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The Hernandez Center 
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This month's topic is  "spring"cleaning." Somewhere along the way, life intervened and the topic got both enhanced and diluted by events in the real world. Sound like a contradictory statement?  Read on...

Change.  Transitions.  New Beginnings.  The swath of Kali....  We know that the nature of the universe is change.  Adapting to change is not only a survival skill, it is an essential part of growing and thriving.

This past month, Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel's lives, as well as the lives of many people in our sphere of activity, have been characterized by flux.  It all began with the discovery of black mold in our home.  We have moved five times in the past four weeks while our apartment and everything in it is being decontaminated.  At present, we are camping out in a temporary rental apartment.  But that's not the only change, so hang on while we take you on a short journey.  

Dr. Benjamin Alter, friend and colleague, has returned to Oregon to be with his lovely new bride and re-discover his path in the healing world.  We wish him well on his inner/outer quest.  His bright, enthusiastic energy will be missed.

Meanwhile, Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C., has joined our practice as an associate.  Dr. David's lifelong journey has taken him deeply into the exploration of various healing modalities.  We find David to be insightful, gentle and conscious.  We are delighted that he chose to work with us as part of our healing team.  See Dr.David's introduction and article below, after Dr. Connie's musings.

Next change -- some bad news and some good news.  With the spiraling Bay Area cost of life, we have been forced to raise our rates to meet our obligations.  This is only our fourth increase in 25 years.  To continue offering our services on the Peninsula and maintain economic viability is a challenge. The daily headlines of local and national media outlets attest to this costly trend. 

The good news is that although we are by far the oldest, most experienced naturopathic practice on the Peninsula, we are still charging less than our recently-graduated naturopathic colleagues.  As much as we are able, we strive to make our unique and highly effective brand of medicine available to as many people as possible.  So, starting on June 1, our monthly rate will be $250 an hour, with different incremental charges for each 15-minute fraction under an hour.  Less than a $850/hour doc at Stanford.  Less than the $350/hour of many psychic readers in the area. Still less than many other health professionals in the area.  So if you have been putting off an appointment with any of the practitioners at Pacific Naturopathic, book before June 1 at the old rates.  I.V. rates will stay the same.

This month's newsletter begins with Dr. Connie relating our journey in dealing with black mold.  Later in the newsletter, she outlines a variety of general and specific detox approaches.  Dr. Marcel continues the discussion of black mold, offering some strategies for mold detox and decreasing reactions to the toxin.  After our short introduction of Dr. David, he offers practical advice on changing your physical and mental emotional experience of life.  Jane H. then writes of getting rid of lingering emotional toxins by "peeling the onion," removing layers of past experiences.

Also in this month's newsletter are articles on Homebiotic (a household detox product), the benefits of IV glutathione therapy, a five ingredient detox smoothie, evaluating thermal risk by breast thermography and the joys of being at our safe, clean Hawaii retreat.

Hernandez Center  articles include the use of hyperthermia in treating cancer, cancer-causing compounds in household cleaning products, why many people think chemotherapy is bad and 16 cancer-causing foods that you are probably eating.

May all beings be healthy and happy!

Dr. Connie, Dr. Marcel, Dr. David, Dr. Sage,  Brad B., Jane H. and your health care team  at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care

Dr. Connie's Musings...
Dr. Connie in one of her favorite situations: in the midst of flowers!

Spring Cleaning!

