March 31, 2015
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To: Members and Friends of the Maryland Green Registry

Spring has sprung!  The ice is melting from Deep Creek Lake, the first migratory birds are headed back to Maryland, the daffodils are up and the state park campgrounds are now open. 

Here's another sign of spring: It's almost time to apply for a Maryland Green Registry Leadership Award.The application period will run from April 15 to May 15, 2015. Don't miss this chance to gain recognition for your organization's environmental commitment and results.You'll receive the application form by e-mail, and it will also be posted to the awards page.

Are you displaying the Maryland Green Registry logo? It's popping up in all sorts of places, including on these cool shirts that Unilever Manufacturing provided to their Green Team members(see below). E-mail us a photo of where you've displayed the logo and we'll post it to the Look for the Logo page. Sharing the logo draws visitors to the website and to your member profile, where they can see not only your organization's good work but also the collective impact of all the Maryland Green Registry members.


Thank you for all you do!


Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry Coordinator

Take the Compost Challenge....starting with a cup of coffee

Have you added your company's name to the  Compost Challenge  list? If your organization collects waste for composting, you'll be eligible for a prize drawing at the annual meeting. One of our prize donors is Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company, which composts both coffee chaff from the roasting process as well as the grounds.They have partnered with the Anne Arundel County Master Gardener program to share
information about composting. Demonstrations are held twice a month at 
Quiet Waters P ark in Annapolis (May 6 - November 7, 2015). Attendees receive a free compost bin.

Coffee grounds are a good source of nitrogen, and collecting coffee grounds is often a good first step toward composting in an office setting. Learn more about onsite composting here.  
Green Power

If installation of on-site renewable energy isn't in the cards for your organization right now, you can still support renewable energy production through your purchasing power. This table lists green power retailers in Maryland as well as providers of renewable energy certificates, or RECs. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you explore your options: 1) if you are purchasing green power, make sure that it's certified by Green-e, which provides a third party audit of suppliers, 2) take a close look at the contract period so that you aren't taken by surprise with a rate hike down the line and 3) when buying RECs, make sure they're certified to ensure that every REC represents 1 megawatt hour (1,000 kilowatt hours) of renewable energy placed on the grid. 


Webinar April 15, 1-2 p.m.: EPA's Green Power Partnership offers information, support and recognition to organizations purchasing green power and is hosting a free webinar on 

Understanding RECs and the Procurement Process. Register here


Don't forget that the cleanest and cheapest kilowatt is the one not used so be sure to explore your energy reduction options as a first priority. 

Green Claims 

The Federal Trade Commission's Green Guides are a useful resource for understanding environmental labeling and marketing claims for products. Reviewing them can be helpful to Maryland Green Registry members in two ways: 1) in informing your environmental procurement choices and 2) in ensuring the proper use of environmental terms and certifications as you describe your business practices and products.  



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