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Spring Equinox Turn of the Wheel 2013 


The Wisdom of Innocence


For some of you, as difficult as it may seem to believe, there is an innocent part that has never been touched by the painful appearances of this world.  It is this innocent part that is still unified with the whole of creation and you are becoming more aware of it by contrast in this world. Like myself, even though you intuitively knew otherwise, you may have been holding on to the hope that at the end of 2012 there would be such a massive shift in consciousness that EVERYONE on the planet would perceive. That didn't happen. So it would be easy to become discouraged and throw the "baby out with the bathwater" deciding that all our efforts toward healing our shadow to support planetary birth were a waste of time and energy. From my perspective in the hologram, a shift HAS occurred in the subtle realms, it is just not fully perceivable by the planetary collective in 3D as yet. It is still shimmering into and out of the reality we perceive like the misty Lady of the Lake wafting over the waters of Avalon. Many of us are still in the alchemical dissolution process that occurs in the chrysalis before birth. Some are still wriggling free of the apparent containment of the darkness they experience as they walk into the Unknown and work to break free of patterns that have defined and limited their freedom and authentic expression. For many, the more expansive vibrational newborn is still in the gestational waters awaiting birth. All is in the kairos of divine order and timing.


How can we "rub the belly" of this dimensional birthing process within the Self? How can we love this innocent, wonder filled, trusting, opened-hearted, expanded expression of Self into being fully reborn in our awareness? (If your mind is saying, "That would be an insane position to hold in this crazy world" consider that you may still be wriggling free of the chrysalis.) Quite simply, there is a wisdom found in innocence that comes from direct connection to Source, which can be accessed in no other way.



What would it take for you to love and nurture this innocent self as you would a newborn? To lavish adoring attention and care on this holy innocent within you? This is the position that Buddhists call Beginner's Mind because from this innocent perception, each moment is new, unconditioned by the past or the future and thus awe-filled. What is life, is soft, flexible, open. What is death is stiff, unyielding, closed. Wherever you have come to holding life rigidly in belief systems, pain, emotional contraction, fear, worry etc, you are being called to the perspective of new-born flexibility, perceptual mobility and openness to new possibilities.  


Spring Equinox is a time supportive of a "new-born" perspective as new life pushes through the hard soil of winter, the elements clear out the old and water the new seedlings of possibility sprouting in us. It is a potent time at this Turn of Gaia's Eight spoked Wheel to honor and encourage the re-birth of our intrinsic innocence, the openness to possibility within us. If we need to compost something in the earth, to make that rebirth more possible, then this is a perfect time of year to ceremonially offer that. It is the energetically aligned time to plant the seeds of our heart's intention for this cycle. At a planetary level it is time to recommit to both transmutation through our own alchemical inner process, and to offer back to Gaia whatever we can to facilitate Her rebirth.




Beyond hope or fear, a new cycle has begun on many levels on Earth. You are here at the beginning of this cycle to be fully present, to participate and be a Witness through the eyes of innocence, to the new frequency birthing us as a planetary collective. Celebrate! What a gift to be alive right now when as poet Christopher Fry says, "Wrong comes up to face us everywhere, until we take the longest stride of soul men ever took". May we take that step joyfully together!


In Devotion to the Innocent Heart,





The human heart can go to the lengths of God.


Dark and cold we may be, but this is no winter now.


The frozen misery of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move.


The thunder is the thunder of flows,


The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.


Thank God our time is now when wrong


Comes up to face us everywhere,


Never to leave us until we take


The longest stride of soul men ever took.


Affairs are now soul sized


The enterprise is exploration into God


And where are you making for?


It takes so many thousands of years to wake


But will you wake for heaven's sake?


~ Christopher Fry


 Spring Equinox Gathering for 13 Moon Priestesses
Wednesday, March 20th 
Santa Barbara, CA


Mother is calling us to gather and build a nest to rest and receive the gifts of this Spring Equinox. To join in sisterhood and open to the greater vision that wants to be birthed in our collective community of the 13 Moon Mystery School.


Wednesday March 20th, 2013 Spring Equinox we will gather on the magical land of Avalon, 1400 acres of pristine nature which is situated in the Foothills of Santa Barbara. Temple Keeper Sarah Uma is a steward of this land and will host this gathering. 


If you have gone through the journey of the 13 Moons or have had a personal initiation into these teachings, we invite you to come dream with us as we plant our seeds into the fertile spring soil of our soul.


Come camp overnight, or join us for the evening fire circle as we use the potent energies of Spring Equinox to bring forth this blossoming vision. Let nature and our sisterhood  fill your chalice so that you may offer from a place of fullness.




We will have a late afternoon hike and take in the sunset and then share in a potluck meal. Our dream fire circle will begin around 7:00 p.m. For those that are staying over night we will awaken the day with a morning dream weaving circle and share breakfast.

We ask that you bring an offering of a poem, dance, anything that inspires your soul to blossom and an offering for the potluck if joining for dinner.


Donations are welcomed.


For more information and directions call Sarah Uma 805.448.7558 of e-mail


We are calling in women who are ready to commit to the 13 Moon Mystery School mission/vision, and be an active participant in creation. 


Do you hear the mythic call to be of greater service in sharing the Archetypal energies of the Divine Feminine? Do you wish to collaborate and co-create a circle that will unite the communities of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and greater Southern California? 


We will be offering a variety of events highlighting different Archetypal energies. Each woman will be called to offer her unique gifts and hold an event in her home area focused on one of the 13 Moon Archetypes.




Spring Equinox Service Project & Celebration
with Literacy for Environmental Justice
Saturday, March 23rd
San Francisco, CA 

The 13 Moon Mystery School is partnering with Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) on a service project in honor of Spring Equinox.  LEJ works to cultivate the next generation of community leaders in one of the Bay Area's poorest neighborhoods.
Spend a few hours with your hands in the earth as you work side-by-side with these budding leaders and horticulturalists to restore their community one seed at a time. 
Potluck BBQ follows!
Light snacks and refreshments provided. 
Please bring something to share with the group. 
Dress in layers.  
Location: Bayview Hunter's Point in San Francisco.  
Time: 10am to 1pm or so...RSVP for exact time.  Children age 10 and over are welcome as long as supervised by a parent.  
RSVP for all the details: 



Final thoughts ~
"If someone experiences Trust and Consciousness in the heart of Divine embrace, they become a child of light. If someone does not receive this, it is because they remain attached to what they know; when they cease to be attached, they will be able to receive this gift. Whoever receives this light in nakedness will no longer be recognizable; none will be able to grasp them, none will be able to make them sad or miserable, whether they are in this world or have left it. They already know the truth in images. For them, this world has become another world, and this temple space is fullness. They are who they are. They are one. Neither shadow nor light can hide them."
The Gospel of Philip
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