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The Crystal Circle Spring Sale!

MARCH 15-17


Best Western Plus Hannaford Inn and Suites

5900 E Galbraith Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45236

Galbraith road entrance (door facing the street), free parking and free admission

Friday, March 15th 1:00 to 7:00 PM

Saturday, March 16th 10:00 to 6:00 PM

Sunday, March 17th 11:00 to 3:00 PM

Quality items at all price points!

Free rocks, and chocolates!

Open to the public : Tell your friends!

 Epidote w/Quartz from Turkey

Blue Fluorite from Inner Mongolia, and yellow Brucite from Pakistan

Pete has just returned from visiting suppliers for weeks in Tucson, we have hundreds of new, colorful minerals to offer our Cincinnati Customers!

Broad range of sizes of sparkly Epidote and Quartz from Turkey,

Beautiful Amethyst flowers from southern Brazil, selection of larger meteorites, Freshly recovered Meg teeth, Thulite from Norway, two types of opal from Ethiopia, Dioptase, Tanzanian minerals, Cavansite and Pentagonite, petroleum quartz, Phacops Trilobites from Morocco, many many select pieces, and small groups too numerous to mention.

We have a broad mix of tumbled palm stones, amazing new pendants, Lapis, amethyst from Uruguay, Celestite, lots of inexpensive options, hundreds of new thumbnails, new enhydro agates, mineral stands, some wholesale flats, and way more!

We will be in Columbus, Ohio April 6-7

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       Many colorful worldwide fluorites.

Color-changing Fluorite from England.

Recently imported Tanzanian minerals, like yellow prehnite, tanzanite crystals, diopside, axinite, chrome tourmaline, and tremolites.

Wholesale quantities of (pre-taliban) polished Lapis, double-terminated black tourmaline, grape amethyst, some liquidation flats I'm putting together for the show.

octahedral pyrites from Peru

a few hard-to-get Moldavite are available

ethiopian fire opal

Ocean Jasper from Madagascar

Canyon Diablo Meteorite, found in northern Arizona

The Meteor Crater aka Berringer Crater made by the impact of Canyon Diablo meteorite.

Chinga Meteorite, found in Siberia a rare Ataxite Nickel-iron.

Fossilized Megaladon Shark Teeth, still sharp!

Tourmaline crystals of several varieties and colors available.

Also, wonderful Quartz from Brazil and  Colombia.  


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