Community Supported Agriculture
Inside vs Outside after the Snow
Farm Notes

Let it Snow!

Last week's snow storm knocked out power to the farm. Most of our work does not require electricity so all the shares went out as normal. For several nights we ran a generator to get some heat in our warmer greenhouse to ensure that the small transplants were happy. It is crazy to think that in little more than a month we will be setting the first transplants out in the fields. Snow at this time of the year is really not such a bad thing for the farm as it could be a good protector. It is nice to insulate the crops in the fields from cold nights and snow is a great insulator. At this time of year sunny days can encourage some exposed plants to want to grow. Then a frigid night can damage that new tender growth. For example, we put straw on the strawberries to act as blanket in the same way as the snow acts as a blanket. If wind should push the straw off of the strawberry plants, they could be damaged on a frigid night. A blanket of snow is the best guarantee of a good harvest ahead.

Farmer Dave

Important Weather Notice
Even though we are focused on spring, there is still the chance of winter weather.  While we generally have a rain or shine policy for pick up, if ice or snow makes traveling unsafe, we will make alternate plans.  Please keep an eye on your email and Facebook each week. 

Watermelon Radish

What's In My Share
  • Basil (Do not refrigerate. Best stored on the counter with the stems in a glass of fresh water. Plan to use quickly.)
  • Beets, mixed red and golden
  • Carrots
  • Spinach or Kale
  • Butternut Squash
  • Potatoes
  • Watermelon Radish
  • Greenhouse grown Baby Greens
  • Cortland Apples
This is what we are planning and hoping to harvest this week.  Ultimately Mother Nature has the last word so the actual contents of your share will vary.

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Winter Greens With Carrots, Feta Cheese and Brown Rice

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Groundwork Share-a-Share
Thanks to generous donations by you (our CSA Members) to the Groundwork Share-a-Share fund, we were able to subsidize the cost of shares in 2017 for over 30 individuals and families, as well as shares for local food pantries.  
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