We actually selected the topic for this month's newsletter before we were literally forced into a major spring cleaning of our own apartment and lives. We were relaxing upstairs in our apartment when a workman, who had been attending to a leaking pipe in the adjoining apartment, burst through our kitchen wall, spreading black mold laden plaster in our kitchen. Within an hour, our kitchen was cordoned off and we were out of the apartment.
Wearing protective facemasks to gather a few personal items, we returned a few days later to the stunning sight of the contents of our kitchen cupboards, now strewn unceremoniously across the carpet in the living room. The kitchen cabinets had been deconstructed and deposited on our small patio, and were soaking in the drizzling rain amidst a number of heavy duty black trash bags, containing who knows what toxic substances. 
It was a humbling experience to survey the many partially used and useless items that our cabinets had harbored. Our minds went first to the easiest step in our forced clean up. Get rid of those items you no longer need or want that clutter your environment. Cluttered environment, cluttered mind. Needing a home away from home for a time, we found ourselves in an airbnb with virtually nothing in it, personal or otherwise. No clutter, no art, neutral colors, minimal necessities.  Just enough. We found it oddly restful, body and mind. (We also found ourselves relatively disconnected from electronic pollution, as the internet connection was third world at best, our cell phones worked randomly, and there was no landline.)
Our minds then went to the more complicated steps in clean up. We're not able to remove the clutter until we're able to be in our apartment again. Contractors and mold experts are working on that as I write, but we're thinking ahead to cleaning surfaces, using ozonators and HEPA filters and Bulletproof Homebiotic, increasing airflow in the apartment, and ascertaining that all areas (particularly the hidden ones under the sinks, in the window sliders, by the shower) are dehumidified and dry.
And then there's the step of detoxing ourselves from the exposure to the mold. Detoxing bodies from mold goes much further than the more general spring detox steps described in my article below.   A close Hawaii friend of ours discovered that her nasal congestion and itching and sneezing issues (which had disrupted her sleep for more than 20 years, and for which she had tried virtually everything) responded instantly to a nebulized solution of ½ colloidal silver  (Results RNA 200 ppm, for sale in our office)  and ½ 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide.  (Most chronic sinus infections are now thought to be due to mold.) And this is just a beginning to bodily detox.
Dietarily speaking, fungi love sugar.  As in an anti yeast protocol, ridding the diet of sugar and simple carbs), hard cheeses, alcohol, and mold contaminated foods such as peanuts and corn goes a long way to starving out the overgrowth. Raw garlic and ginger are helpful dietary additives. High quality probiotics are  also beneficial.
Read more about the medical services Dr. Connie offers  here:

New Associate:  Dr. David Kamnitzer, DC

Here at Pacific Naturopathic, we are excited to introduce to you the newest member of our "Wellness Team" -- Dr. David Kamnitzer, DC.

"Dr. David" is an accomplished healer, teacher, holistic chiropractor, ontological coach, writer, podcast and public-access television producer and host, with over 30 years in private practice as a holistic chiropractor.

He is one of less than 100 people worldwide currently certified in Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT), a state-of-the-art muscle-response technique that applies quantum physics to human biology. More about MFT  HERE and HERE
Dr. David graduated valedictorian and Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Sunnyvale, California in 1987.  His commitment and passion is to empower individuals to discover and release the blockages to the natural flow of Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, and Authentic Self-Expression.  He is often referred to as a "healer's healer".  He combines a clear mind and a loving heart with his wonderful gifts as a healer and teacher.

Don't just take our word for it... Reviews from Dr. David's patients may be found HERE and HERE

Dr. David shares:  "While my commitment and passion is guiding people into high levels of wellness, we all begin the journey in different places...with different concerns and challenges.
Common initial concerns and challenges include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Fatigue
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headache
  • Digestive complaints
  • The "blues"
  • Feeling "wired and tired"
  • Sleep challenges
  • Auto immune issues
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Immune support
  • Weight issues
  • Detoxifying guidance
  • EMF sensitivity
  • Feeling something is "not quite right"
Often time people experience health breakthroughs even if they have been to many other health practitioners prior to seeing me."

More about Dr. David and his work HERE
 and HERE
* * *

Dr. David is generously offering complimentary no-obligation 20-minute consultations and evaluations during the months of April and May 2018.

Call Pacific Naturopathic at 650-917-1121 to schedule your appointment ... and Dr. David mentioned it is OK to extend this offer to others as you are guided.



Dr. David Kamnitzer, DC
As the days get longer and we are "seeded" by the new multi-dimensional impulses of Spring ...

Are you ready to receive and be a good steward of this "New Life?"
Many of us are not.  Many of us are significantly entangled and bogged down by a combination of toxins, structural and movement challenges, and metaphysical blockages that interfere with the healthy expression of human possibility.
How can we open more fully to the "promise of spring?"
Here are a few powerful suggestions from my over 30 years in private practice:

1) Slow down and deepen your breathing pattern... and make sure you are breathing using your diaphragm.  The breath is the carrier of oxygen and prana, and is a powerful link between the conscious and subconscious mind.  This type of breathing is also a great way to help move lymphatic fluid through the body.

