chi, with a complete program of basic practices (jibengong) that are the foundation for all other Tai Chi forms, Qigong, and two-person work. Key principles of Rooting, Releasing, Pulsing, Spiraling, Alignment, and Flow are introduced through Stance and Posture work, Tai Chi Walking, Qigong and selected movements from the classical Yang Tai Chi forms. No prior experience necessary.

6 week In-Person course starts Thursday, April 6, 1:30PM at Wightman Tennis Center, Weston.
6 week Online (Zoom) course starts Saturday, April 8, at 9AM.

DAN LIAN (Single Move Training)
Mondays, 530-630pm

"A hundred repetitions of a single movement is worth far more than a hundred different movements performed one time each."
Deep exploration of single movements (dan lian) is one of the key practices in original Tai Chi. Each week's class will focus on a single Tai Chi move (e.g. White Crane Spreading Wings) and will include at least 200-300 repetitions of that move; plus warmups and secondary movements to balance out the practice. Each move will be practiced as Standing Meditation; Moving Qigong; Interactive or Martial Maneuver; and Energy Pattern.  Variations in Frame, Height, Speed, Footwork, and Intention will also be explored.

Open to those who have completed Tai Chi 101 or have at least 6 months' experience.

WOOD IRON SILK STONE: Tai Chi with Objects and Equipment
Tuesdays, 530-630pm

In ancient times, practitioners of Tai Chi used rocks, logs, stone balls, iron weights, as well as staves, swords, spears and other weapons to enhance structure and alignment, increase root and mobility, and expand energy flow and extension.  In this course, we will explore both traditional and modern equipment training to strengthen all aspects of our Tai Chi, including internal power, rooting, balance, intention, and Qi flow.  Almost-immediate upgrades are guaranteed! Open to all levels beyond TC101/102.
"The 'Sticks and Stones" class was a delight, a challenge, and a necessity to Tai Chi practice and development."--Antonina P.

Wednesdays, 530-630pm

The Yang style is the most widely practiced form of Tai Chi in the world today. It emphasizes rooted, flowing movements; relaxed, yet mindful awareness and intention; and the integration of mind, body, and energy. One characteristic of the Yang style is the variety of physical and energetic qualities it contains. The same movements can be performed in small, medium, or large frames; at different heights or levels; at different speeds; and with differing purposes and intentions.
In this class we will learn the movements of the Yang Style 37 Form, a 7-10 minute "moving meditation" that expresses the basic qualities of Rooting, Centering, Pulsing, Flow, and Whole Body Integration while moving continuously and smoothly, with deep breathing and a relaxed but focused awareness.

Requirements: At least 6 months of foundational Tai Chi training, preferably including Tai Chi 101/102 and Peng Lu Ji An. Prior experience with another style of Tai Chi (or previous training in Yang Style) may also qualify, by permission of the instructor. .

Thursdays, 530-630pm

Jings are expressions of energy with a particular quality or flavor, distinct from ordinary, untrained actions. Understanding the jings inherent in every Tai Chi form makes the movements “come alive”.

After reviewing and deepening our skill with Peng, Lu, Ji, and An (the 4 Cardinal Jings), we will explore 8 more advanced jings, that complete the inner content of all styles of Tai Chi. These include: Kao Jing (Shoulder)--whole-body force without the interference of the hands and arms;  Ren Jing—Tenacious pliable strength, like a vine; Fajing—Sudden release of energy;  Kong Jing (Empty force)-- the extension of energy beyond the physical body; and others.

Prerequisite: TC 101/102 , or at least 1-2 years of Tai Chi practice.

Saturdays, 1030-1130am

Doing Qigong while sitting is a traditional method of cultivation. Without putting bodyweight on the legs and feet, Seated Qigong positions and practices (such as Holding the Ball) do activate the legs to complete whole body processes. Whether you are limited in the use of your legs, want ways to keep your body more alive while sitting at a computer, or just want an alternative to standing practices, this class will definitely help. Class will include the meditative/ spiritual elements and evoke the group field (yes, the group field can clearly be experienced on Zoom!). 

Requirements: Tai Chi/Qigong 101, Tai Chi for Healthy Aging and Better Balance or experience with another style of qigong. 
Limited to 15.



Beginning with a grant from the Tufts Foundation in 2011, BTC has developed a unique program for restoring vitality and improving balance for seniors and those with balance challenges and increased risk of falls.  Tai Chi For Healthy Aging And Better Balance (tm) uses Tai Chi principles of Rooting, Centering, Pulsing, and Flow to increase energy, reduce stress, and improve stability and balance.

"I had taken some bad falls. With Tai Chi it is never too late. I feel rescued and rejuvenated, able to take on the challenges of travel, raising grandkids, and my garden.  It has made a difference in my competence, resilience, and general well-being. " (J.S.)

A new beginner TCHABB class is forming now. If you are interested, or know someone who would benefit from this class, please email don.miller@brooklinetaichi.org.



Sunday, April 23, 10am-Noon (Zoom)
with BTC Senior Instructor Allen Bourque

Originated in the Taoist art of Baguazhang, the "Teacups" exercise
is a powerful Qigong that activates spirals throughout the body, from the feet to the body, to the hands and head. It is both energizing and balancing , and once learned can serve as a fascinating stand-alone practice, or as a doorway to other internal work. In this workshop, we will spend the first hour learning individual components and then put it all together to form a
complete Qigong to work with on your own.

Open to all students with a minimum 1 year of any style of Tai Chi.
BTC Members $60, Non-Members $75.

Sunday, April 30, 10am-Noon (Zoom)
with BTC Director Don Miller

Tai Chi and other internal/martial arts make use of unique hand formations to promote specific patterns of energy and connectivity in the entire body-mind system.  In this workshop, we will explore and experience 5 major hand configurations, and their effects. The 5 major hands to be covered include:

--The Open/Yang Hand
--The Tile Hand
--The Tai Chi Fist (Monkey Fist)
--The Fair Lady's/Yin Hand
--The Dragon/Bagua Hand

We will also explore "old school" training methods to activate and energize the hands. Each hand can then be incorporated into solo practice (forms and qigong), as well as interactively (push hands, martial applications, and healing). Upgrades are guaranteed!

Limited to 15.  Open to all levels past 101.
BTC Members $65, Non-Members $85.



Always wondered about Tai Chi, but don’t know where to start? This is a perfect introductory short program that gives individuals a chance to experience the joys and benefits of Tai Chi, without having to commit to a full 12-week course. ATOTC introduces the essential Tai Chi processes of Quiet Standing, Rooting, Pulsing, and Mindful Movement, and is appropriate for students of all ages and levels of physical ability.

Sample your first ATOTC class for free. After that, you can purchase a special Introductory 3-Class Card for only $29. 


"If we surrendered to earth's intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees" --R.M. Rilke

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