Spring Equinox 2018
Dear Friends, in the northern hemisphere, Spring is in the air and all of life feels renewed!  We wanted to pass along a quick newsletter about the Spring Equinox and the influences on a societal and personal level.

May we all feel radiant and connected to spirit!

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.  

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Spring Equinox  
Primarvera Arrival of Spring
Primavera - the Arrival of Spring by Sandro Botticeli

Spring has sprung and life enters a cycle of renewal and we feel renewed by the energy.  The chart for the Spring Equinox will energize the next 3 months until the Summer Solstice.  We wanted to discuss how this chart will impact the United States specifically and then suggest how it might impact us all as individuals.

United States of America Spotlight

If we set the chart of the Spring Equinox at Washington, DC, we see how our nation's capital might be impacted.  This is not meant to be a political article, but it really does feel that this chart mirrors the energy present in our nation's capital, which means that this energy might be exaggerated further. 

First, we see that Neptune in Pisces is on the Midheaven at the nation's capital.  Neptune brings a quality of fog and the inability to see clearly.  Sometimes this energy results in something being hidden, either intentionally or unintentionally.  If there is a game of "hide and seek" being played out in Washington, we would expect that game to continue over the next three months.

Second, we see that Saturn in Capricorn sitting on the 7th house cusp.  This relates to difficulties in relationships and a general lack of openness or flexibility.  Look for relationships in Washington to experience tests and expect some relationships to fall apart and other relationships to harden. 

Third, Mars in Capricorn is just beneath the 7th house cusp, bringing a quality of assertiveness or aggression or an 'in your face' combat.  Expect the 'emotional temperature' in the nation's capital to rise a few degrees throughout this spring. 

Fourth, Neptune, Saturn and Mars are considered 'malefics', which means they tend not to play nicely in the sandbox of life.  So, be prepared to read about a few more 'sandbox spats' over the next few months.

Finally, below is the Astro*Carto*Graphy(TM) map of the Spring Equinox chart where we see that these three energies (the malefics not playing well in the sandbox) are focused at Washington, DC.  Saturn and Mars are about 180 miles away and Neptune is right there.  In our experience, the orb of influence of a planet is 250 miles.

Spring Equinox 2018
Personal Spotlight
We just spoke of Mars and Saturn being malefics, but let's consider how you can embrace their positive projection. 

When we enter the Spring Equinox, the Sun is in the sign of Aries.   Aries speaks of confident, noble action when we embrace the positive aspects of this archetype.  Mars rules the sign of Aries.

In this ennobled state, Mars does not know fear and is not acting out of protection.  We feel the radiance of the Sun being influenced in this way at this time.  Hold onto that notion:  radiance, confidence, nobility, no fear and no protection.

For this Spring Equinox, Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn.   Remember, when we embrace the confident and noble aspects of Mars, we are not afraid. 

The positive aspects of Saturn, who rules Capricorn, deeply wants us to have freedom from fear by embracing the truth!  Many of you might recall the story I share with you related to The Three Little Pigs in your astrology consultation where the Third Little Pig receives Saturn's gift of freedom from fear.

In this way, we can think of Saturn as kindly Uncle Saturn.  Your wise uncle who wants to support you by helping you to feel comfortable living in truth.

One positive thing you can do for yourself this Spring is confidently shine the light of truth on various aspects of your life to see where fear is hiding out.  Once you identify those places, sit with them.  Acknowledge that they exist. 

Sit with this fear often see how acknowledging it reduces its power.  By sitting with it, we mean that you are to be present with the fear, which means you are not interacting with it, thinking about it or judging it.

If you can get comfortable enough with this fear, take some confident action via first steps to eliminating this fear.  The longer we allow a fear to exist, the strong it gets.  Particularly, we have heard more than one person expressing financial fears.

Here are some examples.
Finances - If finances are causing fear, then open that bank account and take inventory from a place of presence and determine if you can create a 1 to 3 year plan to eliminate this fear.  Or, potentially, would reaching out to a financial advisor be a good idea at this time.  
If your goals and dreams are not in alignment with the reality of your financial situation, sit with that and, when you are ready, start to consider options.  Sometimes, this means we have to adjust our blueprint for the future. 
Health - If your weight or dietary choices are causing some fear, take the first steps at defining an exercise and diet plan.  Search the internet for ideas and tools or reach out to an exercise or nutrition coach.
Relationships - If relationships and connections are causing fear, start researching options for socializing whether via volunteer opportunities, social meetups or webinars.
One key to Saturn, he likes to know that
you have both taken stock and also taken action. 

He does not need you to achieve
your goals in the next month,
but he does want to know that
you are working on it. 

That is the path to freedom from fear!


The Neptune In Scorpio Generation
Anyone born roughly between 1956 and 1970

The Healing Power of
Transiting Jupiter In Scorpio

Jupiter has been transiting Scorpio since October 2017 and will continue his journey through Scorpio until about November 2018.  And, amazingly, it is already nearing the end of March!  So, time to check in with this important transit for the Neptune in Scorpio generation born from roughly 1956 to 1970.

Here we are talking about  
natal Neptune in Scorpio  
being transited by Jupiter. 

It is important to take a step back and remember that Neptune is an outer planet, a slow moving planet as are Uranus and Pluto.  The result of the slow movement is that these planets form generational signatures. 

Neptune in Scorpio is a generational signature impacting souls born from 1956 to 1970.  This signature last occurred around 1806!  This context helps to frame the importance of this transit to evolution at the collective level.

We have written a lot about this transit and you can refer to the last two newsletters in our archive for more information. 
Here are dates and degrees as a reminder:
Jupiter will travel direct  
until Mar 9, 2018,  
when he goes retrograde  
at 23 Scorpio
Done - By this time,  
most everyone  
in this group  
will have been  
impacted once.
Jupiter will travel retrograde  
until Jul 9, 2018, all the way  
back to 13 Scorpio.
Happening Now - This will be the  
second pass for  
each person.
Jupiter will then travel direct  
until he leaves Scorpio  
in early November 2018
Coming Soon - The final pass for 12 years

Please Share

We are all in this together, if you want to write us and share a sentence of two that sum up what you are feeling at this time, we would like to compile those experiences to share in our next newsletter as it can be so helpful to know that we are not alone on this journey!

Las Vegas Update

We planted flowers on our balcony.  All the neighbors thought we were crazy and seemed to whisper (do they know those are going to die). 

We know they can't last the summer heat, but until June we should be able to have some lovely blooms!

We also purchased a hummingbird feeder and have made a lot of new fast flying friends!