A More Joyful Beginning - Spring Equinox
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March 2017
Greetings Dear Friends, the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere arrives on Monday!

At this time, we cross the threshold from the final degrees of Pisces (an ultimate culmination) and we begin a new 12 month Sun cycle starting in Aries (emergence).

For this Spring Equinox, we are focusing on the balsamic conjunction of the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius - a time to harvest our emotional maturity!

Thank you for sharing this journey with us! 

Blessings and peace,

Wolfram and Sappho
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The images below were captured throughout Bavaria
representing the sign of Aries.

Aries Collage
On March 20, 2017, the Sun moves into the sign of Aries on what is known as the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere).   

Spring Equinox - A More Joyful  Beginning

When we say beginning we imply something has just ended. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali begin with the word "atha", which means so much, but can be summarized as "since you have finished your previous efforts, now the next phase can begin".

Life often teaches us to look at endings as unfavorable and beginnings as favorable. In truth, both are beautiful if we allow it.  When we are aware, what we have learned at the end of the previous cycle can become the source of wisdom that informs us "how" we can make the best of the new cycle ahead.


In the natural zodiac, there are 12 houses beginning with the first house and the sign of Aries and ending with the twelfth house and the sign Pisces.   The transition from the final degrees of Pisces to the first degrees of Aries represents one of these ultimate thresholds in astrology, moving from culmination to emergence.

At this time, the Sun has moved through all 12 signs and is ready to start the cycle over again, crossing the threshold from Pisces to Aries to begin anew.

Collectively, we all experience this transition as the Sun enters Aries on the Spring Equinox (in the Northern hemisphere) each year.  On this day, we start anew as well and experience a new 1 year cycle of the Sun around the zodiac!

Fear not the ending or the beginning, but rejoice in the freedom of choice, expansion, transformation and rebirth!

Overall Engeries of the Spring Equinox

At this Spring Equinox, Venus will still be retrograde 8 degrees from the Sun.  So, all the qualities of "revisting" and "reviewing" relationships and love is still active on the Spring Equinox. 

Both the Sun and Venus will be in the sign of Aries and Mars rules Aries.  He will be in the sign of Taurus.  Taurus is ruled by Venus. 

So, we have Venus and Mars in mutual reception.  This mutual reception may support a deeper understanding of your most essential values related to your own happiness, comfort and stability.  Most importantly, how to assert your innermost values into your relationships.

Additionally, Jupiter will also still be retrograde.

We are inspired to write about one strong aspect of the chart for the Spring Equinox, which embodies the energy of the Springtime ahead.

The Moon Balsamic Conjunct Saturn

At this Spring Equinox, we have a balsamic conjunction of the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius.  A balsamic conjunction is the final aspect prior to the new phase. 

Think of balsamic as a balsam of understanding and appreciation that soothes and can lead to healing!

This is mirrored in the threshold from the final degrees of Pisces (today) and the movement into the first degrees of Aries.

A balsamic conjunction whispers to us:

"How we end this cycle contains  
the seeds of the new cycle to come".

In this transit:
  • The Moon relates to our home, our family, our emotions, but also our capacity to feel secure and to nurture others.  
  • Saturn relates to the truth that has unfolded over time that can result in wisdom.
  • Together, the balsamic conjunction of the Moon and Saturn bring the potential for emotional wisdom!

Since this conjunction is taking place with the Spring Equinox and the beginning of a new cycle of life and growth, this new cycle has the potential for each of us to recognize how we have grown emotionally and to take the next step toward greater emotional wisdom.

I find the Minor Asteroids often add a degree of color to explain any astrological pairing. On the Spring Equinox, the Minor Asteroid Odysseus is conjunct the Moon and Saturn.  In myth, after the Trojan War, Odysseus spent ten years freeing himself from the trauma of war and discovering a deeper aspect of himself.  The process of freeing ourselves from the emotions of past traumas is one we can probably relate to in some way (or, in a big way).

Odysseus wandered for ten years on his journey to return to his home in Ithaca and to his wife Penelope and son Telemachus. While Odysseus was the last warrior to return to Greece, the time he wandered to rediscover his home allowed him to return both a wise and happy man.

Saturn is asking if your emotions serve you
to find your way back home,
back to your soul.

Or, are your emotions pulling you into a journey that
continually delays your return to
this place of ultimate strength and joy.

Why did we focus on this piece of mythology? The Spring Equinox begins with the Sun moving into Aries and announces a time of strength, courage, action and self-discovery. 

Our emotions can entangle us with our past  
(Saturn rules the passage of time)

and put is in a cage  
(Saturn represents boundaries). 


We can chose freedom and  
recognize our truth (Sagittarius) and  
foster the emotions of empowerment in our world. 

In this way, we can experience the fulfillment Odysseus found in the mists of our collective past.

  • May you enter this new cycle of life with strength and courage!
  • May you explore new levels of self-awareness!
  • May you embrace the emotional wisdom deep within you!
"How we end this cycle contains  
the seeds of the new cycle to come".

Can you hear the whisper?  Are you listening?  Are you tuned to the message?

Or, does too much noise still exist of from what is ending for you to hear the guidance being whispered?

At these times, reflection is always recommended to quiet the lake of the mind so that you can clearly see your reflection upon the water. Saturn supports your maturation.

Saturn wants you to see the light of truth so that real growth can take place.  If you do not see clearly where you are, you can't know where you need to go.

We wish you a lovely journey!


Bavarian Adventures

One of our favorite things to do is to visit flea markets and
collect the things no one wants any more. 

These often include adorable post cards and
small lithographs.

Here are a couple of delights related to Easter to
help launch you into the joys of Spring!



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