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March 2015
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Tech-Knowledge 2015

March 17th

Doubletree Hotel

501 Camino Del Rio


Explore new tools to tackle your most pressing technology challenges and needs. 


Reservations are required,


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Have you noticed the emerging tech scene in La Plata County?  I think you'd be surprised by how many software and IT companies are popping up.  


Aside from the area's tech giant, Mercury Payment Systems, employing over 400, there are dozens of consultants and software design/development companies that are quickly expanding, opening up beautiful SW Colorado to a bit of that Silicon Valley excitement. Durango is capturing the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs and developers who want to grow their business but also crave that outdoor lifestyle.  

The strong sense of community in Durango extends into the tech world. Organizations and initiatives such as 
Region 9 , SBDC , La Plata County Economic Alliance , SCAPE , Durango Coders , and  Durango Tech   are helping technical professionals start and
grow businesses here.  Between the tech events and meetups related to the industry, it's becoming increasingly easier to network in Durango.


With additional help from economic drivers like increased internet speeds and the proposed airport expansion,  it seems that just like spring flowers, the Tech scene in Durango is blooming!




Melissa Glick

CEO, Think Network Technologies

Digital Spring Cleaning
By: Alicia Hernandez, Think Technical Writer


The middle of February had many of us hiking in the 60+ degree sunshine, concerned about water for the year, and generally preparing for spring and summer. Spring ... was in the air! Along with the freshness of spring comes our desire to also freshen up the house with a little "spring cleaning." But how about tidying up your technology this spring too? Here are a few spring cleaning tips for your digital life.


Cyber Attacks and Your Business

By: Alicia Hernandez, Think Technical Writer

With all of these massive data breaches happening within some of the largest companies in the world, I cannot help but think it is only a matter of time before something happens within my company.  I'm sure you have the same fear too...and if you don't, you should! Think about it. 


Click to read article.


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