Think of the Tank School kids when you are Spring Cleaning - they can use balls, nets, and more.
Your garage could provide items for Tank kids!
Dear Friends,

As you know, First Presbyterian has a history of providing support of many kinds to Tank School and its students, many, if not most of whom live below the poverty line. Through introductions facilitated largely by Stephanie Fahringer, my Rotary Club (Green Bay West) has unofficially “adopted” Tank. In 2015, we unloaded the library shelves for a renovation project, and when we reloaded them we added $5,000 worth of badly needed bilingual books. 

This year, we are helping renovate the playground area and want to provide as much in the way of new and used playground equipment such as balls, nets, etc. as we can. We are hopeful that we’ll have enough equipment to allow kids to take some home too. 

As you start your spring cleaning, if you run across any gently used sports equipment, especially balls of any sort, please bring them to the church office. I’ll check weekly until around Memorial Day. 

Cash contributions also appreciated. Please make any checks payable to the Green Bay West Rotary Foundation. 

Thanks much. Please call me at 920-412-3885 if you have any questions about this project, or are interested in learning more about Rotary. 

Bruce Deadman

P.S. Think about forwarding this email to a friend or two who might have some sports equipment they'd like to share with the kids!
And as always, if you or a friend need more information, please:
First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay | (920) 437-8121 | |