Community Supported Agriculture
Farmer Dave with one of the stone walls. Image credit: Gil Talbot
Farm Notes

Spring brings Sisyphus     

Every year one of our first "harvests" is picking stones from the fields. With this year's elongated winter, we started picking stones much later than normal. Even though we are a little behind on our field work, we cannot skip picking the rocks. With the rocks in the way the farm equipment cannot do its work. Years ago farmers would use stone boats to remove the rocks. A stone boat is basically a sled pulled by horses or oxen through the fields. Stones are rolled onto the stone boat and moved to the edge of the field to a pile or made into a stone wall. While we do not have a stone boat, we have moved many stones from the fields over the years and we have built a lot of stone walls. This year we are trying a "newer" piece of equipment called a stone rake. This will pull the stones from the top few inches of soil and rake them into a line making it easier for us to remove more stones. 

Winter frosts will continuously heave up more stones from the subsoil into the topsoil ensuring that we will never stop picking rocks. But, the rocks in the soil are not all bad. They do provide minerals to the crops and they also serve as a heat reservoir helping to warm cold spring soils and bringing us slightly earlier harvests. There will always be enough stones in our soils and so we will never feel wrong removing them to the edges. In Italy many farms now have rock buriers or rock crushers to either bury the rocks several inches down or to crush them into small enough sizes to not harm the farm equipment. I have been eyeing these newer inventions but they do not come cheap and will need to wait for another year.

Farmer Dave

Plower Power: Check out the rock rake in action
Plower Power: Check out the stone rake in action

What's In My Share
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Swiss Chard or Sorrel (harvest dependent)
  • Mixed Potatoes
  • Kohlrabi
  • Apples
  • Herbs
This is what we are planning and hoping to harvest this week.  Ultimately Mother Nature has the last word so the actual contents of your share will vary.
Vegisode of the Week!


In this Vegisode, Stacey talk us through several ways to enjoy kale. Not excited about kale yet? You will be!
  • Perfect kale chips
  • Massaged Kale Salad (great for advance prep, and for non-kale fans), several ways: with roasted root vegetables and raisins, chopped salad, and Mediterranean style.
  • Kale and Bean Soup, with or without sausage. Great for cleaning out your crisper!

Try These Recipes From Our Blog
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These videos are designed to help you make the most of your CSA share with tips on storing, preparing and preserving your veggies.  

New CSA Member Benefits for 2018!
We are excited to announce new opportunities for YOU our Members to visit and experience YOUR farm through the following experiences for the 2018 season:
  • Strawberry and Blueberry Pick-Your- Own - select dates to be determined by Mother Nature herself.Each CSA membership will receive a complimentary pint of berries. Additional pints will be available for purchase.
  • Apple Pick-Your- Own - CSA Members will receive 25% off PYO apples throughout the apple picking season at our Dracut and Westford orchards.
  • Each CSA membership will also receive a complimentary half-peck bag for PYO apples on selected weekends.
Details regarding dates and times will be emailed and included in your CSA newsletters as the time gets closer. 
We hope you will enjoy these new benefits. We look forward to seeing you on the farm!
The Team at Farmer Dave's   
Check out this video of the many of the beautiful hanging flower baskets available at the Brox Farm Stand!
Have you tried Farmer Dave's pantry line?

Made with our own produce.

Delicious new products:  Applesauce, Strawberry and Strawberry Raspberry Jam

A new batch of hot sauces: Call of the Mild and Dave's Third Degree.
Groundwork Share-a-Share
Thanks to generous donations by you (our CSA Members) to the Groundwork Share-a-Share fund, we were able to subsidize the cost of shares in 2017 for over 30 individuals and families, as well as shares for local food pantries.  
Please consider helping us in our efforts to make the CSA accessible to more families by donating to Groundwork Share-a-Share.