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Spring Equinox 2019

Spring is in Bloom!

Happiest of New beginnings on this New Moon day, as I sit to write this newsletter.  What is blooming in your life this Spring? Do you need another dose of blessings from the Dolphins?  What are you sprouting in your life, could it be a new idea? Are you making a shift even in a small way towards a new and improved you? I certainly am...

The news from Dolphin Central is all about new technology, as my team and I completely redo my website so it will be mobile friendly. I refuse to die as a dinosaur, so they are bringing me into this century. Stay tuned for a special update when it's time to reveal the new and improved!

Captain Erin, who has been interning with me is driving the boat more often, so I am looking at what is blooming...let's say budding, as that's the real truth for me. I have always loved taking pictures of all of you out on the boat and sending them to you as magical memories. Now with Erin driving, I get to have the opportunity to become a budding NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER.
Learning while propping the lens
I am listening  to the great nature photographers who join me in the boat and am busy doing my research for the perfect camera for my needs. It definitely needs to be able to get wet!
You can expect me to be on one of the swim boards getting towed along with you and taking underwater photos of you having fun being a dolphin for a day. The water is a comfortable warmth already and feels delicious on the skin. Interestingly, my wetsuits were really not needed this year and the water has been 80 degrees for awhile.
I am returning to my childhood in and on the water, as I let go and let Captain Erin dutifully watch over us while we swim and dance our water spirits awake. Does this sound like something you need more of? So, come PLAY WITH ME as I let go of control. Oh, what a relief it is!!!
Some extra good news from the dolphin...they are so happy to know the
endocrine disruptors: Octinoxate and Oxybenzone have been banned in all Key West sunscreen. So, while visiting Key West keep your sunscreen and our ocean clean. The coral, fish and you too are hurt from those harmful additives, so please don't bring it with you here or anywhere by the sea.

Learn more about responsible sunscreen here
Captain Turned Author
Palm Trees in Paradise 

Do palm trees mean Paradise to you? I have a love affair with coconut palm trees that goes back to my earliest memories. I loved to pose leaning back one leg propped up in my Sunday sundress on my favorite palm tree in the front yard of the house I was born into, and it's still there. Their sounds were my first lullabies sending me to dreamland with the soft clacking of the fronds in the gentle trade winds outside my always open screened window. They lowered the temperature as they shaded our island home. Mama made our hats from the fronds and Dad was so good at opening the nuts and giving us their sweet water, the meat was manna from heaven to this little girl.

I missed them so much when the Navy shipped Dad to California in 1962. I wrote a letter to the Key West Chamber of Commerce and they sent me a packet promoting Key West. I pasted all the pictures of Palm trees, islands and boats to cardboard and put it above my head under my sister's bunk bed mattress so I could see it before I went to sleep. Now, they call that making a dream board. I wished on a star every night for 11 years, that I was back in Key West and I'm here to tell you, dreams really do come true!

No sooner was I back in Key West, riding my bike with baby Steven in a backpack, traveling all over the island looking for the trees I loved most. When the wind blew hard, I would go to those trees and collect their fallen coconuts. Placed in a burlap bag under the drips from the air conditioner, they sprouted quickly. Since I was a renter, I had a plan for a movable garden, so into big pots they went until I could give them a home in ground that I owned. In 2004 my then friend, now husband, Art, brought them on a boat trailer all laid down and nestled together under a tarp to this wonderful home where we later got married.

When they finally went in the ground, I put crystals in the holes with the intention set for protection. It took a backhoe with an auger to dig in this super hard calcium carbonate limestone we have here called oolite. We were married in that circle of palms 5 years later and live inside this grove of well-loved and tended coconut palms that have taken care of me since 1973 when I returned home.

It was heartbreaking to lose five of my protectors in Hurricane Irma last year. It was the first time I had ever left for a hurricane...I was born in one and lived through many more, so I know that the island can take it, usually. The palms did their work well, as the house made it with the palms being our first line of defense.

The music of their fronds still  delights me and their coconuts nourish me. Every year before the summer storms we cut down and process all the nuts and put the water and the meat up in the freezer, just like you folks do with your garden bounty. You may not know this, but they are the perfect survival plant as they give you all you need, food, water and shelter.

As I watch them dance gently in the breeze, I know what to expect out on the water for that day. You may have visited the lone sentinel out on the beach at Boca Grande with me. That amazing being was there long before I was born and will still be standing strong long after I am gone. When I stand below a palm and listen I hear Key West Sound! I hear my own heart. I feel comfort and peace.

Palm tree meditation
  Palm tree meditation
Crystals and Dolphin Retreat
Healing Crystals, Dancing Dolphin Retreats
With Debra Kupchok and Capt. Victoria 
April 8 and 9, 2019

We picnic on a tropical mangrove island with beautiful birds and natural beaches where we explore the world of crystals & gemstones through guided meditations.
Build your own personal Sacred Healing Crystal Mandala with crystals provided for you, (or bring your own), and treasures you collect from the island. This timeless process of creating mandalas allows us to go within and focus on our intentions for healing for ourselves and all beings.
You will have time to journey inward, moving towards personal healing, relaxation, bliss and most certainly a deep sense of well being.

*Even though this retreat is full, watch this magical journey on the video below and contact me if you would like to plan one of your own retreats with up to 5 friends. 
Click the image to watch the video
If the palms of paradise are calling you back, it is time to listen to them and come play with me and the dolphin once again. Let's have a fun time together and make memories that last a lifetime.  Happy Spring!

With Love and Blessings,
Captain Victoria and the Dolphins

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