ACTION STEP:  Once or twice a day, lay on your back with something under your knees.  Put both hands on your lower belly.  Breathe in using your nose for a slow count of FOUR, in such a way that your belly moves towards the ceiling on the inhale.  Then, let the air out both your nose and mouth as you open and relax the back of your throat.  Wait till your body "wants" to take the next breath.  If your mind wanders, simply notice that it wandered, and bring your attention back to your breath.  Do this for three to five minutes.

2) Pay attention to that which resonates with your JOY!  Give it your attention and gratitude.

ACTION STEP:  Take out a full sheet of paper and write at the top:  THAT WHICH RESONATES WITH MY JOY.  Then number along the left margin.  Start writing.  Anything is fair game:  People, places, things, ideas, activities, qualities, shapes, colors, sounds, art, music.  FEEL the positve feelings you feel as you attune to these aspects of life.  Feel free to add to the list over time.
Keep the list at your bedside, and be with it when you awaken and just prior to sleep.

3) Release clutter and that which no longer serves you.

ACTION STEP:  Take an hour within the next few days and go through your closets and take out everything that doesn't uplift you anymore.  Put them in GIVE AWAY, THROW AWAY, and SELL piles.  Take appropriate action, KNOWING you are acting in Joy and Faith, and making room for that which DOES become you at this time.

Obviously, there is so much more to share on this topic.  This is good start.

Blessings, "Dr. David"

* * *

Dr. David is an associate at Pacific Naturopathic.  
For more information or to schedule with him, please phone Pacific Naturopathic at 650-917-1121

Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel's Own Story: 
The Self-Diagnosis We Missed


The symptoms were a vague mixed bag that didn't seem to point to a specific diagnosis: all-day mild to moderate headaches, occasional memory lapses, sneezing, skin rashes, chronic coughing, dry, itchy eyes, unrelenting fatigue, sleep disturbances, mucus membrane irritation and physical aches and pains.  Our blood test results were non-contributory to solving the mystery.  OMG, is this what aging is like?  All these little aches and pains?
We considered dietary intolerances and simplified our food intake.  We tried herbal tonics, natural (and unnatural) antihistamines, herbal cough syrups, adrenal support, natural anti-inflammatories and more.  We considered dust and environmental pollution so we use an upscale air purifier.  We tried to exercise more.  We hydrated better.  We consulted conventional physicians and steeled ourselves to try conventional pharmaceutical products.  Nothing helped. 
Then, last Saturday morning (March 17), as we were working in our study, we heard an insistent knocking on our door.  Descending the stairs, we saw a workman in a white jump suit and a respirator standing in our courtyard:
Dr. Marcel: "Hi, how may I help you?"
Workman: "I'm fixing a leak in the apartment next door and I think I just poked a hole in your kitchen wall."
We went into the kitchen and the "hole" turned out to be several huge gouges with
Black mold on sheetrock.
sheetrock and debris all over the floor and thick black mold covering everything!  I stood in silent, slack-jawed amazement for a few seconds then called Dr. Connie to come downstairs.  We took as much of our kitchen items out of the kitchen as we could, hastily packed a few personal items in a bag and checked into a hotel.  Since then, several moldy walls have been taken down, our kitchen has been completely deconstructed and there is no timetable for our return.  Once the walls were punched through, mold spores infiltrated everything - furniture, carpets, dusty corners - everywhere!  Decontamination may or may not be entirely successful. 
At environmental toxicity seminar we went to 3-4 years ago, we were taught that once a house has mold to the extent that ours has, the best thing to do is to move out and trash the house.  We probably won't do anything that drastic, but we will make sure the apartment is inspected and certified mold-free before we return.  In the meantime, we need to treat ourselves, since mold can continue to exist with the body and contribute to long-term physical ailments.  Here is what our initial treatment program looks like (it is in no way a comprehensive treatment for mold exposure; it is just a beginning):
Activated charcoal capsules.  Two capsules twice a day.  Charcoal binds toxins and helps carry them to excretion. Make sure you select activated charcoal made from coconut shells or other natural sources.

Raw Garlic. Garlic has strong anti-fungal properties and can kill black mold. The recommended amount is 2-4 grams of fresh garlic per day, or 600-900 milligrams of garlic tablets a day for toxic mold exposure.

