Families display their bounty from participating in the Easter Egg Hunt.
Journeying through Holy Week and Easter
For our school community, Holy Week was a time for discovering and renewing our faith through prayer, reflection, worship and service. As we recalled the events of Jesus’ last days, we strengthened our hope of eternal life, and we remembered that all was made possible through His sacrifice.

Our Holy Week journey began by celebrating Palm Sunday during our weekly Thursday Mass. We processed from the backyard of the school house with palms, flowers and branches to the Church of St. James the Less. During Mass, the entire 8th grade class led the reading of the Passion gospel. The following week, on Maundy Thursday, we all took part in the foot washing ritual, reenacting how Jesus washed the feet of his followers. It reminded us of the importance of humility and service to each other. The Eucharist was reserved at the rear of the nave at an altar of repose, set up with flowers to mimic the garden of Gethsemane. Everyone left the church in solemn silence.

Good Friday began with a somber morning service. We heard the Passion according to Saint John, took Communion, and prayed the Solemn Collects or prayers. In the afternoon, we journeyed through the Stations of the Cross. This reflection on the crucifixion of Jesus highlighted social justice issues of our times.

On Saturday night, acolytes and members of the Sunday Night Mass Community from St. James traveled to Saint Christopher’s Church in Gladwyne for the Easter Vigil. Easter Sunday was joyfully celebrated at the Church of St. James the Less with Mass and the baptism of Isaac and Wesley. Over 70 students, family members and neighbors took part in an Easter Egg Hunt for 600 eggs. A festive community dinner followed.

It was truly a joy to experience the mysteries of Holy Week and Easter together as a school community.
On Holy Saturday, a shared Easter Vigil Service was held at St. Christopher's Church in Gladwyne.
Myley shows off her Palm Sunday flowers.

Father Kellner, School Chaplain, begins with prayers before a Palm Sunday procession.

Many Hands Tending to Campus Flora and Fauna
Spring has sprung and with it the awakening of flora and fauna on the 7-acre campus of St. James School. The flowers are blooming, the garden is growing, the bees are buzzing, and the chickens are clucking! We are blessed to have many helping hands to take care of it all.

Longtime volunteer Donna Stone, who beautifies our entryway each season, is busy this spring tending to our rain garden and the hilly edges of campus. (The energetic Donna also helps with staffing the front reception desk, Alumni Wood Shop pop-up sales, sewing and helping with uniforms!)

Our after-school Garden Club is working in the vegetable and herb raised garden beds, led by Lisa Turner, a once-a-week volunteer from Penn Charter. She teaches the students all about what they can grow on the campus and how to care for the plants.

As for the animals, the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild helps care for our 5 bee hives, while Joanne Behm and the Chicken Tenders Club tend to our 10 chickens.

Come for a visit and see the campus in bloom!

Above: Saige and Lakira (Class of 2023) enjoy spring flowers on campus.
St. James students, along with Head of School Dave Kasievich and members of St. Christopher's Church taking part in a science activity led by Derrick Pitts. 
Science Fun with Derrick Pitts at 'Sky Party!'
A cloudy evening and forecast of rain couldn’t keep us away from a fun-filled “Sky Party!” attended by the communities of St. James School and St. Christopher’s Church, Gladwyne. St. Christopher's will be one of three honorees at our 5th Annual Dr. Audrey Evans Scholarship Benefit.

Nearly 60 people, ranging from toddlers to octogenarians, enjoyed a sky orientation presented by Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer of The Franklin Institute and another honoree. He showed us how we can look for planets, stars, and constellations from our home.

Hands-on science activities made for an eventful evening. We learned about gravity through an activity called “orbital pennies” and we launched Bottle and Alka-Rockets, which had an exciting delayed reaction, popping high into the rafters of the fellowship hall.

We thank our Scholarship Benefit Host Committee, St. Christopher’s Church, Derrick Pitts, and The Franklin Institute, especially Educators Cory and Sam.

More science will come to life on June 4th when we celebrate with Dr. Audrey Evans, our students and graduates, and our third honorees, Jay and Jo Ann Townsend, at The Union League of Philadelphia.
Andrew, a 4th grader, was the top student runner and finished 3rd overall.
5K Drew 75 Participants and Exceeded Goal
The Young Professionals group surpassed their fundraising goal in bringing back the St. James School 5K on May 4th after a 3-year hiatus. The money raised helps to fund scholarships for St. James School students.

The rain held off and 75 participants hit the pavement for a journey through the RAH Neighborhood and Laurel Hill Cemetery, a hilly and beautiful part of the course that made running or walking a wonderful experience for our students, staff, families, and supporters.

Runners and walkers later celebrated with an after party of food, fun, games and awards. Fourth grader Andrew was the top student runner and came in 3rd overall. Trinity Church of Gulph Mills brought the largest team.

What a fun event for our school community and we are so glad it is back! Are you going to start training so you can join us for next year’s race?
The largest team participating in the 5K was from Trinity Church of Gulph Mills.
Head of School Dave Kasievich enjoyed the 5K along with Hamirah and Raheem.
In Their Own Words: House Patientia
One fun way St. James School students and staff show school spirit is through House pride. Houses participate in service activities and engage in friendly competitions throughout the year, leading up to the House Cup Tournament in June. Our four Houses are Patientia (patience), Industria (diligence), Benevolentia (kindness) and Humilitas (humility). We asked members of Patientia what it’s like to be in their House.
House Patientia celebrates winning the House Cup in 2018.
“Everyone in Patientia all bring their passions to do what they want.” — Althea (Class of 2022)

“Being a Patientia member challenges us to both practice and model patience each and every day… each and every moment!” — Dave McDonough, Principal

“Patientia has cool people. My favorite House activity was Giants, Wizards, Elves, where we had to be frozen. And I liked winning the House Cup last year.” — Aaliyah (Class of 2021)

“We’re known for our patience, but we’re also like the other Houses: diligent, humble, kind. What we’re really about is helping be one St. James family.” — Elijah (Class of 2019)

“My favorite thing about Patientia is that we all work together, especially when it counts the most. Winning the House Cup was an example of us supporting each other and cooperating. To be a good member, you can’t give up, and when you’re frustrated, others help out.” — Steph Padilla, 4th Grade Teacher
One Way You Can Help This Week!
Snag your ticket to our Scholarship Benefit: An Interstellar Celebration on June 4th. Only a couple weeks are left to RSVP! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a special science-filled evening at The Union League of Philadelphia celebrating honorees Derrick Pitts, Jay and Jo Ann Townsend, and St. Christopher’s Church, Gladwyne.

General Admission: $150
Young Professionals: just $99
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