Support Waldorf Early Childhood Education in Challenging Times!

Dear Friends of Waldorf Early Childhood Education,

We are all in this together. This has always been true. It is universally true that we are interconnected, interdependent beings: spirit beings, human beings, plant, animal and mineral beings. We need and respond to each other in profound ways.  This truth is more apparent than ever.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes we do feel completely overwhelmed and that is okay. When that happens and in between too, we can lean into the reality that we are not alone. We can lean into the truth that we are part of a large web of individuals, schools, home programs and child care programs. We are part of the larger web of the natural world, one that is constantly offering us its comfort, companionship and healing. We are part of a spiritual world, one that is wise beyond our human knowing, one that guides and offers us gifts in every single moment. And we really do have one another.

WECAN is working diligently to offer you the spaces for connection, sharing and resource gathering that you need. These are places to share what you are learning and to receive what is being given. An amazing part of this moment is that we are actually connecting as a movement more than ever before.

Let’s remember each other and the bounty that surrounds us. It will give us the strength, courage and wisdom we need to meet the challenge of this time. So, so together we go……..

WECAN needs your support as never before. Please make a contribution to our Annual Spring Appeal! Gifts to WECAN are tax-deductible. Please give online  today, or call our office at 845-352-1690 to make your gift over the phone. Help us to nurture the care and education of young children as a foundation for the future!

Magdalena Toran, on behalf of the WECAN Board

Front Row: Louise deForest, Nancy Blanning, Sarah Arnold, Holly Koteen-Soulé, Laura Mason (Membership Coordinator), Susan Howard
Back Row: Leticia Gutierrez (Liaison for Mexico), Ruth Ker, Magdalena Toran, Heather Church,
Adrienne Doucette