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Feb. 5, 2019Premier Fly-In Only Canadian Trophy Hunting News



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Ever dream of the perfect black bear hunt? Think of the necessary ingredients. The hunting area has to be remote, with no pressure. It has to be a large area. Our exclusive 5,000,000 acre area is accessible only by floatplane, 200 miles from the closest road. An area proven with an outstanding population of big black bears, with many stretching over 7'. An unhunted population with no experience with humans. And, as an extra, incredible variety in colors, with big colored bears- cinnamons, blondes, chocolates. We have only scratched its surface.

Add in over 100 lakes and rivers creating an incredible food chain and amazing world-class fishing to match. Our spring bear hunt has been acclaimed over and over as one of the finest in North America. It is the Ultimate Spring Bear adventure.

Can it be even better? Yes, it can. We are now limiting our spring bear to only 8 hunters per year, limited to 2-3 camps, with a private 300 sq. miles per camp, a private lake and alternate sites as backup. We are also offering our spring bear hunts from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This will make travel quicker, more convenient, and save you a days travel.

Have you been on several bear hunts and now looking for something really special? Tired of seeing 200 lb. black bears. Tired of sitting around camp all day, waiting for the evening hunt and the possibility that ONE trophy might make a mistake? Then spend your money wisely and go to a remote area with proven incredible bears.

Archers Choice, Joe Thomas, and others, when they need something special, want an amazing TV show, they have one outfitter they turn to- CSAH. Archers Choice has now filmed their featured 'Manitoba Monsters' with us over 14x!

We have four openings left for 2019, June 8-15, 15-22. It will be your experience of a lifetime!


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2019 and 2020 Fall Hunts

We have hunts available for Central Barren Ground caribou, Sept. 5-11 (8) , 11-17 (2), and 17-24 (5). Give us a call if you wish to hunt CB caribou, few opportunities remain in Canada.

2020 moose is now filling up. Grab your spot now for a Northern Manitoba bruiser. Average spread is 54".




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Caribou Hunting

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