Cut out sugar.  Fungi in the body require the presence of sugar for survival. Reducing the amount of sugar can help your body get rid of any black mold symptoms.

Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll can be found in green veggies and can also be taken as a supplement. It is anti-fungal and antibacterial.

Natural antihistamines.   Vitamin C (liposomal), quercetin, stinging nettle and bromelain work to stabilize mast cells and bring symptomatic relief.
We'll present the next chapter in this saga in our May newsletter... stay tuned!

For more on Dr. Marcel's work click  HERE.

Cleansing is a a Personal, Non-Generic Event


Sometimes patients call and let us know that they'd like to pick up a cleanse or detox supplies. Whereas we could sell those "Detox in a Box" kits that you might find at Whole Foods or local health food stores, it is far better to decide what is individually appropriate. Protocols are different for the extremely sensitive, for those who are chronically ill, for those who have heavy metal or environmental chemical toxicity, for those who have liver concerns.
In the musings above, I briefly mentioned mental and environmental detox. That always has to be part of the detox program. (The mental, emotional detox can be facilitated through Emotional Freedom Technique, counseling or flower remedies)  Next comes dietary detox. Many of our patients have long since accomplished this step, but newer patients may not have attended to diet. Consuming a diet laden with sugar, gluten, dairy and sensitivities specific to oneself is comparable to consuming poison with one hand while trying to antidote it with the other. For such a person, dietary change may be the only step a person can manage. For others, fasting with a 10-14 day medical food nutrient and detoxification shake, with food elimination and challenge, may be an easy first step.
The channels of elimination are lymph, liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and skin. For each of these, there are basic steps to follow. Jump on a rebounder or drink cranwater (unsweetened cranberry juice in water) or indulge in lymphatic massage to stimulate the lymphatic system. Try roasted ground dandelion root tea, consume liver friendly foods (beets, watercress, artichokes, cruciferous veggies), and make use of castor oil packs to detox the liver. Make sure to maximize elimination through the colon (If this is an issue for you, you may need help with this one. It is vital, though, as toxins cleared by the kidneys are dumped into the colon.) Clear the kidneys with pure water between meals. After freshening the air in your home environment with HEPA filters, or finding an outdoor space with natural greenery, practice deep breathing exercises for lung health.  The skin is actually the largest organ of detoxification, and infrared sauna treatments help you sweat out toxins. Dry skin brushing improves blood and lymphatic circulation and the health of the skin.
Heavy metal chelation and other more intensive detoxification protocols are best initiated after making sure that all channels of elimination have been cleared. Homeopathic or spagyric homeopathic protocols are generally directed towards lymph, liver and kidneys, and can also be directed towards occult infections and organ stagnation.  (We use Pekana medicines for this purpose).  In patients who are quite unwell, we recommend further initial testing to determine appropriate protocols that the patient can actually tolerate. In others, we may move to stronger herbs or nutrients to enhance organ specific detox. During some of these processes, we may advise I.V. support (Myers cocktail, glutathione, amino acids) or other directed therapies. 
The journey of a thousand miles always begins with a first step, and is quite different from person to person. We encourage you to begin and see where you are led.


Find out more about Dr. Connie's work  HERE.

Recommended by 
Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel...

In this section of our newsletter, we will describe unique, hard to find, health care products we offer in the new, small retail section of our clinic.

Homebiotic Concentrate 
from Bulletproof Products

*  Maintains a healthy balance of microbes in your home
*  1 application covers 1000 square feet
*  Non-toxic, GMO-free, Gluten-free
*  Pleasant citrus smell from organic botanical oils
Homebiotic is an all-natural probiotic spray derived from healthy soil. It helps to restore a beneficial bacterial microbiome in your home.
Current treatments for mold in the home either aren't safe or practical, or they don't last. For example, chlorine bleach is toxic to people and also ruins many of the surfaces in a home that are prone to mold growth, like painted drywall. Other home antifungals are made of micronized salt, which stops working as soon as it is no longer evenly distributed on a given surface because the salt has to be there to prevent the mold from growing. It's also difficult to apply to vertical surfaces, so its effects tend to be temporary.
Homebiotic can help balance the microbiome in any indoor area,
especially parts of your home that have suffered water damage or may
be prone to moisture.
* Underneath sinks and cabinets
* Around windows and windowsills
* On carpets
* Near exterior doors
* By your washing machine
* In basements and garages
* Inside enclosed areas, especially during construction
A new, natural way to keep your home healthy - Homebiotic is easy to apply, effective and one treatment lasts up to six months.  For more information:
Available in our office for $29.95

