Buzzy's Bees news & updates
March 2022
The daylight will last a bit longer and signs of spring are appearing. Being mask-less while out and about feels like a new beginning. We can almost smell the green and feel the breeze as we look forward to our annual golf event. Fresh experiences are on the horizon for Buzzy’s Bees, too.

D.U.B.S., our program providing peer support groups, launches this month. Amanda was a featured guest on her first podcast early this month. We have added definition to some new roles that volunteers can fill.

While much is fresh and new, we continue to be grateful for you all. Your steadfast interest, commitment, and faithful generosity spark our energy as we serve those who have unexpectedly lost a young child.
6th Annual Golf Tournament
Program Updates
Peer Support Group - D.U.B.S.
Our team of volunteers has been working on loads of behind-the-scenes details to get ready to launch our peer support groups. We will be ready to announce and invite folx to our first meetings soon! If you are an adult who has experienced child loss (including aunts, uncles, and grandparents), please consider joining us.

A special thank you to Kara Kazemba of Ancora Wellness for donating the meeting space so folx can gather in-person in Hillsboro, Oregon. We will also be hosting virtual meetings. To learn more, please reach out to Alex at [email protected].
Financial Gifts
Since our last newsletter we have offered financial support to 2 additional families. One family was referred to us by a social worker at Seattle Children's Hospital - they lost their 2 year old due to an unexpected cardiac event after discharge. They are using the gifted funds to help pay for transport of the child's body back to Mexico for burial. The other family lost their 4 month old after aspirating on formula. Our hearts are with these families as they mourn.
Give Grief a Voice
The 2022 Give Grief a Voice program year is well under way. Our writers have already completed 5 interviews and 7 more are scheduled. We continue to receive applications and plan to provide the gift of story and artwork to approximately 15-20 families this coming year.

If you or anyone you know is interested in being part of our 2022 GGaV program year, please ask them to fill out our short online application or reach out to our Program Manager, Kelly at [email protected] with any questions.
Tune in - Amanda's first time as a podcast guest!
Sustaining Sponsor - Martin Family Real Estate
Buzzy's Bees is growing to meet the overwhelming need of families following the unexpected loss of a child. We nearly tripled the number of families we served through our Financial Gifts program last year. This growth was possible in large part because of the directed annual donation from Martin Family Real Estate.

Their gift for our 2022 program year in memory of Aubrey and Dan Martin's firstborn son, Garron, will allow us to provide a cash gift to approximately 10 families. We can already anticipate the deep gratitude from the families who receive these gifts. What a beautiful way to honor Garron's memory.

Thank you, Martin Family Real Estate – for your heart and your generous gift!
2021 Fundraising Summary
In Memory of These Children
One way to acknowledge and remember a child is with a gift in memory of a little one. In 2021 these children were remembered with donation given to Buzzy's Bees in their memory: Hudson Drews, Hattie Grace, Brooke Racheal Marsh, Garron Martin, Lincoln McCormick, and Molly Smith. These kiddos, and so many more, are in our hearts always.
2021: A Successful Fundraising Year
2021 was an incredible year of growth in donor support. Between the various fundraising events and the end of year giving that our supporters sent, we crushed our fundraising goal. Because of such success, we were able to increase our 2022 program spending by over 56% and grow each of our programs. We anticipate that this year your dollars will directly impact 35-50 families.

