The Mustangs have been
working HARD!
Let them enjoy Spring Break Week!
After Spring Break week, we encourage students to keep preparing for the upcoming ACT, End of Course tests, AP exams, classes at the University of Memphis, dance recitals and cooking competitions.
We have attached a list with online assignments for students that they may complete.
These assignments are optional,
but are carefully designed to minimize gaps in learning.
Additionally, students will still be responsible for completing them
when classes resume.

Let them REST next week, but share these assignments with them.

They know how to access the links- do not let them tell you otherwise- smile!
Take care of our Mustangs!
We love you all.
Please note that the school is CLOSED
March 13- March 27, 2020.
There are no practices, meets, events or anything school -related until March 30th.
We will keep you posted, but please visit www.SCSK12.ORG for more details.