I.V. Glutathione Benefits for Optimal Health


Glutathione benefits include living longer, living better, better sports performance, slow aging and increased energy. Glutathione (GSH) is made naturally by our bodies. It is our body's master antioxidant and detoxifier.   GSH deficiency is linked to about 70 diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke and many others.
Here are the benefits of having increased levels of glutathione in our bodies:
1. GSH is the body's master antioxidant and detoxifier. Vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin E and alpha lipoic acid become unstable after they have neutralized free radicals. GSH re-stabilizes the vitamins, allowing them to do their job again and again. Deficiency of GSH makes other antioxidants ineffective in fighting free radicals.
2. GSH is anti-inflammatory.  GSH rids the body of  free radicals, preventing cellular inflammation which leads to many diseases. GSH is the body's fire extinguisher.
3. GSH is abundant in the liver. The liver is the main organ of detoxification, ridding the body of waste materials.  GSH also removes drug poisons, environmental toxins and heavy metals from the body.
4. GSH transports proteins and nutrients into the cells.  Even with a good diet, lack of GSH may lead to malnutrition.
5. GSH protects the immune cells from oxidative stress, allowing immune cells to neutralize viruses and bacteria.
6. GSH is needed for energy production. GSH protects energy-producing cells from oxidative damage.
7. GSH never becomes a free radical. GSH constantly recycles itself in order to neutralize free radicals and support other antioxidants.
8. GSH slows down aging. Studies indicate that higher GSH levels are protective against age-related diseases. 
9. GSH protects your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light. It can  help prevent macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease. 
10. GSH improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.  GSH improves skin health by helping keep it moist, supple and inflammation free. It also stabilizes collagen, helping to prevent premature aging.
11. GSH induces delta wave sleep. When GSH is oxidized, two oxidized GSH molecules come together to form GSSG, Glutathione disulfide. GSSG creates deep and restful sleep, allowing the body to fully repair and rejuvenate itself.
12. GSH supports peak athletic performance and accelerates muscle recovery. Athletes may experience better endurance and  faster recovery. 
Intravenous glutathione therapy is  available  in our office.  
A simple GSH push takes about 10 minutes. Combined with a Myers Cocktail, 
glutathione is restorative and powerfully anti-aging.



Interested in exploring the world of IV nutrient therapy?  
Dr. Marcel is happy to address any of your questions.

Please phone 650-917-1121 for more information.

It's Never Too Late to Clean Up Your Act...

Jane 2013

But it's important to start changing now. What I'm referring to is the inner child work which EVERYONE needs to do. Social psychologists and researchers have determined that what happened to us between the womb and 6 years old has effects on us which we carry for the rest of our lives.
Our experiences and the emotions they elicit - anger, fear, happiness, sadness, love, hate - become part of the baggage we carry, and it can get heavy. As adults the habits and beliefs from childhood remain with us and continue to determine our behavior. Many times we are not even aware of how much they control us.
Have you ever asked yourself, 'Why do I keep doing that" or "Why do I react that way"? Well, the answers probably lie with your younger self.
So many of these belief patterns were imposed on your younger self by parents, teachers, family and even friends and neighbors. So, this information and life experience can lead you to create beliefs about yourself and the world, which may not necessarily be true, yet continue to determine how you behave.
With hypnotherapy we do something called "peeling the onion". We uncover each layer of your self until we get to where it all began. Then, you attend to the child and, in effect, help your adult self too.
If you knew a child who was distressed and needed help would you try to help? I bet you would. So what about your own younger self? Only you can go back and give that child comfort and help change erroneous beliefs that the child might have. This is profound work.
Some of us might say, "Oh that thing that happened with my dad was a long time ago and I'm over it". But you know what, that's not necessarily so. That little one needs help or the load you have been carrying will just get heavier.
You can push things down and away for your whole life but that does not mean it still doesn't have a hold on you. These unresolved feelings from childhood can be an unconscious limitation on your present life. It can affect all the areas of your life - relationships, family love, money self-esteem and even your health.
Why not choose to be free of those burdens? Why not neutralize the unhelpful patterns that keep repeating? Why not move forward and realize a happier, more successful life?
"Peeling the onion" with hypnotherapy is a powerful way to welcome Spring and truly clean up your act.