Thank you to our amazing “hive” of people who make the mission of Buzzy’s Bees possible. Contributions throughout the year of time, services, special skills, and generous gifts created the opportunity for our growth.
This was the first time running Buzzy's has run an end of year campaign and we'd love to know what YOU thought! Please take our survey.
Volunteer Spotlights - Jason Weitz and Anna Abdon
This quarter we're pleased to highlight our volunteer Jason Weitz. A steady part of our communications committee, Jason is the owner of Left Mind Media. Jason attends monthly brainstorming/update meetings and chimes in with valuable industry insight and perspective. Read in his own words why he volunteers with Buzzy's Bees in this blog post.
Another volunteer who has been working behind the scenes to help Buzzy's grow to serve more grieving families is Anna Abdon. Anna is an accountant and is volunteering her time to help our organization transition our finances to QuickBooks. Being able to run reports with the click of a button is the dream and Anna is bringing it to reality! Thank you, Anna, for your time and talents.
Information Connections
Connecting our community to additional grief and loss resources to help navigate this rugged terrain. We have recently found the following to share.
Thoughts from our Blog
In case you missed it, here are some recent posts on our blog.
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Jason Weitz tells us a little more about himself and why he volunteers with Buzzy's Bees.
  • Buzzys Bees Turns 5! Thanking our amazing volunteers who have generously shared their skills and the continuous support of those who are inspired by Buzzys Bees mission.
  • Christmas is for Children: We checked in with some of our Buzzy’s Bees families to ask how they include their child in the activities of the season.
Additional Ways to Support Buzzy's Bees
Volunteer Opportunities - Giving your time and talents
If you are looking to get involved with Buzzy's Bees, we are always happy to match your interests, available time, and specific talents with one of our standing committees. Please get in touch! Sometimes folx are looking for a defined role, in which case, here are a couple of opportunities to consider:

Golf Event - contact Nate Drews
  • Planning Committee Member - help us develop the event theme, reach out to potential hole sponsors, determine event prizes, lunch menu, swag bags, and other special touches to make the day a success!
  • Golf Flyer distribution - We will have a printed flyer for the golf tournament available in a few weeks. We could use your help bringing them to local businesses and community boards.
  • Swag-Bag packing - a few days ahead of the event, we'll be prepping swag bags and could use some additional hands.
  • Day-of golf tournament 'runner' - Are you young, able bodied, interested in golf, and available on June 4? We could use your help to place signage at the holes and carry other various items to and fro.
  • Day-of Registration table - help get golfers checked in and give guests the 'lay of the land' for the day.

IT Support - contact Julie Schneider
Have you noticed that our emails are .com even though we are a .org website? Do you have the IT talent to help us transition our email addresses to the new domain? We could use your help!

Travel Partner Lead - contact Amanda Drews
We hope to offer flight and hotel to the families traveling to attend the Give Grief a Voice Reveal Event. Also, in non-Covid times, we fly our writers for interviews all over the US. Several airlines have programs to be able to accept miles transfers from donors. Also, we wonder about available bereavement discounts. Are you someone who can help us navigate the travel system and get these discounts and miles programs in place? Perhaps then rinse-and-repeat with hotel points?

Traveling Art Exhibit Subcommittee Member - contact Kelly Tilford
As a community outreach, Buzzy's would like to showcase reproductions of the Give Grief a Voice art in art galleries around the country. The committee leading that effort is being established now - join us!

Art Salon Subcommittee Member - contact Julie Schneider
A new sub-committee of the development committee, this group will work to put on intimate fundraising parties that showcase the work of the Give Grief a Voice project. Do you enjoy party planning and have an eye for gathering new donors together? Join us in figuring out this new project!

Affiliate Fundraising Lead - contact Julie Schneider
Do you have a knack for finding fun and simple ways to fund-raise - like AmazonSmile, BottleDrop, restaurant dine-to-give nights, Fred Meyer Rewards, and other shopper events? We would love your help coordinating each of these pieces for Buzzy's. Maybe you can find more to add to our list?
Giving Partners
Thank you for your ongoing support through matching and other programs. Check these options:
  • AmazonSmile - We can receive proceeds as you shop through Amazon. Set up Buzzy’s Bees as your charity of choice at
  • Benevity – A matching program through your employer (ie Google, Microsoft, Nike, etc)
  • BottleDrop - We are a registered non-profit with Oregon's BottleDrop and can receive proceeds from your donated cans and bottles! If you want to participate or have any further questions please reach out to Nicole at [email protected].
  • Fred Meyer Community Rewards - In addition to receiving personal rewards you can link your customer card to Buzzy’s Bees at Fred Meyer Community Rewards
  • Thrivent Choice Dollars - If you have an insurance or annuity contract with Thrivent you may have Choice Dollars to designate. Check it out at under the My Thrivent heading.  
Grief does not discriminate. Buzzy’s Bees strives to support a broad and diverse community of grieving families.