Dear AHS Week 2022 advocates,
We continue to be so thankful for your hard work and support during the legislative session this winter. Because of you, we obtained $67 million total for the cultural sector. The Inspire Washington staff has enjoyed the past couple months post-session celebrating our victory, but now, we must turn our focus towards the future. Advocacy is year-round, and there is much work to be done as we prepare for 2023. This is where you come in!
Next Steps:

  • Give us feedback. We would love to hear about your experience as an advocate. What worked well, and what could we do better? Tell us here.

  • Attend Cultural Futures. Inspire Washington staff will be hitting the road on an in-person share-and-listen tour statewide. Cultural Futures will provide you with news you can use--you'll learn how your organization can claim the funding you advocated so hard for in February. If in-person isn't your jam right now, don't worry! We are also offering three virtual sessions.

  • Participate in off-session advocacy this spring and summer. It's imperative for us to cultivate relationships with lawmakers year-round in order to accomplish our future goals for the sector. Please indicate your interest in being an advocate off-session by filling out this form. Whether you'd like to write letters, meet with your lawmakers on Zoom, or invite them to an in-person performance or tour of your facility, we'd love to have your voice in our off-session work!

  • Invite your lawmakers to celebrate! We are so thrilled that the Washington Film Incentive passed during this past legislative session. By inviting your lawmaker to join you at this in-person celebration with Women in Film Seattle, WA Filmworks, and the Shoreline Film Office, they can see the impact of their support for the bill and meet film sector workers. Tuesday, May 10th from 7-9pm at the Shoreline Community College. Mark your calendars--more info to come!

  • Spread the word! If you have family members, friends, colleagues, or engaged patrons/audience members who you think would be interested in advocacy, please get them involved. Off-session advocacy is not just for our AHS Week folks--anyone can get involved at any time. Send our Off-Session Advocacy Interest Form to anyone you know is interested in advocacy.

Thank you so much again for your dedication to advocacy in the recent legislative session. We were able to accomplish so much for science, heritage, and the arts as a united coalition. Let's keep the ball rolling!


Madeline Dalton (she/her)
Outreach Coordinator
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