* * * 

Jane sees clients at Pacific Naturopathic on Thursdays 
and in Sonoma and San Francisco by appointment.
Schedule an appointment with Jane Hernandez, CCHT, by phoning 510-676-1460, or by email at

* * *
For more information about Jane and her work  click here.
Medical Humor:  A Break From 
"Matters of Consequence"

About food:
Five Ingredient Detox  Smoothie


This luscious smoothie starts with a handful of fresh or frozen berries.   Blueberries are our favorite  because organic blueberries are readily available all year-long. Here's the recipe:

1 cup frozen berries

1 cup organic spinach or kale

1/2 cup bananas, previously peeled, sliced & frozen

1 Tbsp flaxseed meal

1 cup fruit juice (I mixed pomegranate & orange = my faves)

optional: 2 Tbsp silken tofu


  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend on high until smooth. If too thick, add a splash more juice or water. For more sweetness, add extra frozen banana. Pour into two serving glasses and enjoy.
So creamy. So delicious.   So much detoxifying goodness in the form of: fiber, antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, folic acid and phytonutrients.

Breast Thermography at
Pacific Naturopathic
- we evaluate thermal risk ratings -


One of the reasons that we favor breast thermography is that it gives us parameters that we can monitor to understand whether or not chosen treatment protocols are effective. 

When we see thermal risk ratings reflecting increasing temperature differentials between the breasts, we know that there is something happening in one breast that is not happening in the other breast.  We evaluate the possible causes and develop an individualized 3 month treatment protocol. The protocol may be as simple as lymphatic breast massage or a detox diet, or it may be quite complex, involving anti inflammatory botanicals, hormonal balancing, or even dental protocols. 

After 3 months of following a protocol, we expect to see improved thermal risk ratings. If we do not, we understand either that the protocol needs to be changed, or that we need further diagnostics to understand exactly what is happening with the breast in question.  

Read more about 
breast  thermography  at
Pacific Naturopathic   here.

Pacific Naturopathic Hawaii: 
Be One With Nature in Paradise

Check Future Openings 
(then click on "Calendar")

Strolling the beach at Waipio Valley, just four miles
and a hike away from your Hawaii vacation rental home.
Finding yourself in need of a quiet space in which you might restore your outer self through communion with nature, and re-experience the peace and calmness of your deep inner Self? 

What better way to clear your mind than to enjoy a respite on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii?  Relax on the porch overlooking the property, taking in views of the ocean and even of distant Maui. Wander the grounds of Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center and pluck fruit from the trees.  Find abundant organic produce at the many colorful Farmer's Markets. Just down the road a few miles, visit the spectacular Waipio Valley (aka the "Valley of the Kings" where the spiritual and earthly worlds co-exist.) Journey to the beach for sun and ocean bathing.  Or take in the wonders of the Volcano National Park.
Check below for openings.  If you're in the Bay Area and looking for good airfares and great service, try Alaska Airlines. We fly from San Jose direct to Kona, but as new direct routes are opened from other Bay Area Airports, fares can be quite inexpensive. Look for the low fare calendars, as fares vary day to day.

Check our RETREAT CALENDAR  and see if there is an opening that works for you.

* * *

Isn't it time you treated yourself to a magical experience?
Come, enjoy, rejuvenate and reinvent yourself. 

For more information, please visit our dedicated web site.

The Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care

News and Commentary on Cancer Topics

* * * * *

What We Offer  at the  Hernandez Center 
for Adjunctive Cancer Care

There is light in the darkness

Our cancer patients often ask us to give them an estimate of the effectiveness of therapy at the Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care. We respond that  our entire focus is on helping our patients stay healthy, upbeat and positive. 

The truth is that the botanical and nutritional therapies we offer (including  intravenous vitamin C), although 'adjunctive' in nature, have powerful documented actions in decreasing inflammation, reducing tumor load and attacking cancer stem cells. 

  Our mind/body approaches are focused on transformation of experience.  And our bodywork approaches help reduce muscular pain, resolve lymph drainage problems and relieve stress. 
  The hope we offer is not that of a miraculous cure, 
although we are definitely open to miracles, 
but the hope of a life lived to the fullest in dignity 
and understanding, for however long that may be.

Hyperthermia Therapy: 
 Using Heat to Help Heal Cancer

By Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

The fact that heat in all its forms is good for the body seems to be instinctual knowledge within us. It's the main reason why people in the colder northern climates flock to warm sunny climes such as California, Florida, the Caribbean, and Spain in wintertime, after all.

But can heat actually heal cancer?

Cancer-Causing Toxins Lurking in 
Household Cleaning Products

By Ty Bollinger

Have you ever walked down the cleaning and laundry soap aisle in your local grocery store and been assaulted with so many fragrances you wanted to run the other way? All of those concentrated chemical scents are pretty hard to take - especially if you suffer from allergies - and it isn't just an assault on your nose.
Fragranced consumer products in the form of soaps, cleaners, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, laundry detergents, and personal care products are widespread in society. Studies have repeatedly shown that the  synthetic fragrances and other toxic chemicals included in these products are causing a range of health problems for humans. They're also harming wildlife and contributing to environmental pollution.

Pete Holland , MFA Creative Writing, Oregon State University (2019)
I underwent chemotherapy for Hodgkins lymphoma. My hair fell out, and it came back thin and patchy, so I just shave it now. My lung capacity is diminished, which sucks since I like to run and bike. I have Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy, which means my feet have been slightly asleep for five years, and will likely never wake up completely. Other than the money I save on hair care, I think we can all agree that these outcomes are all bad.

I also think we can agree that dying would have been much worse. That's the decision I made when I chose to undergo chemo, which wasn't really a choice at all. There was no doubt in my mind. I entered into treatment without hesitation, and I have no regrets.

16 Cancer Causing Foods 
That You Are Most Likely Eating

By Caroline Bayard
Brace yourself, as some items on this list are everyday items you might eat everyday or grew up eating. Even food touted as healthy can  turn out to have carcinogenic ingredients...

Other I.V. Therapies Offered at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center

--I.V. therapy is not just for cancer patients--

Many people have already heard about intravenous vitamin C as a complementary cancer therapy to help stimulate the immune system as well as being directly cytotoxic to cancer cells. This is the most common therapy we use at the Hernandez Center for our cancer patients. 
But intravenous therapy is not just for cancer patients.   More than half of our IV patients come for various  "cocktails" to help them ward off infections and optimize their health.  We offer a number of individualized versions of the famous "Myers Cocktail." Read about the Myers Cocktail HERE
Other cocktails we offer promote brain health, assist the liver in its detoxification efforts, relieve the symptoms of chronic fatigue, help reduce stress, bring rapid relief from sinusitis, colds and flus, address immune system disorders, slow the progression of macular degeneration, reduce chronic pain and fibromyalgia and many other conditions.

Who Would Benefit from IV Vitamin Therapies?

Although anyone could benefit from IV therapy, people with the following health concerns especially benefit from IV therapies:
  • Advanced Aging
  • Allergies
  • ALS
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Asthma
  • Atherosclerosis 
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Before and after surgery
  • Cancer treatment
  • Cancer prevention
  • Chron's Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Colds and Flus, both preventive and acute treatment
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Dementia
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Detoxification
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Fatty Liver
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gastritis
  • General health maintenance
  • Hangover recovery
  • Heart disease
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • High blood pressure
  • Immune system disorders
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Insomnia
  • Joint Replacement candidates
  • Liver detoxification
  • Low functioning immune systems
  • Lyme disease
  • Macular degeneration
  • Malabsorption syndrome
  • Migraine headaches
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • PMS
  • Post Stroke
  • Post trauma/post surgical wound healing
  • Prior to important events, meetings or travel
  • Respiratory infections
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Serotonin increase in the brain
  • Sinusitis
  • Times when one cannot afford to be tired or Ill
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Ulcers
  • Viral infections
  • And More... 
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